Mrs.Taylor, Will & Jason

Mrs. Taylor was by far the sexiest teacher to ever walk the halls. Jason and Will were the horniest 18 year old football studs to ever lust after such a sexy woman. Jason the taller and dark haired of the two was always talking about her. But today it was more than his imagination that has him excited.
“Dude, today she told me she needed me to come over after school. She said it was really important that I bring you and not tell anyone!”
Mrs. Taylor conveniently lived next door to Will, the some-what shorter, ashy blonde quarterback of the team. That past Saturday he had Jason over and Mrs. Taylor caught them looking across the windows into her room while she was naked. She quickly shut the curtains but didn’t seem too angry when she stopped Jason earlier to invite them over.
Will was just as excited about the idea of Mrs. Taylor being a closet sex freak who’s waiting to pounce on the two hung buddies but worried that they might just be in trouble. However, after listening to Jason rant about gangbanging Mrs. Taylor backstage at a rave someday, the possibilities overcame the worry.
“Fine, I’ll go with you.”
“Yes!...and don’t be shy when she wants us to double stuff her !”
“Haha, yeah right. You better hope that’s why we’re over there. ‘cause my mom is going to be pissed if she tells her we were caught peeping.”
Jason jokingly humped Will’s dashboard for a moment, “Fuck yeah that’s why she wants us over there! She wants some young meat in her, b*o. You know that husband of hers ain’t givin it right.”
The guys arrive at her house and she is looking finer than ever. She e****ts them into the living room and sits them on the sofa as she sits across the room. Her big full breasts barely contained in her white low-cut blouse. Her soft brown hair was down and sexy instead of pulled back like it was at school. She was also wearing an unusually short black skirt. Her beautiful pink lips parted slowly as she spoke.
“I know you boys saw me. And I was very disappointed …when you didn’t come over afterward.
They were stunned. How could this be that good? Jason looked over at Will with a smart smirk, almost saying ‘told ya so’.
“I just know that if you two had come over, you would have definitely liked to see these taste these fuckholes.”
Their jaws almost hit the floor. She spread her legs and her tight skirt slid up her hips. She lifted them open and rested them on either side of the chair’s arm rests, her feet up and her beautiful pussy and tight asshole on display for the young studs.
“I need your strong hands and warm lips all over me boys”
She opened her shirt and rubbed her beautiful tits. Jason quickly got off of the couch and kneeled in front of her. He caressed her thighs while slowly kissing her pussy and rubbing her ass. Teasing her as she began to drip onto her perfect tight asshole.
“I’ve wanted to taste you since I saw you, Mrs. Taylor.”
She shoved his head into her holes. His tongue plunging into her ass as his nose dug into her fresh wet pussy. He vigorously tongue-fucked her sweet ass as she moaned and played with her tits. Will sat on the couch watching, pulling his cock out of his jeans as they get more and more intense. His cock was already hard and ready to be touched. He moaned softly as he began to stroke his surprisingly 9 inch dick. Mrs. Taylor pushed Jason on the floor with her foot and took off his clothes as he laid there. She stood over him wearing only her black high heels. The view of her dripping wet asshole and pussy had him rock hard. She kneeled down and shoved his cock in her mouth balls deep. His cock wasn’t as big as Will’s but it was impressively thick.
“Oh fuck yeah! Mrs. Taylor gag on my dick!”
“Then you have to fuck my ass, Jason,” she looked up at Will on the couch, who was seriously stroking his huge cock at this point, “You boys have to earn your grades in this classroom.”
Jason grabbed her hair and began skull fucking their hot teacher. Her gags were loud and her spit running down his balls all thick and warm. He laughed and moaned all at the same time as he mercilessly throat fucked her with his fat cock. Will stroking himself more and more before he took off his clothes and laid on the ground next to Jason. He grabbed Mrs. Taylor’s hand and told her to come to him. Jason’s dick was left covered in her saliva. He used it to work up a good stroke as Mrs. Taylor squatted her mature yet tight body down on Will’s cock. He put both hands on her ass and slowly pushed her down. Her low whispery moans from earlier were now high pitched and getting louder. Her pussy was so warm and slick as his 9 inch cock spread her surprisingly tight hole till her lips were nestled on his swollen balls.
“I haven’t had big dick like this in ages, baby.” She managed to say as she was trying to control her excitement and instant pleasure, “Oh fuck me. Please, boys!”
