Fucking Ken's Wife

I met Ken online recently and he told me aboout how he liked to take naked pics of his hot wife Dorothy, and occasionally share them with friends. He explained that it was their fantasy to have a threesome but meanwhile, pic sharing turned her on knowing that men were wanking off to pictures of her.

I asked Ken if he would share pics with me and within a few minutes he had sent a few.

Dorothy was 43 years old but was in great shape, with perfect skin and a sexy body. In the pics, her face was not visible but tht was okay as she had lifted up her loose print dress to reveal white panties. There were two pics one taken from behind and one from in front. The fact that these were not sexy panties, just her everydy things, made the pics really arousing. I wanted to kneel before her and sniff the cotton, trying to smell her musk and detect her cunt through the material. The rear view was hot, she had a large, perfectly curved and womanly bottom, delicious to behold. I imagined spanking that perfect white flesh hard and reddeing her arse for her as she knelt there. I noticed that she had tight, fit thighs and a large pussy gap - very rare and sexy in a womna of her age.

I was horny but wanted more. I emailed Ken and told him that I wanted to see her anus and her cunt opened up. In a few seconds the answer came as a file and I was feasting my eyes on her frank nakedness. Her cunt was thick-lipped and generous, pink and glistening. Her arsehole was a wrinkled puckered up etrance that seemed to say "violate me". I loved that she has one of those arses that seems to have a shadow on the crack. I imagined nuzzling it with my nose and sniffing her like a dog in heat. I was horny as hell now and so I took my cock out and masturbated to Dorothy's pics.

I emailed Ken to tell him and he was thrilled.

After a week of sharing and masturbating over his wife, Ken told me he wanted me to be the one to fuck her for him. He was 60 and she was 43; he understood that she needed to have that cunt drilled by a younger man. When he asked, I accepted the offer at once and made arrangements to spend the weekend in the UK.

I met Ken for a drink on Friday evening after he finished work. He explained that he wanted me to go on ahead and fuck Dorothy as a stranger. He would come along later. He gave me a door key and told me that Dorothy was expecting a stranger.

When I got to the house and let myself in quietly without ringing the bell, I heard Dorothy in the kitchen and I could smell dinner. But dinner was not on my mind. I uundid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor in the hall. She still hadn't heard me. I removed my shorts too and my erect cock was free. I tiptoed into the kitchen and snuck up on Dorothy.

With one quick motion, I reached under her skirt, yanked down her panties, and rammed my erect cock up Dorothy's plump juicy ass, all the way to the hilt, and started thrusting with the full length of my manhood.

Dorothy let out a yelp and moaned in pain.

She twisted around between thrusts and stared at me with widened eyes. I caught sight of her shiny moist red lips and licked them. Dorothy moaned with a****listic gusto and gave me a filthy lustful smile. I kissed her hard and grabbed her breasts with such f***e that she gave a small scream, mostly in pain. All this time, my dick was still all the way inside her tight anus.

Dorothy couldn't believe what was happening. Her oddball husband had allowed another man to sodomise her, and here she was prostrate with his cock rammed into her backside! That was totally unexpected.

Her asshole wasn't even lubricated, and I had inconsiderately impaled her without as much as spittle on the cock head - though in truth I was soaked in precum. But as I fucked her arse I fingered her cunt ad realised it turned her on. She loved being violently handled by her husband's internet friend, even though he was a stranger in her kitchen. It made her heart race to have this sexual pain inflicted on her.

"GOD!! *moan* HURT ME BABY!! Plough my filthy arse until you rip it to pieces! *scream* GOD!! HURT ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" screamed Dorothy.

I was now in the fuck zone, in rhythm. I was in a rage, blindly fucking the shit out of Ken's sex-starved wife Nicky. I could faintly hear her screaming for me to deliver pain. I heeded her call. I dug my fingers into her breast harshly with my left hand, and barbarically yanked her dress up off her ass, biting down fiercely on her right ass cheek. Dorothy screamed in agonizing pain. I opened my jaws again, then bit down again, this time harder. Dorothy screamed again. I put my cok back at the entrance to her hole, and pushed it in with no lube. As she screamed I slapped her arse ver hard, first on her right cheek, then her left. I gave her a right good hiding and her flesh was bright red with inflammation.

I released my grip on her left breast and pushed my hand up the front of her dress. Then I roughly pawed at her crotch from the front. I raised the back of her dress with my teeth, and once again savagely slapped her teeth-marked ass with my right hand.


Dorothy was going insane with lust and pleasure. The pain wasn't enough. She wanted more!

Now I was succumbing to my most base a****listic desires. I could not help but assert my absolute authority over this woman. I stopped slapping her ass and promptly picked her up, eliciting a shocked gasp from her. I carried her into the hall and dropped her on the soft carpet, and slapped her across the face, tears welling up in her eyes.Dorothy by now was writhing with pleasure. She was waaay past her lust-driven yelling and was simply gasping in lungfuls of air.

Dorothy's large supple heaving breasts were too much for me. I sat on her waist and grazed her right tit with my fingers, then pinched it gently. Then I abruptly leaned down, my dick pressing into her chest, and bit down on her nipple, HARD. Dorothy screamed in excruciating pain, bucking her hips against me, grinding her recently unshaven, naturally hairy pussy into me. I got even more excited and bit again, even HARDER. Dorothy was gulping mouthfuls of air and pretty much hitting the point of no return. I continued to assault her tits in succession, inflicting angry red teeth marks on her large, beautiful shapely breasts.

