My golden shower debut with Marcella

The first time I experienced golden shower was when I was 25 - I hooked up with this older woman at a nightclub in Dublin, it was a place known for bored married ladies on the prowl and a few of us used to go there as it was a great place to get laid.

This woman was about 35, very tall and slender, blonde short cropped hair, kind of punky, I liked her, we hit it off, danced, had a fw drinks and I asked her back to my place. She told me she would have to be home to hr suburban semi in Dundrum by 7 a.m. as her husband was a cabbie working nights and he got home about 7:30 on Saturday mornings. That was cool, I knew then we were going to go an fuck and not waste any time.

We were both a little d***k and took a cab. I remember thinking what if the cabbie knows her husband? Mad thing but it has happened! On the way home I said "What was you name anyway?" and she said it was Marcella.

Of course it didn't and it was a short trip to mu place.

We had another glass of wine, lit a fire in the hearth, turned the lights low and put on music, on a shuffle. We got naked there in the living room and we fucked on the couch, in front of the fire on the floor, and standing against the staircase. We did different positions, It was one of those great nights when you are horny and in the groove and with a person right on your wavelength. With us both a little tipsy I think we were at maximum horniness and prowess. My cock was hard as a rock and I had blue balls - I knew I would only come after a long night of fucking. I could really fuck the shit out of her and she had a real nice pussy, great skin and elegant limbs.

This song by Stereo MCs came on, it was called Connected. A really hot song. We got in the groove fucking to it doggy style with her kneeling on the couch holding the back of it and me standing over her prodding deep into her luscious pussy from behind. She was smooth shaven and a joy to fuck. She asked me to fuck her arse and hand me a tube of KY jelly from her handbag. What a gal!

I smeared the cold gel on her arse and fingered it in, feelig the tightness of her little bumhole. I took time to make circles aounf the puckred entrance tracing it with my fingertips. I knew from experience how many pleasurable nerve endings lit up like a fireworks display on bonfire night, when anal caresses were delivered well. Shew squirmed with pleasure, thrusting her ass back at me as if to say her ass would consume me. She would take my cock as much as I would plunder her booty.

I smeared my cock head with gel and we were away at it. My coc slid snugly into her anus, choked by her sphincter as it gripped my shadt greedily. This gal ws tight but clearly experienced and moved perfectly for anal, making it easy. It was great.

As we got into the rhythm the MCs were going

Ah ah
Something ain't right
I'm gonna get myself
I'm gonna get myself
I'm gonna get myself connected
I ain't gonna go blind
For the light which is reflected
I see thru you
I see thru you
I see thru you
I see thru you
Ya dirty tricks
Ya make me sick
I see thru you
I see thru you
I'm gonna do it again
I'm gonna do it again
Ah ah
I'm gonna do it again
Gotta do right
'Cause something ain't right
Gotta do right
Come on

It was like this song had been written for us to fuck to.
We got really into it and it was a club version so we were getting sweaty and down. I hit a button on the stereo remote and put that song on repeat. It was our backing track, I reckon we fucked every which way for an hour until we were both going mad with arousal. We were alternating vaginal and anal now. It was mad. Her cunt had become really swollen, the lips were really fat. Finally we allowed a manic orgasm to wash over us like a tsunami.

We lay there breathing hard, wasted. My cock as still hard though and she said "Dirty bastard, I love that". She laughed. "I chose well tonight " she said. I laughed - I thought it was me that had chosen her!

We got in the 69 position on the rug and went at it. My face was soppping from her cunt juice and residues of my own cum, now mingled with hers. As I was licking her, she suddenly started to release a trickle of pee. I wasn't expecting it or my reaction. I gloried in it, licked it and tasted it, told her to drown me. She let her bladder release and the trickle tht had been swirling away on her inner thighs became a jet into my face. I opened my mouth and let it fill and overflow, its smell and hotness thrilling me and disgusting me all at once. She moved and squatted on my face, pressing me into the sopping rug. Hot pee trickled into my ear and heated the side of my head. As she had stopped sucking me I started stroking my cock, wanking furiously until I came. It felt as though my brains were exiting my body through my cock. Such intensity I had rarely felt.

She said sorry about the carpet and asked if I wanted to take her in the bathroom and get her back there. I asked "What?" and she laughed,

"You know, you piss on me but where it can be washed away --in the shower or the bath."

I said "Fuck it the carper is ruined anyway."

I stood over her and she looked up at me with lust and passion as I brought myself to pee. Then it was splashing her face and hair, my thighs, trickling down her breasts and belly, onto the carpet. We kissed after that, greedily tonguing. Then we showered together and she took off.

I went to my room to crash, it was 6:30 and we had been fucking for over three hours, It was a marvellous feeling, my cock was sore but sated. I fell asl**p.

Next day when I went in the living room the smell of piss and the wet carpet was gross. I ordered ina carpet shampoo company to sort the mess, it cost a fortune at short notie but was worth it.

That was the first time I experienced piss. I never saw Marcella the cabbie's wife again but she was one of the hottest women I ever fucked. I lik to think it was mutual.
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1 year ago
it would be interesting to try
2 years ago
From one piss lover to another - Great story!
Do you still do it with someone else?
I'm lucky, my wife loves it too, so we do it quite regularly
2 years ago
Wow loved your story i enjoy drinking piss emencelly
3 years ago
Damn that was a good story. Thanks for sharing