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Thinking back to how our swinging and swapping lifestyle began, there was one night in particular that started us down the path. We had talked and fantasized about numerous scenarios from MMF’s, to FFM’s to 4somes and even group sex at swingers clubs. I’m sure there is nothing unusual in that. We joined adult dating sites and chatted on line to dozens of prospective partners/couples and I’m sure there is nothing unique about that either.

The big difference, the line that gets crossed, is when you finally pluck up the courage to actually venture out and meet someone, face to face.

Marie had had her girlfriends over the years to satisfy her bisexual needs but as a ‘couple’ we had never dared act on our fantasies. I would stroke and fuck Marie to orgasm as I whispered my fantasy about seeing her with another guy and she always came quickly when I did this but after the moment had passed she would shy away from discussing it even though I felt she was becoming more and more curious.

We lived in a small place where everyone knew everyone so we had to be really careful about what we did and where we went. Initially, I had felt odd about my fantasy of sharing my beautiful wife with another guy but over time, Marie openly admitted to being aroused by the idea and I became more comfortable about expressing my desires. It was at this point that we began to really have fun with it. The realization that we may actually try something sparked our fucking into overdrive and we would talk for hours about all the different things, places, outfits and guys we may involve.

When we had lived overseas a few years prior, we had the opportunity to play with a business man who was just passing through our city for a couple of days and we failed to take advantage of the situation. He had rented an apartment for a few weeks in our block and had made his feelings for Marie very clear but for whatever reason we let it slip away. Marie finally admitted that she regretted missing this opportunity and we figured that we would never be that lucky again. The travelling business man suited our situation for so many reasons.

I don’t think we believed that an opportunity like that would come along again but we had fun on the adult dating sites and found a few local guys who we played with on-line but we never really considered meeting up. Then we stumbled across an overseas couple on-line who were experienced swingers and we had great fun with them via web cam and msn. We didn’t ever consider meeting them as a possibility but during one of our chats, Dennis announced that he would be visiting our city on a business trip for a couple of days and wondered if we would meet up for dinner or a drink.

It turned out that Cath, his wife, would not be coming with him and he had no other contacts here so he was keen to meet for company rather than anything sexual but in hindsight, I think we were all instantly thinking along the same lines.

His trip was a couple of months away which gave me plenty of time to raise the subject with Marie.

One night, as I fucked her from behind and her orgasm approached I asked her if she would like to meet up with Dennis when he arrived. “Could be fun’ she replied breathlessly and I felt my cock swell inside her as her cunt muscles tightened around me. We both came powerfully shortly afterwards and as we lay next to each other there was a nervous silence as we both considered what we were about to do with Dennis.

We had great fun over the new few weeks talking about what we might do, what Marie would wear and how far we would be comfortable taking it. All this time we hadn’t confirmed anything with Dennis other than maybe just meeting up for dinner as friends.

Every time we fucked leading up to Dennis’s arrival, his visit would be the feature of our filthy talk. The thought of seeing another guy touching my wife made it hard to control my climax and fortunately it had the same effect on Marie who’s pussy would get so wet as I told her what I wanted to see happen. When Marie began telling me what she wanted Dennis to do to her I always came within seconds, it was just too sexy to handle.

Finally the day of our dinner date had arrived and Marie and I were so excited. Marie had her hair and nails done and shaved her pussy totally bare. We had agreed that I could pick her outfit for the night and I selected a knee length white summer dress with a tiny white g-string and a half cup bra.

At a glance, Marie looked stunning and the outfit looked very classy, but, with a little light behind her, the virtual transparency of the dress became obvious and her nipples (which remained hard for the duration of the night) were plain to see, as was the outline of her tiny g-string. Marie’s tits bounced freely as we entered the hotel bar where Dennis was staying as the half cup bra did little to restrain her DD’s.

We knew her outfit would get her some attention and I felt my cock straining as I noticed how many heads turned to look at my wife. Marie noticed too and made sure her dress rode up to her thigh as she bent over to slide into our booth at the end of the bar. She looked stunning. When I returned from a trip to the bathroom, she had already been approached by two guys apparently.

