The Cellist's Greatest Performance

The mansion at Arcore it the foothils of Rome was bathed in soft yellow light from the spotlights in the grounds. The gravel in front of the house was littered with expensive cars; the manor was the home of Italian business magnate, Silvio Berlusconi. Tonight he was entertaining a select group of his friends. They were all eagerly looking forward to what he had promised to be an evening to remember.

As ten o'clock approached the immaculately dressed waiters strolled among the invited guests handing out glasses of vintage Champagne and politely asking the elegantly clad guests to make their way through to the music room where the evening’s special entertainment was about to begin.

The guests took their seats amid a hum of expectant conversation. As the doors closed and the lights went down, the murmurs of expectation gave way to a pregnant silence. Suddenly a single spotlight came on illuminating a gold chair positioned on a slightly raised dais. The head butler, elegant in his black evening suit white gloves, walked into the light. "Ladies and gentlemen! For your pleasure tonight I have the honour of introducing to you the world famous cellist Ha-Yang Kim."

Kim's was a face that everybody interested in classical music knew, a renowned Korean cellist who was also a sought-after beauty, admired and loved by her many followers all around the world.

There was a polite round of applause as Kim stepped into the spotlight; she was dressed in a long dark velvet cloak. As the applause died down her young teenaged blond assistant dressed in a simple long white dress, followed her on carrying her vilon; she stood slightly behind Kim as to not obscure the talented soloist from her adoring audience.

To the onlookers Kim seemed unusually nervous as she raised her hands and took hold of the cord around the neck of her cloak. She slowly pulled on the cord; there was a gasp from the audience as the cloak parted. The reason for her nervousness was revealed to everyone in the room, for beneath the cloak Kim was totally nude; she was not wearing anything apart from her black high-heeled shoes. The cloak dropped to the floor and the beautiful young woman stood there in front of everyone in all her naked glory.

In the darkness at the back of the room Silvio Berlusconi watched. He thought fleetingly of how this night had come to pass. He had found out about Kim's financial problems a few months earlier- although she had made a considerable amount of money in her career, bad financial advice and even worse investments had led to disaster in the stock market crash. She had accumulated large debts on properties purchaed for f****y members, and her own desire to maintain her extravagant lifestyle spending money had eventually brought her to the brink of bankruptcy.

Berlusconi had invited her to a meeting where he had told her that he knew about her financial problems and he said that he was willing to help her sort out her problems before they became public. At first she was grateful for his help, she realised that if her plight became known her career would have been ruined. It was only when she found out what he required from her for his help that she had at first refused even to consider his offer.

Berlusconi was well known among his many close friends and associates for his interesting and somewhat unusual parties. He liked to put on special entertainment for his guests and Kim was that special entertainment he was planning for his forthcoming event.

She had sat across from him in his large office; she had been angry, she could not believe what he was asking of her, in return for helping her out of her financial problems. What he was asking of her was to appear at his next party and play for his guests, that part of it was not a problem for her. What was a problem was that he wanted her to appear and perform her recital naked.

He told her to go away and think about things. He knew that when she thought things through there was no way she was going to turn him down. Now from the darkness he looked at her standing naked before his guests. Her high firm breasts were tipped with hard erect nipples. Her body was trim and well toned from her daily work out. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and this in turn exposed the slightly pouting lips of her pussy to everyone.

After standing there for a few moments as requested by the butler, Kim took she took her seat on the gold chair. She parted her legs wide enough to allow the girl in the white dress to place the cello between them. For an exciting moment the glory of her pussy was totally exposed to those fortunate enough to be sitting in front of her. Then she took the cello and with a smile at her audience she began her recital.

At the end of each piece of music she played she was encouraged by her very appreciative audience to stand and take a bow. They loved her music and the erotic sight of her nakedness made it a memorable evening for everyone who was lucky enough to be present.

