Ruminations on Diona's deflowerment in Sparta

A recent post prompted a comment that made me think about why I found this series so intensely erotic, and why I still watch it at every opportunity when it is on TV.

The scene is of the deflowering of the slave Diona (2:54 in the clip).

A commenter asked why was this posted her as it is not even porn. However I think of porn as being the depiction of sexual behaviour in film, books, dance or live, that is designed to arouse and cause sexual excitement. This is not explicit in that we see no erections, no penetration, no semen. That is left to our imaginations and sometimes, when the scene is done well, imagination can trump reality. There is a hardcore porn parody of Spartacus but for me it never matches the pornographic heights of certain scenes in Spartacus - and almost all of the most erotic scenes are ones involving forrced sex or the loss of innocence.

Importantly sex is used as a weapon in virtualy all of these scenes. Spartacus is completely a sexual series. I loved this about Spartacus - it was ALL ABOUT the sex. The sex is not gratuitous extra scenes added in for fun. It is central to the action. Sex is how the plot unfolds, and why it unfolds. The most important twists in the plot happen during sex.

And so for me Spartacus is an erotic triumph.

This brings me to the Diona deflowerment. True it's not explicit but nor mere the many highly charged erotic scenes in this series. Diona's scene from 2:54 to 4:02 is about using power and sex to dominate a slave and take away her innocence, and while it is forrced sex and shocking, it is also an intensely arousing scenario to watch. It has a strange effect when you find yourself turned on by a form of sex that normally you would find unacceptable. It is the ultimate fantasy.

This clip does not show the full context. There are two virgin slave girls, Diona and Naevia. In several scenes preceding this one, they would have giggled at the thought of one day being deflowered by a well-endowed gladiator, but their fantasy world was about orgasmic sex, stimulated by attending Lucretia, their domina (mistress of the house) who had them prepare her for sex sessions with gladiators of her choosing.

Diona is a very beautiful young girl, green-eyed and light-skinned. She usually wears unassuming garments such as a small grey dress which is cut above the knees and the top-front is exposed from the neckline down to the chest, as do most other female slaves. And like other household slaves, including her friend Naevia and Melitta, Lucretia's body-slave, she often walks barefoot.

Little is known about Diona except that she appears to be a dutiful and obedient slave, and close friend of Naevia. But as their masters scheme to gain influence, Diona is caught in the crossfire and becomes an unwillingly pawn in their games. As word spreads that the House of Batiatus offers great pleasures, a high-ranking Roman man, Varis, who had been able to "sample" such pleasure before comes with a friend. Lucretia unwillingly offers the men two of her slaves - Naevia and Diona. Even Lucretia is being f***ed, too. but her reluctance barely troubles her because she knows Varis is powerful. She despises him yet hands him this sexual bounty because it will advance her ambition. Her slave girls are pawns, sexual baubles to be used when the occasion demands.

Varis wonders which girl will he take and as they stand together holding hands, with Lucretia looking on, he commands them to strip. Demurely they remove their dresses and stand naked before him. He approaches the fearful girls, but even they don't realise what he is going to do. He decided to check their cunts to see who is tighter, and fingers each of them in turn. On this basis he chooses Diona. All this he does with slow deliberation, clearly glorying in the moment and getting aroused by his power to be cruel.

Diona, selected because Varis says she is tighter, but probably because he sees she is the more innocent one, now thinks that now she will be fucked by this evil Roman. Reality now clashes against the giggling of the previosu episodes. But then matters take a turn for the worse. Varis commands a slave, a huge and ugly brute, savage and unwashed, to fuck her. The brute roughly grabs her and begins his deflowerment as she is repulsed by his smell and ugliness. Her pale, alabaster skin contrasts with his dark bulk, as he ruts in her like a dog fucking a bitch.

As she cries silently in pain she is taken, while Varis stands there telling her how he relishes stealing her innocence and coupling her with a b**st. Then while she is astraddle the slave, Varis takes out his own cock and sodomises Diona, taking her anal virginity too in the final humiliation. Lucretia watches all of this in silence, her human compassion drowned by her ambition.

Diona leaves disturbed and horrified. She becomes but a shell of her former self and even lashes out at her friend, Naevia. Eventually she escapes but is recaptured and condemned to die in the arena. Batiatus has a chance to give her a pardon but decided that to do so would look weak and so she is dispatched with a sword to the neck.

I could not help but wonder whether Diona, had she been more of a slut, might have survived. But it was her innocence that made her a flower, not to be picked, but to be crushed under Varis's heel. Varis got off on being able to control other people. He was involved in another scene where Gannicus a gladiator slave is made to fuck Melitta, a house slave but also the wife of his friend the Doctore. Again Lucretia looks on, and notices that Varis joins in by masturbating as Gannicus thrusts into Melitta, cumming at the same time as Gannicus. She is delighted he takes such pleasure, but she does not realise that this will be a step towards the tragedy of Diona.

These scenes speak of so many things. Lost innocence, the reality that some erotic dreams can become nightmares, but also the capacity of humans to be cruel and take advantage when in absolute power. Sex is the ultimate trapping of the powerful. Modern psychological experiments show how, given utter power, humans put in mastery over their fellows quickly become cruel and willing to mete out extreme punishment for minor sins.

By showing this use of power for taking sex, in Spartacus we confront the ugly side of our nature and what is interesting is that many of us secretly find it hugely arousing, even though many would feign horror.

Spartacus is wonderful for the voyeur who wants to confront his sexual desires and the reality that inside of all of us, there is a Diona, but also a Varis.
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1 year ago
It is indeed testosterone-charged. In the modern day it would be a football locker room and all the girls like the cheerleaders and groupies, but much more exotic. Arguably modern footballers are highly paid slaves and the beautiful women who hang round them do so for the benefits but fundamentally they make themselves availabel to be fucked in the same way as the slaves used to be.
1 year ago
I first saw Spartacus a year ago and I was stunned by it's sexuality and utter maleness. I confess that each episode made me feel lustful. The incredible raw nature of men, the hardcore fucking even the violence made me a fan of the show. I don't think it's porn but it's damned hot!