CD M group Fantasy to be fulfilled

I've decided to post my most daring fantasy in the hope that one day I'll be able to have the guts to follow through with it.
I'll need help though and here's why I need to post it.
From my profile you will see a link to a previous story I posted about a true group session that I experienced. I'd love that again, but I want to be able to go further still!
I want to be out for a walk in the woods, all trussed up in my favourite black thong panties, balcony bra, stockings & suspender belt, all hidden uder normal clothes. I'll be walking through a known meeting place, when I'm spotted by a few men who have all been turning eachother on. This is all set up, but I dont know where or when they are going to set upon me from behind and pin me to the ground.
I protest, but, wild with lust, they roughly begin to strip me as they hold me down. I'm helpless to prevent it.
I'm scared, as I don't know how they'll take finding me in my undies, but they exclaim their happy surprise as they reveal my dirty secret!
Now they decide to change their plan, as they have a captive that would not want their naughty secret revealed.
They decide to a***** me (all arranged with me of course, but thrilling to experience!) binding my arms behind my back, gaging me and bundling me in the back of one of their cars and make some calls to other friends that are not out with them.
As each lucky friend answers, they take me to their houses, where they hurry me inside to watch me being fucked by the man they called.
I protest all I can, but each man takes me as they wish. Sometimes I'm face down in a living room with my arse propped in the air by a cushion. Others, I'm face up watching my fucker as other men hold my legs up and apart. That way, some acan also suck my cock and grope me as I'm being shafted.
Every time, I'm taken by the man invited and at least one other. Sometimes, I'm fucked in the mouth or wanked or even made to perform on others.
Finally, I'm dumped back where I was taken from with my clothes so I can recover before taking my filthy secret home with me.
If I'm really lucky, someone else will find me before I've had time to cover up!
If you are in Hampshire or Berkshire & would like to help me with my fantasy, contact me. I'd love to see if I could do it!
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2 years ago
I have had that fantasy come true but I wasn't dressed up as a woman. I had a pimp who enjoyed watching me have sex with other men and one night he did almost what you explained. He called men he knew who would enjoy using a boy like me and drove me over to their home. I was led into the house completely naked and allowed the man use one or both of my holes for his sexual enjoyment. After he was finished I was led back out to the car and he called someone else. Not sure how many houses we visited but I sure did have a lot of fun.
2 years ago
Hot story and fantasy huni xx
2 years ago
i love you nughty little sissy storie .thank you