Although she had been dreading the moment, as she sat there playing, she thought about her feelinfs. She had been surprised at how exciting it had actually been to remove her cloak and stand naked before the illustrious audience. Since her second meeting with Berlusconi where she had reluctantly accepted his offer she had many spent many hours imagining that moment. Now as she sat there playing she could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her naked body. She was amazed and surprised at the reaction of her body; she had expected to have felt deeply ashamed to have to appear like this, but now halfway into her recital, her cheeks felt slightly flushed and her nipples were so erect that they were aching. She had never before experienced them being so hard for so long. The continuing excitement she was now experiencing from exposing herself like this was causing her pussy to begin to lubricate profusely. Each time she stood to except the ovation of the audience, she could feel her sticky moistness, feel the turgid full feeling of her pussy lips, that feeling they get when they are aroused. She realised that some of the people watching her would see what was happening to her, and wondered how this might be arousing them. This thought in turn only made her become even more turned on.

She also knew that her naked recital was not the end of her ordeal, for after she completed her performance Berlusconi had also requested that she remain naked while she mingled with his guests for drinks.

Her performance ended amid rapturous applause; the fact that she had had to appear naked had not in any way caused her to perform to a lesser standard than she would have done in the splendour of an international concert hall. She stood up and passed the cello to the blond haired assistant who had remained sitting on the floor by her side throughout. Berlusconi stepped forward from the darkness and took her hand; he raised it to his lips and kissed it, the audience applauded again. Then he led the attractive naked young women from the room.

In the adjoining room a waiter offered them a glass of Champagne. Kim saw his eyes taking in her nakedness, and she felt a renewed thrill. The audience who had just witnessed her performance began to drift into the room to join them and she was again exposed to their even closer scrutiny, something she had to admit that was now becoming accustomed too, although the whole experience still continued to excite her.

After everyone had had the opportunity to congratulate and speak to her Berlusconi took her arm and taking leave of his guests, he led her off into an adjoining room that was illuminated by flickering candles and where around the walls large dark mirrors reflected back the image of her nakedness.

"I want to thank you for keeping your side of the bargain so professionally," Berlusconi said. "I will in turn keep mine." He smiled at her. "You have a very beautiful body and I can see that it has excited you exposing it to my friends." Kim felt herself blushing.

Berlusconi then reached out and gently rubbed his fingers over her extended nipples. Kim groaned as his fingers sent a tingle of excitement through her body. Even though he was an old man, fifty years her senior, this situation was just too erotic not to be excited. Berlusconi's other hand reached down. He ran a finger slowly down the damp cleft of her exposed pussy, his inquisitive finger eased her lips apart and slid into the warm wet interior she shuddered and pressed her body against his hand.

Kim suddenly felt another presence in the room; she looked over Berlusconi's shoulder and saw a very handsome well built young hispanic-looking man dressed in a long black cloak. Berlusconi said "This is my special gift to you tonight. Permit me to introduce you Manuel."

Berlusconi moved away from her and took a seat on a comfortable sofa; he watched as Manuel approached Kim. He stood in front of her looking at her naked beauty. He reached up and loosened the cord at his throat; the cloak fell away. He too was completely naked.

His muscular body looked hard and well formed through lots of hard workouts. Protruding and already semi hard, from between well-developed thighs his thick uncircumcised prick was already enormous to her eyes, and growing rapidly. Kim looked at his floppy dark fringe and his chiselled face and realised that she recognised this man.

On her many nights spent on tour alone in hotel rooms, Kim often watched a porno film to help her masturbate herself to sl**p. A few weeks earlier she had watched a porno called Raw. This man Manuel had been in it, filming himself fucking various women as if in a home movie. She had watched a scene with a skinny brunette French actress (she did not know who, but it was Cecilia Vega). The movie had started with them in Paris in a car, driving around the famous sights. As the car drive through the streets of Paris in broad daylight, he had pulled down his pants in the back seat and asked her to get naked and suck his cock. She agreed, keeping low in the car and as the girl sucked and played with him, Kim had marvelled at its girth and the foreskin, an unusual sight in porn. She was intrigued and continued to watch. As the car passed Notre Dme the girl was fingering her cunt with one hand and jerking off the big thick cock with the other. She climaxed but he did not, despite the roughness of the masturbation. Kim had been amazed. The car reached a hotel and the next scene was in their hotel room. Now it was full on sucking and fucking, hard and rough. The brunette's hair was already matted and sweaty from the exertions in the cab. She looked really wanton. Kim had touched herself as she watched thinking, that skinny girl's body is quite like mine. After frantic vaginal and anal fucking, Manuel had stood over her as she lay back on a couch, legs spread for him like a wanton whore, and he had spurted a huge jet of sperm right past her and onto the couch, then several more on her breasts and stomach. At that moment Kim herself had climaxed and fallen into a sl**p pleasantly filled with dreams of being fucked by a Spanish stallion.