Tears were streaming down Dorothy's face now, but she was in absolute heaven. She was screaming in ecstasy, thrusting involuntarily, grinding her pussy on whatever her crotch could contact. I furiously slapped her tits in the sides, and gave her nipples one visciously hard pinch, drawing another primal scream from Dorothy, who proceeded to arch her back so suddenly that she threw him off. She kept screaming with what seemed like a limitless lungful of air, her legs writhing and her hips bucking in some sort of insane fury.

I jumped back on her and ploughed my swollen cock into her as yet untouched pussy, pumping her with unrelenting fury, drawing shocked gasps from Ken's battered wife. I leaned over, mashing her tits with my chest, and gave her a series of rough kisses. Dorothy bit her upper lip, biting so hard that she punctured the surface and drew bl**d.

I tore away and slapped her across the face, and again kissed her roughly. Dorothy shoved me f***efully into the wall with a deafening thump, knocking the air out of me. I wheezed, trying to suck in enough oxygen. Dorothy grabbed my fat cock and squeezed, her eyes squinted at me in rage, her nails biting into my thick rod. I shuddered in uncontrollable pain and ecstasy, finally gasping in some air. Dorothy scratched me in the face, drawing four oozing bleeding lines on my cheek. She leaned in close and purred, my throbbing penis tightly gripped in her fist. She bit me playfully on the nose, then got down low and let go of my cock, then gently biting my mnhood. I shuddered again, my mind completely paralyzed with lust.

Dorothy continued to bite down on my cock, never touching it with her lips, never touching it with her tongue. She was biting harder and harder, the pain forcing gasps of pain from me. "You fucking bitch!!!" I roared, "that's starting to hurt!"

Dorothy simply replied by slapped me across the face with enough f***e to knock my head to the side. I was too weak to struggle, but was actually starting to enjoy the pain. Dorothy was starting to use her molars on my hard hot rod, drawing frantic moaning until she finally let my cock go, never touching with her lips and tongue. She kissed me roughly and reached around me, pulling me violently against her, and sc****d her finger nails across his back, leaving bl**dy trails. She her middle finger into my mouth and made me suck it, then slapped me viciously across the face. Tears were now welling up in my eyes, and I was gasping short bursts of air.

Dorothy threw me to the ground in one f***eful motion, and leapt on my penis, grinding her thick-lipped, hairy pussy on my pubes, my shaft in her to the hilt. She moaned in pain and withdrew completely, then down to the bottom with a smack, and off again. It was while she was fucking me in this manner that out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement ner the door and realized that Ken was watching now. If Dorothy knew, she didn't care that her husband was wtching her astride another man's cock. She rapidly pounded me as I moaned in pleasure, and she moaned as well, mostly in pain at the ferocity of her fucking motion. Her hot little wifey cunt was not meant for this abuse, and I was getting off on that. She kept pumping, harder and harder, faster and faster.

Now I was getting tired of her pussy. I gripped her by her breasts and threw her to the side in a pile. I flipped her over and f***ed her on her hands and knees, then spat on my hand, anointed my cock head and ploughed into her asshole from the rear, doggy style. I gripped her ass cheeks hard, causing indentations, and rammed her harshly, my shaven nutsack slapping against her puffy pussy lips. I couldn't take anymore. I stiffened, then tore my exploding cock out of her, and shot thick white cum into her still gaping asshole. Seconds later, when I finished, Dorothy closed her ass in a wrinkle, but couldn't hold it for long, and a stream of burning hot cum dribbled from her asshole down onto her cunt and dipped onto her inner tighs.

Ken was completely turned on by the cum leaking from his beaten wife's asshole, her breasts swaying from her chest as she gasped lungfuls of air, gobs of cum periodically dripping and spurting from her plump ass. He moved me aside and tightly gripped her around her waist then shoved his dick into her ass, pumping several times in his my semen, then shooting his own wad of thick cum. Her asshole was so packed with it that it started flowing around his dick and dripping to the ground. He pulled out slapped her breast with his cock, leaving a trail of slimy hot substance, gave her nipple a harsh pinch, and proceeded to ram his cock into her mouth, prompting her to suck it with a hard slap to the face.

She sucked him clean and Ken closed his eyes, then she bit his cock gently as it was softening and crawled weakly ontop of him, cum dribbling on her husband's leg, mildly sensing the intense pain emanating from her abused nipples and the numbness of her cheeks, the sting from her asscheeks, and the soreness of her pussy and arsehole. She raised herself slightly, and f***efully rammed her fist into Ken's stomach, knocking the wind out of him, leaving him choking and gasping.

Ken blearily opened one eye. "Love.. enough.. it hurts.."

Dorothy scoffed as she bit his chest. "Serves you fucking right you twat. I can't even get up, your new mate hurt me so bad"

"You fucking slut" I said. "You have some nerve!"

"You were the one screaming for pain! You loved it. I have fucked hundreds of women, but of all the dirty shameless slags I met along the way, you are the filthiest. I fucked dockland whores in Dublin up the arse for thirty quid but none of them wanted it like you did just now. Look at the state of you, all soaked in two men's cum, and an arse like a bucket it's so open. I'm just sorry I didn't being a few more of my friends along to give you a right old seeing to."

Dorothy grabbed my hard-again cock and dug her nails into it. She looked up at me as she was about to take my cock in her filthy mouth and said

"Ken, you never told me has friends too!"

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very good
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Love it. Soundslike a real dirty whore