Dennis arrived a few minutes later and we greeted each other like old friends. I headed to the bar to get his a beer and I looked back to see Marie hugging him, pressing her huge tits against him as she kissed him lightly on the cheek.
While Dennis was under the impression that this was just a friendly dinner, of course the conversation revolved around sex and the numerous naked pictures and videos he and Cath had enjoyed seeing of Marie and I. It felt odd sitting there with another guy who had seen every inch of my wife’s body, but I realized I liked it.

Marie and I had agreed that if we actually clicked with Dennis then we would try a few things and as Dennis headed to the bathroom after two or three beers we had a chance to chat to each other. Luckily we were both enjoying it. Marie was flirting shamelessly and Dennis was totally under her spell.

It was fortunate we had time for a quick and I dared Marie to follow Dennis to the mens room. The bar had emptied out and I was fairly sure she would find him alone in there. I also knew from my previous visit to the bathrooms that they were both spacious and dimly lit. Marie jumped up with a giggle (causing her tits to bounce wildly) and headed off as I had asked. The minutes ticked by and my cock ached as I realized what was probably going on.

Marie was first to return. Her cheeks were red and she smiled broadly as she slid in around the table. I noticed that her nipples were totally erect and sticking through the material of her dress. “Have fun honey?’ I asked trying to control my excitement. “He’s a great kisser and he couldn’t take his hands off my tits!’ she replied as her hand drifted onto my rather obvious erection. “Seems like you enjoyed it almost as much as I did. Perhaps we should go upstairs if we get invited’. She continued, knowing full well what I wanted.

Dennis returned and shortly afterwards and retook his seat, once again sandwiching Marie between us. ‘So you like her tits?’ I said smiling so he knew I was ok with it. ‘Hell yeah” Dennis replied and I noticed his hand slide onto Marie’s thigh. Her dress had ridden up and the tiny white gusset of her g-string was just about visible. Marie knew what we were both looking at and slowly parted her legs to give us a clearer view. Dennis and I slowly worked our hands higher and higher up Marie’s smooth, tanned thighs and finally took turns at stroking her pussy through the thin material. We were so engrossed neither of us noticed the waiter stood by our table with the bill. “Thank you Nathan” Marie said, cool as a cucumber. After he left, Marie told us that she knew he was there all along and she enjoyed having him watch us play with her. Apparently he had been glancing over all evening and she felt he should be rewarded. I remember thinking as she admitted this that maybe one day I would be sharing her with more than just one other guy and my cock throbbed harder than ever.

“Please can we go up to Dennis’s room now honey?” Marie whispered to me and playfully fluttered her eye lashes. Now, I had been trying to get my wife to try a MMF for years and to finally hear her asking my permission to go to another guys’ room was just incredible. All at once I knew, not only was she willing to do this for me but she actually wanted it for herself too. The filthy inner slut I had been searching for had finally made an appearance and I knew somehow that this would not just be a one-time deal. I asked Dennis if it was ok with him and he almost jumped to his feet, managing to hide his erection rather clumsily with his jacket.

We rode the elevator in a state of nervous excitement as Marie squeezed and stroked both my and Dennis’s cock through our pants. She turned to me, kissed me and smiled as she pulled away, turning to Dennis to kiss him too. They kissed until we reached Dennis’s floor and Marie released our cocks just as the doors began to open.

Dennis and I followed Marie out of the lift (who knew full well we were checking out her ass) and the light from the window at the end of the corridor shone through her dress showing every curve of her gorgeous body. Dennis and I both softly whistled our approval.

As the door closed behind us in the suite, I moved behind Marie and cupped her tits in my hands. “You really should feel these again Dennis” I said and stepped aside so he could move in behind her. His hands kneaded Marie’s tits through her dress and her eyes closed as he leant in and kissed her neck. Marie’s hand dropped and reached behind her and I knew she was stroking Dennis’s cock once again.

Marie moved away and headed to the lounge area, pretending to take in the view at the picture window as the fading daylight silhouetted her body once again.
“Lift your dress” I said. Marie reached back and slowly began to raise the hem of her dress until the material was bunched around her waist and her perfect tanned ass and g-string were fully on display.

