Selene and the Shemale

I had been friends with Selene for six years - we had met in our first year at university - at a film society party. I was a science major specialsing in partying. She was a music student. She had a sultry, sexy singing voice that was perfect for jazz and blues and even back then, she was earning a little money singing at parties. That was why we were both at the party that night, and why we ended up being friends with benefits during our college career, though never more than that. We stayed in touch after college but mainly on email as I left to work in Australia while she went to London.

Last month my work required me to spend a few days in London and I thought of visiting Selene. It was easily arranged and on the second night I was in London we had dinner at Tamarind in Mayfair. Tuesday was her night off. She was now a professional jazz lounge singer, working in a few different residencies in west end joints.

It was good to see her again. She looked as sexy as ever and I was reminded of our torrid encounters when in college, a memory that gave me a slight rush of bl**d to my cock, which felt chubby and congested in the most pleasant way as we chatted over after dinner drinks in the dimly-lit basement restaurant.

The conversation was flirtaceous as if we had been seeing each other every week uninterrupted, rather than after a gap of two years. We knew where it would lead but it was a delicious dance of the seven veils to get there. They say life is about the journey, not the desination, and this is true in sexual conquest too.

I asked Selene if it turned her on that men were ogling her when she was on stage, or if it annoyed her to think they might be there to lust after her more than to hear he voice.

“I know I seem to be in an exploitive industry but I like being looked at; it sends a charge right through me from my brain down to my toes. It charges my body like an electric shock from my ankles to my groin and then keeps going until it reaches my boobs, which always seem to respond by going hard and making my nipples go erect. I don't mind the customers looking at me because that's what they pay for; so I dress to give them a bit of a thrill. Some of them come so close to the stage so they can look up my dress, so I always wear pants or a thong in neutral colours so they don't know whether they are seeing the real me or not.

"I have met all types of owners and managers where I sing and most of them think that because they had bought my singing voice they also had bought my body with their own wild fantasies thrown in. They are all different.
There is the “smoothie” who dressed in the latest teenage fashion although his shape makes him look ridiculous, splashing his money about trying to impress me by buying me drinks hoping that I would agree to go back to his flat....

And then there''s the “ I'm going to the top” type; who was just managing the club for a friend until he came into some money that was being left him from some old aunt.

Then there was the “God's gift to everyone” man. He had the right look. The right clothes. The right body shape. But he was usually gay."

"Then there were the transgender crowd I met when I sang st that bar in Frith Street in Soho. They were fun to be around. They dress beautifully and usually have superb figures which they've spent a fortune on, breast implants, the works. Ordinary people would not pick them straight away but would think there is something different about that woman without realising what it was."

"I fell in love with one for one night last April", she suddenly admitted, not looking at me as she said so.

She hesitated and I said "Go on, I'm all ears",

She smiled a little nerbously but continued her story.

"Kelly was her name and she was Colombian with beautiful eyes and face. I didn't mean to be attracted to her at all, it just happened that night at an after show party. The party happened spontaneously; suddenly the band decided to stay and play for themselves and most of the patrons had gone home. There were just a few stragglers and the bar staff and a few of the hostesses. There were not enough blokes to go round so girls danced with girls and we shared the men who could still move for themselves. The band had moved into sensuous and
slow music and most of us had a go at singing although not all of them were professionals."

"When it was my turn to sing I chose some of the oldies like It Had To Be You and The Very Thought Of You. I noticed that Kelly had moved to the centre of the floor and was dancing for me as I sung. When someone else took over my spot I drifted onto the dance floor and we found ourselves dancing like a couple. She was showing herself off to me as if I were a man. Her beautiful eyes were eating me up and I started to be aroused by her looking at me. I could feel my breasts getting fuller and the sensuous feelings were coursing down my body to my velvet interior. I couldn't help feeling quite hot and bothered and it surprised me to think that it was a woman which was getting my whole person so
ready for love.

We drifted into holding one another really close and moving our hands up and down each other's bodies. When Kelly lifted her arms up in the dance I could see that her breasts were not confined by a bra, but swung free and moved as she moved. I slipped my hands down her back and under her arms. Her full breasts pressing against my insinuating hands. She moved her head close to me and we sank into a full-on kiss with no holding back. I enjoyed it immensely. I
had never kissed a woman so intimately before. Our tongues became invaders into each others mouths. My hands now found themselves coming together between us and rubbing her enlarged nipples. We both were now fully aroused for each other and after I had cupped her breasts, she moved her pubis against mine. I could feel the prominent bump rubbing against me opening my sensitive lips and so I pressed my clitoris forward to feel the sensations from my partner."

We were in a space of our own. Both of us highly aroused and pressing our bodies so close together from breast to hip, that there was no room between us. We ground our bodies together bringing us both to a breathless orgasm. We cried out inside each others mouths and I am sure the rest of the crowd around us did not know that it had happened to us.

We both took off for the loo to tidy ourselves up and change our make up.