Will began thrusting hard and deep. In and out as her beautiful tits smothered his grinning face. She yelped and begged for more. Her pussy soaking his big balls as he pounding her from below, his balls slapping her perfect asshole.
“Oh My God! I fucking love it!” she screamed.
Suddenly to her surprise Jason was behind her whispering in her ear.
“Mrs. Taylor, you said I had to fuck your ass remember?”
“oh fuck yeah,” said Will as he grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the waste and pulled her tits down to his chest, making perfect view and access for Jason to take that asshole.
“Oh fuck, boys! Yes, I fucking want those big dicks in me! Give it to me.”
Jason straddled Will’s right thigh as he got right up on Mrs. Taylor’s fat ass. Will’s huge cock sat in her pussy balls deep. He was slowly grinding in and out of her, throbbing in her warm cunt. Jason looked down to see and loved it. He pushed the head of his thick cock into her tight ass. She was wet and ready for it. All three of them let out a huge moan as Jason finished stretching his fat 8 incher all the way into her. Her holes were warm and tight as they were stretched to new limits by these young throbbing cocks. Jason slowly picked up a rhythm behind her as Will continued to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy, which had gotten tighter and now wetter after Jason’s intense anal entry. Jason started fucking faster and faster, her asshole so slick and warm as their cocks worked her out. She began screaming in pleasure as her holes began sending shivers all over her perfect thighs and tits. Will shoved her nipples in his mouth and fucked deeper and deeper from below. The room filled with sounds of Will’s moans, Jason’s swearing and Mrs. Taylor’s cries of pleasure. Her holes tightened as she began to seep their throbbing swords in sweet nectar. Jason pulled her hair as his hips drove his thick cock deeper into her warm ass, making her cheeks clap.
“Oh my God! I’m gonna fuckin cum!” moaned Jason
But Mrs. Taylor interrupted him, “No, please! I want both of you in my ass first…mmm…fuck my ass with those big dicks, please! Treat me like a filthy whore, boys! Double stuff my tight wet asshole like I’m your dirty fuck doll!”
With those words, Jason pulled out with a huge smile on his face. He stood up and helped Mrs. Taylor up. He spun her around to face him and pushed her back down on Will’s dick. She sat her already used asshole on Will. The extra bit of length he had gave her a good jolt of energy.
“Oh yeah, b*o!” said Jason as he watched and stroked his fat cock, “That fuckin ass feels good, don’t it!”
“Oh fuck yeah dude,” replied Will, “mmmm….oooh fuck….come get in this bitch!”
Jason pulled back up to them and sat his throbbing cock on top of Will’s. Mrs. Taylor looking down was breathing so hard in anticipation. Jason’s pulsating head slid up Will’s warm shaft, into her slick asshole. She let out a high pitched scream as they both thrusted balls deep into her. All of their hearts beating so fast as they realized what was happening. Jason began stroking his cock in out of her first, very slowly. As soon as he moved Mrs. Taylor closed her eyes and started rubbing her pussy. Will began moaning underneath them as his friend’s fat dick started to stroke his, feeling every vein and curve as their cocks slid in and out of her widening warm asshole. It was so slick and warm. Their cocks fucked her steadily as she screamed, her pussy dripping down and soaking their smashing ball sacks. Jason grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the face as he began pumping faster.
“Oh my God, Mrs. Taylor!” he kissed her deeply, “Your so fucking nasty!” he tongue fucked her mouth sloppily and spit into her open throat as they stretched her cock-filled ass mercilessly, “Mmmm…it feels so fucking good baby!.... oh fuck…oh yeah I fuckin love it!”
He looked down at both of their cocks stroking in and out of her like a****ls. He looked down at Will whose face was turned in ecstasy, his voice filling up the room with deep moans. Jason’s excitement was even more intensified by his best friend’s expression.
“Oh yeah fuck her dude! Fuck that ass with me!” yelled Jason as he dug deeper and pounded even harder. Will looked up at him and flashed a sly smirk. At that moment he plunged the rest of his pounding 9 inch dick balls deep into her and stayed that way for a moment. Mrs. Taylor screamed and shoved her fingers in her tight pussy. Jason stopped thrusting and plunged balls deep into her ass too. Their hot, cum soaked balls smashed into each other as their cocks throbbed side by side in her abused asshole. They stayed there for a moment and caught their breath, then Jason looked down and smiled. Their big dicks disappearing into her ass was a beautiful sight. He slowly began stroking in and out of her double stuffed ass, once again filling the room with more moans. Mrs. Taylor began shaking and could barely speak. She rubbed her clit faster but Jason’s strokes stayed long and slow, Will began to move his big dick in and out too. His mouth wide open, moaning as he and Jason slide in out, their big cocks sticky and rock hard. She rubbed her clit wildly as their dicks ravished her abused asshole and Jason was cheek-to-cheek with her as she looked down at them fucking her.