“I think I need another drink” Marie said as she stood there showing off her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she said “Call down to the bar and see if that young bar tender will bring us some cocktails’. I couldn’t believe my wife was being such a slut but I gladly did as she asked. Nathan said he wasn’t allowed to come up personally and one of the other staff would have to bring up our order. “My wife requested you personally” I explained, “Remember the cute blond in the bar whose pussy we were stroking?” “I’ll see what I can do Sir” he replied quickly and hung up the phone.

Both Dennis and Marie had been listening intently to my phone call and neither had moved. “He’ll be here” I assured them both and then refocused on my wife’s gorgeous ass.

I gestured for Dennis to move closer with me and we began to slowly massage Marie’s ass. She leant forward, placing her hands on the window sill and pushed her ass out for us. “Now spread your legs” I whispered in her ear. Her feet moved apart as I had asked and now Dennis and I could see her mound bulging from either side of the tiny g-string which only partially covered her asshole too.

A knock at the door signaled the arrival of the world’s fastest room service delivery and Marie pulled her dress down and she motioned to me to get the door as she disappeared into the bedroom to freshen herself up. Sure enough, Nathan was there with our order. I invited him in to set the tray down and Marie re-entered the room and welcomed Nathan like a long lost friend. Dennis and I just watched in silence as Marie chatted to him and she asked how he had managed to get away from the bar. Of course she was trying to find out how long he could stay and when he told her that he had arranged for another bar tender to cover for him, I had no idea what my slut wife had in mind but my cock certainly wasn’t unhappy about it.

Nathan was young and clearly a little submissive. My wife had Nathan sit next to her on the couch and she asked him if he had enjoyed watching her in the bar earlier. Of course he admitted to loving it as Marie softly stroked his thigh and she asked if he would like to see some more. Nathan mumbled a “yes” and Marie kissed him lightly on the lips before resuming her position at the window. “Now, where were we?” She said as she hiked her dress up once again.
Dennis’s fingers caressed her ass and then began sliding ever closer to Marie’s pussy so I hooked a finger under the flimsy material and gently pulled it to one side. I could feel Marie’s juices on it and watched as with each stroke, Dennis’s fingers sank ever so slightly deeper into the soft folds of Marie’s cunt.

“You should taste her” I said and Dennis sank to his knees immediately and buried his face into Marie’s ass noisily tonguing her soaked pussy. While he feasted and Marie moaned in pleasure, I unzipped her dress and slid it to the floor, interrupting Dennis’s enjoyment for just a split second as I pulled her dress off her.

Now I groped Marie’s exposed tits while Dennis ate her out. The added excitement of her superb breasts being on show to anyone who happened to look up at our window just made my cock ache even more.

Luckily, I remembered to grab my camera from my pocket and took some shots from every angle and flicked the switch to ‘video’ as Marie’s orgasm approached. Dennis had her ass cheeks spread wide open with his hands and his tongue buried deep inside her and she screamed as her body tensed with ecstasy as her orgasm exploded onto another mans tongue for the first time in our marriage.

Dennis moved away and sat on the couch and we both watched as Marie’s body continued to quiver with the last waves of her climax as she slumped over the window sill. I had never been so horny in my life. I noticed that Nathan had freed his cock and was wanking so I asked him if he would like to taste my wife too. He knelt behind Marie and gently licked and sucked at her red and swollen cunt for a few minutes until Marie stood and pushed him away.

When Marie finally regained control, she stood and turned to face Dennis and I as we sat on the couch unashamedly letting our eyes wander all over her lovely form while Nathan sat on the floor just next to her.

I asked Marie to grab us a beer from the mini bar and her tits bounced and swayed as the half cup bra continued to fail in its supporting role. She pushed her ass out as she bent over to fetch the beers from the mini fridge to give us another great view of her rear and returned, all-but topless but seemingly oblivious to it. It was like she had done this hundreds of times before and she certainly wasn’t shy or embarrassed.

I patted the couch between Dennis and I she joined us immediately. We had a small toast and sipped on our beers and Dennis and I started to kiss and fondle Marie once again. My wife had a cock in each hand and was kissing Dennis as I sucked on her tits. Her legs were spread wide and I noticed Nathan sat transfixed just inches from my wife’s pussy. “Lick her cunt” I said to Nathan and he buried his face into Marie’s snatch for a second time.
Marie seemed to go into a trance while we three ravaged her. Even with his young tongue, Nathan soon brought her to orgasm again while Dennis and I shared her lips and nipples, groping her roughly as our need for release heightened too.

