My Cheating Girlfriend

What I am about to share is a true story.

It happened at a house party thrown by my best friend Mike and his wife Sarah to celebrate moving back in after a major refurbishment.

At the time, I had been going out with Jennifer for six months. She also knew Mike and Sarah, and others at the party.

Jennifer was of Indian descent, half Goan and half Portuguese, about 5’5 and 125 pounds, a curvy 34 C, a nice round plump ass, and thick smooth thighs. Her tummy was slightly soft but in a sexy way, with a belly ring. Her jet black hair was styled short like Rihanna’s. She was very outgoing, socialable and friendly to others.

At the party, Jennifer started to mingle with the girls she knew. I myself went to hang out with the guys. There was plenty of alcohol being served, and there was a good buzz of conversation. After about an hour I looked across the room and saw Jennifer with two other girls, Sarah and Celine - they were chatting to a guy who seemed to be the centre of attention. I didn't recognize him. Jennifer glanded over and saw me looking. She came over smiling and I said "Who's your new friend?"

"Oh, she said, his name is Shaun. He's Sarah's new neighbour and they invited him over. But you needn't worry or be jealous, he is harmless. He is gay as Christmas, very camp.”

I thought how funny, with all that pussy around, the gay guy gets all the attention from the girls.

As Jennifer headed back to her friends, Mike said, “Rick, you are gonna have some wild sex tonight - cos all the girls are drinking from the red cups. Those cups are the “sweet” drinks.” I added an aphrodisiac to those drinks, made them sweet and fruity and girlie, and sure enough, they are all drinking them rather than beer."

After another hour, my mobile phone vinrated in my pocket. It was Jen, asking where her coat is. She didn’t want to carry a handbag and had put all of her essentials in her coat. She needed to take her birth control pills on time. So I told her which room I had left it in.

I then got a thought into my head, thinking about the aphrodisiac drinks she had been knocking back.

"We'll see if it's true the aphrodisiac works - I will surprise her and we can have a quickie in that very same bedroom."

So I rushed upstairs to the bedroom, slipped in and hid inside a built-in closet that had louvered doors. I could see everything through the gaps the closet had. I was already excited, getting hard and ready to have sex with Jen.

She came in the room, but to my consternation she was not alone. That "gay" guy had come along too. I was thinking OK, now I have to wait until he leaves or they may leave together. That means I won’t get sex until later, my plans ruined.

He closed the door behind them. Jen thanked him for accompanying her to the room.

His reply was “Oh it's ok Jennifer, thank you for listening to my problems. Its so hard to get over my ex. I always think about him.”

Jen sat on the edge of the bed, took her birth control pill from the coat and swallowed it.

She spoke saying ”No problem, I enjoy the company of gay men. You seem so much more able to express your feelingss, and you are often spontaneous and artistic. Its so fun to be around people like that.”

He had a smirk on his face and smiling at Jen. There was silence for a few moments, and then he said

“You remind me soo much of my ex, your smile, your lips, your eyes.”

He continued

“Speaking of spontaneous, why don’t you.......”

With that he went to lock the door and went back to facing Jen.

He started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants, then in a second, he had whipped out his cock! Jen was startled and speechless.

He said “What’s wrong girl, haven’t seen a cock before? It's just that you remind me soo much of my ex. I just want to imagine that he is sucking me with your lips.”

Jen finally spoke after getting an eyeful of his cock. He was at least 8 inches, thick-shafted and with a circumcised knob.

Jen stared at him and said,

“Are you having me on? It isn't funny! First of all I have a boyfriend. Second of all, you think of me as a guy.... Do I look like a guy to you? I am really insulted!! ”

She seemed pissed off and annoyed, I wouldn’t blame her, this guy Shaun had openly whipped out his dick. I was angry, but didn’t want to look like a fool coming out of the closet. I saw things were under control and Jen would handle it.

Shaun laughed her off saying

“Maybe. I thought it would be fun and it would distract me from things. Plus I would give you some pointers on how to suck, your boyfriend would love your new skills that you would have learned.”

She fought back

“No thank you very much Shaun. I know enough to get by.”

He said under his breath “Sure”

She asked him what he said. He replied

“Sure you know. We all know gay people have better sex than straight people. We are sexier and raunchier.”

She said

“Hold up hold up, first you think I look like a guy and then you judge me on my sexual performance with no knowledge of it. What a nerve! ”

He just shook his head yes.