Side by side at the basins we could look at each other and see the beauty that we had just offered each other. She told me that I was gorgeous and that she would love to take me home tonight. I likewise complimented her on her
body and her beautiful eyes”.

“Yes,” she said. “That's about the only thing that hasn't been altered;
except my cock.”

With that remark she pulled her dress up over her head. She threw it onto the side of the wash basin and with a flick of her hands she pushed her tiny pants down to her ankles and kicked them off. Her prominent breasts shivered as she flicked her head to clear the hair from her face. Then turning the hot water tap on she took her cock in her hand and began to wash the shiny veneer of sticky sperm off it that had been a part of our rapid orgasms.

Her cock was semi hard and I was impressed at its length, well over six inches. I couldn't help myself and reached over in front of her and gently closed my hand over the warm and now re-erecting penis.

Shestarted talking dirty to me “Oh my god Selene, you get me hot. I must have you - your cunt.... I want to lick it!”

I pulled my mini dress up past my breasts and she grabbed my pants and literally tore them off me as she pushed them down and off my body. She turned me around so I had my back to the sink with my hands spread out behind me. I stepped my legs apart so I was bent backwards over the sink like a cross and she got down on her haunches and reached for my cunt. I was wet and willing and m cunt lips were already swollen.

Her lovely cock was now at full stretch squashed between her thighs and her belly. She reached up with her thumbs and separated my outer lips and then with her forefinger she pressed the lips back to reveal my clitoris. The she moved forward with her head and trapped my whole cunt inside her mouth. She licked my cunt from the bottom to the top and kissed my clitoris as she did it.

I was transfixed and couldn't move any part of me to either hinder or help her. The experience was total. My sex was in spasm and pumping from my diaphragm down to exit at my outer sex lips. I just couldn't move.

Then she moved her face closer and trailed her tongue up onto my belly. Her indolent hot tongue slowly circled my tummy and then pressed to fill my belly button with sensations I had not had before. She pushed my dress up past my boobs and began to lick them around and around. Her cock had followed her extension of herself and was now throbbing lightly underneath my sex. Trapped between my legs it had nowhere to go except inside me. I was sopping and open.

She slid her body away from me without losing contact and shoved her erect cock into my waiting cunt. I murmured to her to spear me. She pulled back without leaving me and rammed herself against my mound. “Oh Selene” she said. “I love this feeling. I haven't fucked a woman with my cock since I did my s****r when I was sixteen. All of the men I go out with want to fuck me in the arse while they pull my dick off to orgasm. I have only a few months to go until I can have my operation and then I can get fucked like you; like a normal person. But we have to stop now because I have to pee. We can do this later when we are at my place."

At the mention of her pissing a strange lewd feeling came over me and I found myself blurting out “No! Don't stop now! Piss in me. I don't want this to end now. You can't leave me up in the air like this I want you to piss while you fuck me. Please don't stop!”

So Kelly pissed her hardest, and the copious hot stream reached right up inside me and then flowed down from my womb past her pumping cock and down my legs. And then she came. And she came. And the spunk mixed with the piss and joined together to pool on the floor.

I could not hold out any longer and my whole being was transported above my physical self. I could look down and see these two fornicating women from above and the experience just blew my mind. I felt my head expand and I reached nirvana. I had never been to that place before, even with you, but I knew right then exactly where I was. The surroundings where we were, of a women's toilet did not matter, I was in heaven and my body and mind travelled together. It seemed like I was suspended in space and time for hours, but probably it was only minutes or seconds. I came back to the present when Kelly broke the silence. “Fucking hell! Did I love that or what?!"

Me too, I thought, me too.

Selene continued, her eyes intense and a little distant at the memory.

“So that is the only time I got fucked by a woman. But I loved it so much that I want to do it again, are you interested in us doing it together? We could go to this transgender late bar , Romillys, and try our luck there. I think if I can find one transvestite willing to fuck a female there must be one that would do a couple....

“Let's do it" I said, "but I have a rampant hard-on from your story and in this state if I get up from the table I will be bent double."

She slid onto the banquette beside me, looking around to make sure nobody was watching in the quiet restaurant. She poured us both a glass of wine and as she poured, her free hand slid beneath the table cloth. I knew what she was doing and helped her by undoing my pants to release my raging cock. He fingers closed arounf the glans and she massaged it expertly, using light touch then hard pressure, then fingernails on my peehole. I was slathered in precum and the smell was in the air. I knew it would not be long and then it came, the intake of breath, the tightening of stomach muscles and thighs, the deep spasm from the base of my cock that rolled up my shaft in a tsunami of feeling until I burst my banks and the hot spurts of sperm shot from meinto her waiting hand.

She withdrew her hand and as I put away my spent cock, she surreptitiously licked a little lariat of cum that had trickled onto her wrist and forearm, then she wiped in the table napkin and excused herself to go to the bathroom and freshen up.

I signalled to the waiter who brought the bill and as I signed the credit card slip I asked him "How far to Romilly Street?"

"Not far at all, sir" he said with a knowing smile.
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I'm hard and ready to cum!!!! Great!!!
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Love the story, got me very excited