the lady 2 doors down vol 2

For the past 8 months or so, I have been doing the lady two doors down in our apartment complex. Her husband is a trucker and gone most of the time. During our relationship she really has opened up to her sexuality and so have I to be honest. She says she has weird fantasies that she is embarrassed to tell me. I told her that so far I have been open to all of her desires, well minus the dildo up my ass part. For the most part I enjoy her fantasies and her newly found sexiness.

One of the things she just started doing was she would walk over to me and prop one leg up on the table or desk, whatever to angle her pussy to my mouth level. She will then stick her fingers in my mouth, which already taste of pussy and are usually wet; so she must have been fingering herself just before this. After I get a taste from her fingers, she grabs the back of my neck and eases my face into her as she arches herself to bring her pussy to my mouth. With my hands, I grab her ass and spread her ass and pussy while I lap up her pussy like a dog, tongue fucking her as she jets her pussy up to a tongueable angle. It doesn’t take much for her to come this way. And most of the times, she has had a thick stream of her pussy cum dripping down her other leg. It is so sweet and musky, that even she enjoys tasting it off my lips and cock.
Anyway, last night we went to this Italian restaurant that that serves everything f****y style. The place is full of pictures and cottage type nick knacks. They have a giant fake g**** vine coming from the ceiling and d****s over every ones table. Each table is separated by a g**** vine trellis.. A typical place with low level lighting to hide the tackiness. The food is great and the waitresses are hot Italian girls and they all have big breasts. They kind of look like they could be related and they are all always really sweet to me. There is an older woman who is the supervisor or something. Sometimes I think she is the mother of the girls cause she is still sexy and also has a rack! I usually leave a big tip. We were seated in kind of an isolated corner, it was dark and the area next us was for the high chairs and tray tables. I mean we could see everyone else in the place and they could see us if they looked our way.

So she excuses herself to use the girl’s room and I am just finishing of the last of appetizers. She comes back from the restroom and starts to do the leg on the table thing. At first I thought she was joking as I laughed and started to grab for another piece of bread, until she planted her stiletto on the table cloth. She grabbed the back of my neck and eased my face into her pussy. With the other hand she held the front of her dress up and pulled her pussy up and spread her lips. Her clit was jetting straight up. I could see it was wet as it glistened. I was filled with panic and freaking out a bit, thinking of the other customers seeing this, and the hot waitresses seeing this… But by the time I could do anything my mouth was on her pussy. It was already so wet and I could smell her pussy on her fingers and she spread herself open. Well I started to lick and suck her clit hard and fast, that it was only a few cycles of this when she grabbed a big handful of my hair in the back of my head and started to shiver. She was trying not to make her usually moaning sounds but a few peeps managed to escape. She gasps for breath and my closest hand found its way up her dress from behind and started grabbing her ass. She came really hard and started to get light headed. She pushed my face away lowered her dress and braced herself with the table to scoot back into the booth to sit down. It could not have been more than 4 seconds before the waiter arrived with our food. I don’t think he saw anything and I did a quick scan around and didn’t see anyone staring at us. As the waited set our food down and cleared the used plates I noticed her shoe print on the table cloth and kind of moved the bread plate to cover it. When the waiter finished and left, she lay back in the booth and started to giggle. She was still feeling high from having just cumm so hard. She started to use her dress to fan her pussy, I could begin to smell her as she wafted the scent around. She propped her leg up to look at her pussy and made sure she had my attention as she showed me her thighs that were all creamy with a cumm stringing across her legs at her pussy. She just giggled, scooted real close next to me, crossed her legs and we had a great dinner. The food and service were superb as usual. Well the check came; I paid the bill and tipped my usual 30%. As we were leaving, I got up out of the booth and was waited for her to get out and gather the left over’s, when I noticed the mother waitress lady standing there staring at me from down the hall about 6 feet away. She was standing in dark entrance way that leds to a back office. It was creepy at first the way she just stood there looking at me; She took a step towards me into a little more light and said something. She said it so softly that it was hard to make out. So I took a couple steps toward her, smiled and said I am sorry I could not hear you. She replied back and she looked me straight in the eyes and said. Thank you for coming, I hope to see you back here again. With what looked like she was playing with her necklace, was actually holding a piece of ice and rubbing it on her neck.. It was melting and dripping down her cleavage. I immediately froze in panic and lust and must have looked like a deer in the headlights, because she just smiled, looked me up and down, and said maybe next time I can serve you the desert. She backed into the office door behind her with a sexy smile and watched me as she closed the door. Smooth me replied with, “I would like that”. It was fucking lame I know but was all I could come up with. My lover asked me what that was all about and I told her that she was just thanking us for visiting tonight and hopes we come back soon.

When we got back to my place, we continued drinking and finished the night with my face in her pussy. I ate her so slowly. I licked every inch of her pussy and inner thighs, ass and as deep as I could f***e my tongue in. I made out with her pussy imagining it was the older Italian woman from the restaurant. I could her talking to me with her soft silky voice. As I kissed her pussy I became more passionate. She commented on how lovingly I was eating her and how she could tell I was making out with her pussy. Kissing and touching it. She loved it and let her pussy seep with juice as I ate her. She didn’t cumm but was so fucking wet. She was lying on her back and her pussy literally filled up with juice while I ate her for an hour and a half. I eased me cock in and her pussy juice immediately had me sloppy wet. With the vision of the sultry Italian women in my head, it only took me about a minute of sloppy slow fucking before I needed to cumm. I pulled it from the pussy and jammed it into her mouth. She gagged a little as I shot hot cumm down her throat. She wrapped her hand around my sticky cock, milking the last of the cumm onto her tongue.

I think I will go back to the restaurant next week when the lover husband in back home. I haven’t told her about the Italian woman from the restaurant, but I think she will find out when she reads this. She won’t be mad as she knows I bang other women, hell she is married. I think she will get hot knowing that I lived out a fantasy with her and her body. Who knows, I might even get to bang the ‘Mama’ from the restaurant and may even get free pizza! They make a killer supreme deep dish.

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yumm i love the public pussy eating, come here and i will feed you mine xxx