The lady 2 doors down vol 1

So she has gotten into this habit, she has done it four times in two days, where she walks over to me, sticks her two first fingers into my mouth. They taste of her pussy and are still wet. She will then prop up one leg, either on the arm of the couch, the top of my desk, or on the kitchen table, so that her crotch is at my mouth level. Then she grabs the back of my head and slowly eases my face into her pussy. It only takes a couple of minutes of me licking her clit and lips while grabbing, spreading and fingering her ass before she starts to grind and moan while she orgasms. The last two sessions have ended up with her cumming hard. She hasn’t squirted yet, but her pussy drips the creamiest, sticky sweet cumm that I have tasted; If is literally dripping down her leg. This last session (about 2 hours ago) left her with a large amount dripping slowly down her inner thigh. I managed to capture most of it, but a large drop fell into the carpet. I scooped it off her thigh and used it as lube to jack off with. It tasted so good, but was so warm and gooey I had to put it on my dick. I had her lay on the desktop in front of me so I had the perfect angle to just eat and lick her pussy clean while jacking off under the desk. Her pussy juice is so good as lube for jacking off with. It actually got whipped and creamy as I furiously pumped my cock. Her pussy juice taste so fucking great that I cant get enough. I wonder how much I drink in a session.

her husband is a trucker that hasnt fucked her in three years. he is busy watching porn and picking up hookers on the road. She cleans his truck when he is home and its always filled with condom wrappers and cheap panties.

For an older lady, her pussy sure gets wet and stays wet all day long. Many times at night I will wake up with a boner, without warning I will lift her leg and slide my cock right in. Her pussy is always so wet and juicy, that I can fuck her ever so gently without waking her up. I have even cumm inside her, but that she felt and woke up right when I was shooting inside her. She could feel my cock throbbing and my hot cumm shooting. It instantly made her horny and she immediately jammed her fingers into her cunt with my dick still inside and desperately started banging herself. She came in about 30 seconds. She then spun around so we were 69, she lifted her leg and put it over my chest so her pussy was inches from face. She then began cleaning my cock, balls and groin with her tongue. I lay there and watched her pussy twitch and seep cumm. I spread her ass and pussy and made the cumm string from cheek to cheek, lip to lip. It looked so good that I instinctively put my tongue out and licked her clit. I could taste our cumm and it seeped out from deep inside her. It was the first time I tasted myself like this. It tasted good and it was so nasty, that it made me really horny. I grabbed her hips and brought her pussy to mouth and fully engulfed her with my lips as I drove my tongue inside. She liked this and began humping my face and tongue while moaning. She was grabbing my cock, stroking it while she sucked it. She was really grabbing my cock hard while she sucked hard on my dick. It felt so fucking good. All I could do was eat pussy and moan. I was grabbing and pulling her flesh anywhere I could, I didn’t know she liked to be manhandled so roughly. She came again with my tongue in her pussy. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my tongue. Her pussy was hot and wet, and my face was so wet that I could not tell if she came hard again or maybe squirted a little. She was really working my cock and wanted me to cumm. She kept sucking and asking me to cumm for her, that she needs it and will not stop until I feed her cumm. With her pussy still inches from my face, she reached underneath her and spread her pussy wide. She was so slippery that her fingers kept sliding off her pussy, but she would spread her lips again wide. Everytime she did this, her juice would string across her lips in several places. It looked like something from a porn movie or magazine. It was just to perfect to be in front of my face! I watched for as long as I could before I shot my load, not much cumm came out but she licked it up and sucked on my cock for more before she was satisfied. We lay there exhausted, her pussy in my face and my cock in her mouth when we fell asl**p.

When we woke up a few hours later we started making out, tasting ourselves on each other. It was nasty then we ended up fucking again. This time with her on my lap on the couch in front of the tv. We were locked onto each other and it didn’t take much movement from either of us before she came. We accidently changed the channel to some boring crime tv show so I went to grab the remote and change the channel back, when I accidently hit a button which switch it to the DVD. Well the nasty porn movie we made and was watching earlier was still playing. It was just what I needed and started banging her hard. I watched myself bang her while I was actually banging her. It was very sexy and nasty and she couldn’t take her eyes off of herself either. She made a comment of how hard I was fucking her and how she just lays there and takes it like a slutty fuck doll. As soon as I saw myself come all over her, I had to shoot my load. She jumped off my lap so I could cumm all over her tits and face.
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