Now in Berlusconis's mansion, Kim had already been highly aroused. Did Berlusconi even know which pornos she had rented in hotels, she wondered. Who cared, she though, so aroused that the sight of the handsome naked Manuel, Now she acknowledged her hunger for her pent up desire to be satisfied. Deep in the depths of her lust filled mind she knew that Manue had probably been employed by the millionaire to submit her to the final humiliation. Even so, the way she was now feeling she could not wait for him to take her even if it was to be here in the presence of Berlusconi himself.

Manuel approached her and soon his hands were exploring her willing body. She could not help crying out as his hands caressed her breasts and twisted her already painful nipples, she willingly parted her legs allowing him access to her most intimate delights. She squealed with pleasure as his fingers penetrated her soaking pussy and rolled the hard bud of her throbbing clit under his fingers.

He lowered her to the richly carpeted floor, parted her legs with his knees, and eased himself between them. He gripped his now fully erect cock in his hand and ran it against her wet pussy lips, peeling back the foreskin to expose his shining glans, lustrous with viscid precum. He slowly nudged the pussy lips apart. Then it was happening - he was thrusting into her. She had never felt so completely filled as her pussy wrapped around his throbbing member and he began a slow steady rhythm. She began thrusting up her body to meet his every stroke screaming with pleasure as multiple orgasms coursed through her body.

At last his strokes slowed and she felt him growing inside her then he erupted filling her with his hot juices. He collapsed on top of her breathing hard; he leaned forward and kissed her breasts drawing her hard painful nipples into his mouth. He rolled off her and they lay there side by side for a moment, their desires spent.

Kim lay there, her eyes closed. With her pent up desires satisfied, she now began to realise just what she had done. Her naked performance in front of the audience had been bad enough, even though in the end it had aroused her so much. Then to have to mix with the guests and allow them to inspect her nakedness at close quarters. Then this final act of humiliation to be actually taken in front of Berlusconi himself, how could she have let things come to this?

She was roused from her thoughts by hands on her body; the hands seemed to be lighter than before. She realised that these were not the hands of her hired Spanish lover. She shuddered slightly as they lightly ran up her inner thighs and stroked her soaking pussy. She couldn't believe it as she felt her body responding- she was beginning to feel aroused again

She opened her eyes and looked down to see the young blond assistant, the one who had brought her cello, kneeling between her open thighs. Now the white dress had gone and she too was naked. She leaned forward her firm young breasts hanging like ripe fruit. She lovingly began to clean up the juices running from Kim’s abused pussy. Kim groaned with pleasure as the young girl’s tongue expertly cleaned up every last drop and then began to work her own pleasure on the woman under her.

Manuel had also regained his composure. He sat up and watched the girl giving Kim obvious pleasure. He got to his knees, positioned himself behind the girl, gripped her thighs and thrust himself into her exposed pussy. Each time he thrust into her young body her face was pushed against Kim's pussy and her tongue eagerly explored the delights it held.

After he had satisfied his lust with the blond teenager he again turned his attention to Kim; she could not believe that he was so quickly available to take her again. This time he made her kneel as took her from the rear, fucking her doggie style just as minutes before he had taken the blond.

This time he had positioned her so that she was facing Berlusconi as he sat on the sofa accompanied now by the naked blond girl. Kim could see him slowly caressing the girl's little pert breasts as Manuel thrust himself urgently into her willing body; she could feel her breasts shudder with every thrust.

For a moment as she pressed her bottom against him feeling his balls slap against her thighs she imagined herself in one of the many concert halls she had played in over the years, doing what she was now doing in front of a packed audience. The thought made her orgasm wildly and he erupted into her at the same moment. They collapsed in a pile of writhing naked bodies on the floor.

As she lay there the Kim realised that the lights in the room seemed to get brighter. She looked around her and to her horror and amazement she saw that the mirrors in the room were slowly becoming transparent. Sitting all around them were Berlusconi's guests applauding wildly her second outstanding performance of the night.

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