Then something chnaged. It was as if a spark had ignited in the room. A funny look came over Jen's face. She seemed to be smiling sexiy to herself in disbelief. The next thing I knew, she was reaching for his belt buckle and pulling him closerto her. She looked up at him and said

“You know, I have always wondered if I could make a gay guy go straight.”

She looked at his dick which was eye level with her, since she was still sitting on the bed. And he said

“I bet you can’t.”

She said right back “I bet I can”

Now she started to lick his cock!

I was shocked, I was witnessing Jen starting to give head to another man. Her tongue was running up and down, slowly and gently. She was lapping up and down on Shaun's thick pole, from the base to the head, and occasionally licking his balls. I could see that his groin area was completely shaved which made his big cock look even larger. Then Jen opened her mouth and let that dick slide in. Shaun emitted a low moan of pleasure, saying how much he missed being blown.

Jen’s mouth was inching closer to the root of his shaft, but she gagged on the size of his prick. This caused her to salivate prfusely all over his dick from- saliva trickled from his head to the tip of her lips as she pulled away. She wanted to regain composure and take a deep breath.

He said “You can’t handle it, huh?”

She shook her head yes and went right back at it.

He look down and said,

“Oh ok , try again” with a laugh.

My girl was trying hard to take him deep. She wanted to prove she was good at cock sucking. She is good and looks to me, doing a great job. But she had something to prove, and was doing her best to prove it. The next sounds you hear, is her gagging and slurping on that cock.

He grabbed the back of her head and was starting to face-fuck her. His balls would occasionally touch her chin, that was how deep she was going. This went on for a least 10 minutes. I was aroused by this, Jen was acting like a slut. It was a live sex show in front of me - I always liked watching live sex but this was more than I had bargained for. I was, at the same time, both annoyed and jealous. How could she do this behind my back?

He pulled out of her mouth. She looked up at him puzzled.

He said

“Let me teach you something. Lay back on the bed and have your head hanging of the edge of the bed.”

She slowly readjusted to that position. He hovered his groin over Jen’s face, then grabbed the base of his cock and started to feed it to her waiting and willing mouth. As he was inserting, he said

“Relax your throat and your throat muscles, I am going to go slowly.”

I had seen this position in porn but had never done it myself.

He was training her to deep throat. He was gentle and patient with her. Soon they were both moving like a well-oiled machine. He would thrust down slightly and she would bop her head up to take his girth. His balls would touch her nose. She took the whole thing. He was loving it and in a sexy lusty voice was saying

“That's it, you got it right. Now suck my cock, bitch! You're making me so fucking horny. You going to show your boyfriend your new technique?”

All she could do is nod her head yes while his cock hit the back of her throat. There was soo much saliva forming and all wet around her face and his cock. He stopped and pulled off. She got off the bed and stood, wiped all the excess saliva and his copious precum.

She asked him “Was that good enough to make you go straight?”

He mocked her saying “No, not really. I didn't cum you know.”

She was fired up by his challenge and want to show him. Maybe that aphrodisiac was making her go wild, because the next thing she did was to push him on the bed. She kicked off her heels, then grabbed the elastic band of her black tights and inched them down. Now I saw her tan, creamy soft thighs being exposed. She pulled the material completely off and tossed the garment to the chair. Now I saw that all that remained was her lacy black thong.

She climbed on the bed, like a cougar in heat for the prey. She told him to take her thong off her, and he pulled it down over knees and down to her ankles, so she could kick it off. Her fat shavven pussy was now bare naked and exposed, a few inches above his prick. Just before she descended upon it, she pulled off her clinging black minidress, unclasped her bra and said

“Why don’t you play with these, I am pretty sure you can’t enjoy this with a guy.”

Then tossed the bra aside, cupped her tits for him and brought her nipples forward to his mouth. He greedily began to suck on them, she moaned from the attention. He was yanking his pants down, to get naked from the waist down. He kicked off his pants.

Shaun was naked from the waist down, but Jen was completely naked. Her clothes all over the room, her thong on the floor. By now she was rubbing her pussy against the head of his penis. She also started some deep kissing, as passion mounted and their tongues sought each other out. I could now see him holding the head of his cock, which was glistening with precum, and rubbing it between her moistened fat pussy lips. Even from the closet, I knew she was ready. All she said next was

“Let me give you something else you can’t get from a man.”

