Lunchtime cock worship

I was a boarder at a private all male school in Ireland. There was this guy called Oliver who was on the swim team same as me. He was very well endowed, in fact the biggest in our school I reckon. But he was always making homophobic comments.

One day when we were in the changing room after practice he caught me peeking at him - I was fascinated by his size and girth, he was much bigger than I was. He said I was a dirty fag.

Then I asked him how ong since he had a bow job and he said not since school started in September when he last saw his girlfriend - it was halfway thru October and still 2 weeks from the mid term break when he would see her again. I said I'd be glad to give him head if he wanted something better than jacking off. He laughed and called me a fag......

However the next day at lunch in the dining hall he came over to me and said "Were you serious yesterday?" and I said "Yes",

And he said "OK let's go."

"Now?" I said, "We have to be back at class in 20 minutes."

"That should be enough time if you are any good" he said.

I followed him out of the dining hall and we went to the nearest toiets, which were deserted. We went in a stall and locked the door.

"On your knees" he said.

I obeyed. He unbucked his belt, unzipped and slid down his pants and y-fronts in one motion. He stood before me, and I was eye level with his enormous fat cock. Even flaccid it was thick as a Red Bull can and about seven inches long. He was uncut, and the foreskin was thick around the hidden bulb of his glans.

He took himself in his hands and peeled back the foresking to reveal a large pink glistening glans.

I could smell the precum on it. The musk excited me.

I took him in my mouth and tasted him, felt the silky smoothness of his head, and to my joy, felt him grow in my mouth as he got wood, filling me up. He held the back of my head and facefucked me. It was marvellous.

Within a few minutes he was on the edge and I was licking his glans and making circles around it, I took him in my hand and f***ed my tongue under his foreskin, then rimmed his head, it was so tight yet so lubricated. That was very exciting for him and I could hear his breathing change. I knew it would not be long and then I fet him convulse, and felt the delicious hot squirts of cum, falling gently on my tongue like a sweet rain of redemption.

His cum tasted wonderful, hot salty and musky, and it was thick in texture, as I felt it merge with my saliva. I continued to suck his fat cock, feelinh it subside in my mouth and lose its hardness in a post-orgasmic phase. I wanted to keep sucking, make him hard again, see if those big heavy balls had more hot cum for me....

But the school bell rang signalling the end of the lunch break.

He dressed hurriedy and left without a word. I took another minute to sit in the toilet savouring the moment. I went to class with the smell of his cock on my face and the taste of his semen on my lips. I glanced around the class, my delicious secret proclaimed by the smells of sex on my face.

What a dessert that had been! And now I could look forward to worshipping the finest cock in the school every lunch time.....
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6 months ago
always heard private boys boarding schools were fun!
2 years ago
well now i have to go and change my panties
3 years ago
"sweet rain of redemption"...awesome! That's my new favorite phrase.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well that was fantastic so what happened later there was a later make a great next chapter thanks
3 years ago
Very nice story! I like the scenraio of being a (large) cock worshipper very much. Well Done!
3 years ago
Very good story. Thank you.
3 years ago
wow i came like i never did before amazing story ^___^ keep on th good work
3 years ago
I really liked this story. The author here should write more of this subject. I think he shows promise.