Patrick was tall and slim, with great brown eyes, a sallow complexion and long silky brown hair. He had the elegant hands of a concert pianist, with long fingers and manicured nails. He didn't play sports, preferring more intellectual things, books and music. He got a hard time from the other boys who regarded him as effeminate and called him Patricia, referring to himm as "her" and "she". It was cruel. He was shy as a result of this and never used the urinals, instead locking himself in a stall even to take a pee. He nevr used the communal showers, preferring to shower in his room.

His room was beside mine at the end of the corridor on the second floor. Mine was a single room, I liked having my privacy. Patrick had been allocate a double room at the start of term, but the second berth was unoccupied, and so her had a large room to himself.

On Sunday nights there was a movie shown in a theatre in the basement. Everyone in the year was expected to go, it was an end=of-week ritual, After the movie, there would be a quick tea break and then everyone would go to bed around 10:30.

On that night in November the movie was The Exorcist. It was pretty new then and none of us had seen it before. It was a disturbing film that had everyone talking afterwards at tea, then we all went to our rooms,

It was about 11 pm when I heard a gentle knock on my door - I had fallen into a light sl**p and was startled. I got out of bed and opened the door. It was Patrick. "Can I come in a second?" he asked in a whisper. " I don't want to wake anyone else up." He explained that he was embarrassed to say that the Exorcist had freaked him out and h could not sl**p. He was nervous and when the wind blew the trees outside his window and the leaves rustled, he was in dread.

"I'm not sure what I can do Patrick" I said.

"Can you sl**p in the other bed in my room tonight, so I am not alone?"

I hesitated. With all the ribbing he got from the guys about being effeminate, if I were seen sharing his room I could be targeted too. He recognised what was going through my head.

" I will set the alarm for 7:15 and you can be back in your room before reveille." he said, pleadingly.

"Ok" I said.

I went with him quietly in pyjamas and slippers and a gown. I got into the second bed as he closed the latch and turned out the light.

Even with the lights out the room was lit by an eerie silver light from the moon, It was a clear but windy night outside. The tall wooden-framed windows rattled a little in the gusts and I could hear the trees buffeted in the gale. It felt cosy to be in bed. We chatted quietly about nothing in particular and soon I drifted off to sl**p......

I woke up in the dark, lying on my back in bed. I felt a little cold somehow. I opened my eyes and in the silvery moonlight I could see a silhouette, a shadow at the end of my bed. I didn't move, thinking of the Exorcist and things supernatural. Then I realised it was Patrick. I was cold because he had gently pulled down the blankets and sheet off me, and he was kneeling on the end of the bed, looking down at me. His head was framed in the moonlight against the window. Then I felt him deftly opening the buttons of my pyjama top, and sliding his hands onto my skin. His hands were warm, I felt them trace my ribs and move upwards, the graceful fingers touching my nipples. My breath was bated - I almost didn't dare to breathe. I didn't say anything, as if I wanted him to think I was asl**p and let this play out further. But his hands grazing my belly and nipples felt good and I was getting arouse. I could feel my groin stirring pleasurably, as my cock began to engorge, becoming swollen and semi-erect.

Pstrick's deft fingers traced their way down my belly, over my navel, and then slid over my hips. I felt his fingers curl under the elasticated band of my pajama bottoms ans strectch them up and away from my hips, pulling them downwards, By now I had a raging erection, but I was still silent and holding my breath, my belly tense. I pressed my heels into the mattress and almost imperceptibly lifted my hips just an inch or two, enough that the pajamas slid down over my buttocks so that it was a simple matter for him to pull them to my knees.

No he paused and looked down at my erect cock, standing proud and dark in the silvery moonlight. He caressed my hips with those long finger and I felt like an instrument being played. I thought he would take me in his hands but he caressed me all around, sliding the hands between my thighs and cupping my balls, feeling their plumpness and weight, feeling the g****fruit-like roughness of the scrotum which had tightened with the excitement. Then he leaned over me and first I felt his silken hair grazing my cock.

Now I was in his mouth, warm, wet and delicious; he was working my glans with his tongue, running wet warm circles around it and then tautening his lips as he went down on me until I could feel the top of his nose pressed into my pubic mound. All the time he was gently kneading and caressing my balls. It was sensational, beautiful. He was expert. The delicious pressure rose within me. I took short shallow breaths to control my urge to ejaculate. He continued to worship my cock expertly, groaning a little and slurping as he licked. I felt the pressure build, my cock sweell even more, that delicious heavy ache in the head and then the spasm as my cock bucked in his willing mouth - splashing him with bolts of molten hot spunk. He sucked greedily, keeping me in his mouth until I began to subside.

He lay there wit my half hard cock in his mouth, I could smell the musky aroma of sexm Neither of us said a word. We lay there in the drk savouring the moment, trying to hold onto it.

After a few minutes, he got off the bed without a word, pulled the blankets back over me, and padded quietly back to his bed.

I lay there silently. My whole being was sensitised, turned on. I felt beautiful. He was now back in bed and I could hear the unmistakeable sound of skin on skin as he stroked himself under the bedclothes, urgently.

"Patrick" I said.

"Are you awake?" he said, breaking off from his masturbation.

It was an absurd question of course, but at the time it seemed peefectly normal.

"That was beautiful" I said. "Would you like me to return the favor?"

"You don't have to. I'm ok. It was my pleasure."

"And it would me mine too, if you would like."

He sat up on the edge of the bed, then stood up. He was naked from the waist up. He was wearing red and white striped pajama bottoms. He slid them off and padded over to me, standing beside my bed so that I was conveniently level with his waist.

In the darkness I reached out and my hand closed around a tremendous penis, a bl**d-gorged pole of muscle that pulsed in my grasp. It was at least 12 inches long, the largest I had ever experienced, but it was not too thick - like his elegant fingers, his was the penis of an artist, not a labourer. The head was circumcised and the glans was beautiful with an exquisite rim. It was a beautiful bell shape, and I wanted to fell its texture.

Eagerly I took it in my mouth to taste the seeping precum that dribbled from its eye, and to explore the delcious smoothness and perfect shape, while marvelling at the taut, hot power of the long shaft.

My fingers slide beneath him and I was overjoyed to find that he had a pendulous sac, the skin delicate as silk, the two balls hanging low like ripe fruits. I caressed them as I sucked and bobbed on his silken erection.

I felt him grip my head and hold me there, so he could fuck my mouth deeply, taking control of me, making me gag on him as he squeezed the glans deep into my throat, and then he was gasping and moaning and oh, as he ejaculated in my mouth I had tears of joy and lust streaming down my face, and I furiously masturbated until I too ejaculated again.

When it was over he lay on the bed beside me, naked. I nestled down at his waist, so that I could marvel at his beautiful flaccid penis, long and perfectly formed, and hold it in my grateful fingers, kssing it occasionally, sniffing it and finally sucking the glans again until he rose again and delivered another delicious dose of his cream into my willing mouth.

Later we lay together, french kissing and rubbing belly to belly, cumming again on each other. The room was heavy with the smell of cum. We fell asl**p blissfully, the first of many times we would do so that wonderful year.
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6 months ago
Thank you for that erotic insight to a memorable moment in time.
11 months ago
Wow....great hdog!!....I was waiting for maybe a little ass play....Thanks man!!!
1 year ago
Sexy story Hangdog. Please post more stories and more videos.

2 years ago
that was fucking hot. love sucking while sleeping stories
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Wow so lovely i came again and again in my panties
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wow I love it ;)
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thanks for the hard on :)
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dude that was fucking awesome - please give us MORE!!!!
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Great story, thanks for writing!
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