A reflection on sucking fine black cocks.

I read this confession from a teenage girl here on xhamster. Basically she started to want well endowed black men from the first time she watched porn. Her teenage life was about masturbating to BBC porn and waiting until the time came to fuck her first actual black man. She did this at 16 and snce then had ten other black men, always happy, never wanting anyhting else.

The girl knows what she wants. It made me reflect on my life as a bisexual man who also loves to suck beautiful cocks. For me, they don't have to be black to be beautiul, but it helps.

I like to fuck and suck well endowed, circumcised black men. For me, 7 to 8 inches and not too thick is perfect. The darker the skin of the penis and balls, the more it excites and arouses me.

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a stream of thick, ivory semen trickling down the shaft of an erect black cock - oozing onto the plump dark g****fruit-like skin of the scrotum, like brandy butter on a christmas pudding. You watch it ooze slowly, leaving its silver glistening trail, until you can resist no longer.

Then you bow down to worship, prostrate before superior manhood. You inhale the smell, thrilled by how its manliness and potency rushes up into your brain like a hit from a powerful inhaled d**g. It almost makes you dizzy. Then at last, you use your tongue to experience the black cock. You lick and feel and taste it all - the delicious potent cum, the ripe fullness of the scrotum, the delectable satin smoothness of the glans penis. The thick veiny springy power of the shaft. As you suck the head you grip the shaft in your hand, marvelling at its hardness and thickness, feeling the veins pulse in your grip. You allow your hand to slide down the slick sticky cock, until you are gripping it at the base, your hand resting against the hairy pubes. You are in awe of the length and girth of this manhood. You are not envious, because it is not your place to want to have such a magnificent penis yourself. It is your place to worship such penises. And to worship the finest black cocks is the zenith. Here is the altar of heaven.

( Angel Dark shows the feeling I mean in this beautiful clip. You should watch it all to see the wonderful chemistry and feeling between her and Justin Slayer - whose cock is perfect. But the worship of the cock is from 17:03 http://xhamster.com/movies/1819298/interracial_angel_dark.html )
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