I took Maries hands and pulled her to her feet. I led her to the bedroom and pushed her down on her back. Both Dennis and Nathan had followed us and stood either side of the bed as I stripped and eased my wife’s legs open once more. My cock slid easily into Maries well oiled cunt and her muscles grabbed me making her feel as tight as I had ever known. I started to fuck her slow and deep. Dennis and Nathan were now knelt naked either side of her face, groping her tits and stroking themselves. I told Marie to open her eyes and as soon as she saw, she had a cock in each hand and her head thrashed from side to side sucking first Dennis and then Nathan as I continued to fuck her deep and hard.
Marie is an expert at blow jobs but I could see the position on her back was making it hard for her to perform properly so I told her to get on her knees so I could fuck her from behind. I told her to suck Nathans cock first as I knew he was close to cumming.

As I watched Marie take Nathan in her mouth, she pushed her ass out and spread her knees for me to enter her again. We had agreed that nobody other than me would fuck her before we left home but I was so turned on when I saw Dennis staring at her gaping cunt I couldn’t help it. I motioned for Dennis to move in and he took my place behind my wife without a word spoken. Just as his cock hovered above my wife’s hole I told her Dennis was about to fuck her. She gave a choked approval and I watched as Dennis inched himself slowly into her. Marie had Nathans cock so deep in her throat she didn’t know who was fucking her for sure (until I showed her the photo’s later which fortunately turned her on hugely).

After watching this for a while, I told Marie to kneel and me, Dennis and Nathan stood around her in a circle. She took my and Dennis’s cock in her hands and began to suck on Nathan again. When she felt he was close, she grabbed his balls and deep throated him only releasing his cock from her mouth as his cum started to fly. She wanked him furiously with her hand and his cum covered her face and neck as she milked him dry.

Dennis was immediately next and my cock hungry whore of a wife sucked his cock deep in her throat as Nathans juices still dripped from her chin. I told Nathan to grab the camera and the flash fired off repeatedly as Marie worked her magic up and down his shaft. I knelt behind Marie and pushed her forward as I groped her tits and eased my cock into her again. She ended up on all fours with a cock in each end and cum still dripping from her tits, thanks to Nathans photography skills we have a great picture of this to remind us. I told him to drop the camera at this point and grab Marie’s tits as they bounced and swayed as I pounded into her from behind.

I had to cum and Dennis was clearly close too. As my pace picked up and my cock swelled I told Marie to swallow whatever Dennis gave to her. I heard a muffled agreement from her and I could wait no longer. I felt the jets of cum being released deep inside her and my balls slapped against her ass as I finished hard. I came before Dennis and as I pulled out of Marie I took my place on the couch next to Nathan to watch her drain her third cock of the night.

Able now to focus on just one cock, Marie went to town on Dennis and I grabbed the camera once again. I got close ups of her gaping, swollen pussy dripping with my cum and her cream soaked tits and neck thanks to Nathan, as she rocked back and forth on Dennis’s shaft. The camera zoomed in on her face as I told her I wanted to see Dennis’s cum all over her.

Nathan had slid back on the floor and was caressing Marie’s naked body as Dennis began to tense as his orgasm hit him. Just as he came, my wife sat back on her heel and opened her mouth wide. Dennis came with 4 or 5 powerful spurts which left trails from Marie’s chin to her forehead and I got it all on video. As his fat cock softened, Marie took him back in her mouth and hungrily sucked him until he was drained completely dry.

I had always wondered what would happen at this point. Everyone was spent and naked so would it be awkward? I needn’t have worried. Marie had taken on the role of the slut so perfectly that she just slipped on her dress, wiped her face with a napkin from Nathans tray and announced that we were leaving. She pecked both Nathan and Dennis on the cheek and I was a little worried that she regretted the experience.

As we left the suite Marie yelled ‘See you tomorrow guys” and I felt my cock stir once more…..I asked her as we went down in the elevator if she was serious. She kissed me more passionately that ever before and told me to call the babysitter. We would be needing her again tomorrow…..

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Your stories are hot, hope one day to be in one of them.
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excellent story, very well written
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Sounds like yet another real encounter! I really enjoy these.
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