I knew what was coming, as she lowered herself onto his cock. I saw it disappearing inside of her with no protection! She moaned in pleasure, obviously full of horniness and lust at the taking his manhood inside her. All I could see now was her butt and his balls beneath, fat and swollen as she sat on him, impaled upon his erection. She seemed to absorb his size with ease. They continued to kiss, and he nipped and bit at her neck and breasts.

She moaned,“How does that feel?”, as her arms twined round his neck, her fingers caressing his hair.

He nodded approval and asked her to ride him and show her skills.

She could only happily oblige and started to ride him. She was so wet that I could hear slurping noises as his dick thrust in and out of her with ease. She was asking him, in between thrusts downward, how it felt.

He would respond in teasing way, that it was alright. This fuelled her to to go harder, her aim was to make him cum.

They were both fucking away in the room for 20 minutes, tlost in their little planet of wild sex.

I thoght, I was supposed to be getting that, but this supposedly “gay” guy was reaping the benefits from Jen. I wondered if he was really gay or was it a disguise to lure girls for his pleasure.....

Now he was stroking his cock upwards into her hard. He clutched her butt checks and rammed his cock into her soppojng cunt in fast strokes. You could hear his balls slapping her arse, and Jen was moaning wildly now. She was biting her lips, to prevent herself screaming.

He cheekily asked her “So now do you think gay guys do it better than straight guys, huh?”

Her reply while panting and grasping for air was

“Only....ohhh my God.......only if you......only if you.......only if you tell me.....that I am good.”

Jen was in heat and her pussy was getting rocked by him. She always loved a hard pounding on her pussy. Her head was looking up to the ceiling and eyes closed. Her hands clutching the headboards. He was sucking on her tits. I coud see white foam forming around his cock and her pussy, she was so wet. She couldn’t take it anymore.

She barked out: “Oh yessssss, oh yessss. Gay guys are way better than straight guys.”

She met his strokes and thrashed on him. He let go of her right tit and said

“You're not bad yourself.”

She kept thrashing against him, breathlessly.... “Oh my God, I can’t take it anymore. Give me your cum.....Where do you want it? In my pussy? I am on the pill so go ahead.”

He said “Well my ex used to swallow my load, but I understand...”

There were no more words excahnged. The communication was now all body language. Jen was shrieking in ecstasy and she announced her orgasm by curling her toes as her hips jerked wildly in spasm.

She had reached a shattering, soaking, pussy clenching orgasm and as her cunt spasms milked his cock, Shaun was ready to blow his wad.

He was fucking harder than ever, he yelled

“Oh shit here it comes.....arghhhhhhhhh”

Jen quickly hopped off his dick and I though whew, what a relief, at least she won't let him empty his load in her pussy.... But then she surprised me and him, by kneeling over his cock and placing her avid mouth over it.

She took her right hand pumped his hot sperm out of him as had he requested before. He groaned in ecstatic pleasure while she milked him dry. She collected all of his sperm in her mouth, then looked at him, as he asked if she was gonna swallow.

She did in one big gulp then cleared her throat and said

“I wanted to show you that straight people can be nasty as well.”

All he said was “Thanks Jennifer, you're the best.”

They both agreed they should get dressed and leave.

After they got dressed and before they left the room, he said

”I could be gay, bisexual, or who knows even be straight.”

He said that with a laugh.

Jen looked quizzically, but he said he was joking. But who knows his real sexual orientation is.

I got out of the room and met Jen a few minutes later. I asked if she was ready to leave. She said "Sure honey and kissed me on the lip. I could swear I smelled his sperm on her breath.

I was acting kind of moody, but I mustered up to ask her

“How was your night?”

Her reply was

“I had soo much fun, that gay guy there was the life of the party. His name is Shaun. He got all of the girl’s numbers to do lunch or shop. Maybe one of these days...... ”

I said nothing.

When we got home, she told me she was exhausted and said she hoped I wouldn't mind if she got some sl**p - in other words, no sex.

She fell asl**p almost at once and I lay on my back in bed, thinking over the events. What could I do?

I re-lived her cheating sex in my mind's eye, and as I did, my left hand found my swelling penis and I began to masturbate.
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1 year ago
My fiance cheats on me all the time zone. Its so horny
1 year ago
shouild have busted her
2 years ago
An interesting story indeed.