Cum Covered CD In Hants Gets A Surprise!

I love writing about my best gay experience ever so here goes for my favourite site!
There is a well known place just outside Basingstoke which is descrete, safe and popular which I go to.
This one time, I dressed up in a black balcony bra, thong panties, suspender belt and fishnet stockings and headed on over.
I took my place and took off my overclothes waiting for someone to peep through the gloryhole.
5 minutes later, an eye appeared and stayed as I stroked my cock for it. Eventually, I zipped up (you cant be too careful) and went out. Two men were stood in front of me with their tools in their hands. A nice start I thought!
One immediately beat himself off, wiped his bellend and left. The other looked hungrily at me. I beckoned him in and shut the door. Immediately, I stripped to my undies and grabbed his trousers, Yanking them down as I knelt in front of his impressivley think and long prick.
I looked up at his face as I put on my most dirty smile & started wanking him right up against my face. I love it when a man appreciates my efforts to please!
I felt him get harder and harder in my hand as I rubbed faster & faster & I heard him begin to moan as I pressed his pulsing hot rod up against my face. I gave it everything & kneeded his full balls in my left hand as I carried on jerking his cock. I could feel him start to strain & he snatched his rod from, furiously beating it with a look of agony on his face.
Finally he gave a huge grunt and a massive jet of hot cum shot out the end of his cock! I just got to see it flying towards my face before some of it hit me in the eye. It was so hot and there was so, so much of it! He just kept on cumming & cumming. I think I felt about ten wads all over me. By the time he finished, I had cum in my hair, on my face, on my bra and even on my panties! He did well!
I wiped him down and he went, leaving me a right dirty, sticky mess. I began the difficult task of wiping spunk from my face, but I was in for a BIG surprise!
I glanced at the peephole and there was another eye! Must have been all of 30 seconds. So I waited to see if it went, but it stayed.
My heart was beating very fast now as I undid the door & let my second man in.
He made me feel so dirty as he eyed all the spunk that covered my body. He smiled and said nothing as he unzipped his trousers, closed the door and beckoned me to the floor.
I began to go to work again on my second rod in a row. He was smaller than the first, but I was n heaven as I stroked and rubbed at his cock. I couldnt wait to mix my sticky mess up. God I felt used!
Well he wasnt about to disappoint me, as he pulsed in my hand and sprayed gorgeous thick juice into my hair and face. This was filthy now & I wanted to jack off.
No chance though because as my second man left, a THIRD face appeared at the door. I was worried and thrilled at the same time. I need not have worried though. It appeared as though we had been spied on and the door swung open for me too see THREE MEN with their cocks out wanking away!!! Talk about brazen!
Well I couldnt eave them there.
I squeezed them all in and got back on my knees for the third time in ten minutes.
They rubbed up against my face as one by one they unloaded their cum all over my slutty body. Ive never felt so humilliated, filthy and used in my live. IT WAS AMAZING!
They watched as I brought myself off. What a sight I must have been, head to toe in smelly, sticky, dripping cum, dressed up to the hilt in gorgeous black undies, which were now filthy with pale white spunk, wanking my desperate shaft until it was my turn to explode. I had held on for a long time so I jizzed long and hard with some landing on my admiring audience.
Finally I was on my own and I did my best to clean myself up. As you can imagine, this was impossible so I had to contemplate my trip back to the car. Tricky!
I definately still had drying cum on my face and in my hair. I stank of semen and I had full undies on, bra making me look like I had small tits if you looked at my chest.
I had about a 2 minute walk back to my car, so I put my head down, hunched to hide my fake tits and started my way back. Luckily I made it without bumping into anyone! I must have looked funny though!
I do have similar fun occasionally and I do meet up for cumfun on a regular basis and I REALLY cant wait to do something similar again VERY soon!
God I feel filthy just thinking about it again!!!!!
81% (14/3)
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1 year ago
Fantastic. You sound like a genuine cumslut xxxxxxxx
2 years ago
great stuff
2 years ago
wish I could have been the 4th cock to really continue the cumbath you craved! Hot Story!!
2 years ago
This sounds like something I must try!
2 years ago
you dirty cum whore,lucky