“Oh baby, do these dicks feel good in that ass, Mrs. Taylor? Huh!? Answer me, slut!” he tongue fucked her moaning mouth, “We’re gonna make you cum, whore! Ooohh yes! Then we’re gonna fill your used ass up with our thick loads!”
She could barely reply as she began squirting in ecstasy. Her wet asshole clinched on the big cocks that were feverishly fucking it. Her pussy squirted on Jasons abs and dripped down the guys’ cocks as they continued to double stuff her, their hard cocks pulsating and jerking.

“Oh f-f-fuck!....boys!..two fuckin dicks! Two fuckin dicks!..AAAH…oh dirty boys!!!” her pussy dripped with sweet cum as she screamed. Her cum ran down to her tightly stuffed asshole, silking up their rubbing shafts. Jason licked, bit and sucked all over her perfect tits while she came, both his and Will’s strong hands rubbed and grabbed at her smooth curves as she convulsed in pleasure.
“Oh yeah” moaned Will, “Oh fuck!….oh….oh my fucking god, b*o! Get up, I’m going to cum!”
“Ooh! Nah dude, stay in it with me!” moaned Jason as he closed his eyes and began fucking a little faster.He grinded down onto them as he pile drived into the double anal. Will’s big cock began pulsating under Jason’s fast thrusts and his chest got hot. “Oh fuck!” he yelled. Will fealt the orgasm coming on hard. He moaned as he let out streams of warm cum into her double cocked asshole.
“Ooooh! Fuckin Shit!!..GOD! yes! Fuck!” he whimperd as he filled her up, “Oh fuck yes.” His warm white cum started to seep out of her all over the both of them. His giant dick throbbing next to Jason’s while he came relentlessly. Jason fucking even faster and grabbed Mrs. Taylor by the throat. Will’s huge, warm load lubing up her filthy, cock-filled asshole. Jason immediately reacted to the sensation on his deeply penetrated meat.
“Oh yeah! Oh I know u fuckin felt that load…?” he couldn’t finish his sentence, “..ooh yeah here comes more, baby!”! Yeah..yeah…yeah…yeah…OOOH!!!!”, Jason’s dick then unleashed shot after shot of cum that just quickly spewed out of her overflowing ass.
“Woah! Oh fuck!...look at that cum seeping out of you, baby!”
They both looked down. Jason and Will were still inside of her, their cocks throbbing and covered in cum. Her pussy was glistening and her rim was squeezing and releasing their shafts as they remained in her. Warm cum was leaking out onto everyone as her asshole pulsated around them.
Jason rested his heaving warm chest on Mrs. Taylor’s sweaty breasts, fully sitting on Will’s thigh as all their cum ran down. He looked down as he pulled his throbbing fat dick out of her. With that, both cocks popped out of her hole, slinging cum everywhere. A huge gush of thick white cum ran down onto Will’s cock and balls. Will was covered in all three of them. Jason opened up her holes over Will’s fat throbbing cock. Mrs. Taylor’s ass and pussy pulsating and winking as cum trickled out to a finish.
“Get all that cum out your ass Mrs. Taylor.” Said Jason slyly as he fingerd her used asshole and spewed thick warm cum all over his friends cock and balls.
“mmm that’s right. Now come here you nasty slut.”
He took Mrs. Taylor by the face and ordered her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue as he lead her head to Will’s filthy soaked junk.
“Clean it up baby. Mmm fucking taste it”
“Mmmm..tastes so fucking good out of my ass…..mmm… I love young cocks in my ass.”
“Well,” said Jason, “we love putting our cocks in your ass.”
Jason knelt his cock down to Will’s and she pushed them together for an oral clean-up. “Mmmmm…tastes like an ‘A+’”

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Great story bro.
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Love it!
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can't tell you how many times i have cum to this story. would love to read another one like it!
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Oh fuck yes love double fucking the same hole, Great story
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Hot story!!