Hey Just Two Minutes

My girlfriends best friend Gaby invited us to her parents Super Bowl party. It had been a real good first half an actual game worth watching for once. Her friends parents couldn't have been nicer a very nice Italian f****y, and from what I could see her friends mom Antonia couldn't have been hotter. Even in her late 40s she still managed to look ten times sexier than her daughter. She even dressed young and looked good in it. She had on a red and black jersey styled shirt that showed off her lovely cleavage. It fell just in the middle of her ass where she wore black leggings with detailed ares of lace and a pair of red flats. She had greenish hazel eyes. Not particularly slim with a nice shapely ass and a modest but juicy C cup. What I'd call a thick hourglass figure. Antonia was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen and I really loved visiting just to get a few more good looks at her for my personal "slideshow". She even spoke with an accent still which was a real turn on for me, that smooth sensuous voice that seemed to flow in rolling waves.

She always gave me this dazzling smile and just a hug when she greeted me. I never thought anything of it. There was the first time we had met them and I was getting a tour of the upstairs with Antonia. Her husband Marco had been showing off his entertainment center at the time. She had been wearing a short dress and lead me up the stairs. I stared up her skirt the entire way up the stairs. I would never forget that mesh g string. I always wondered if she had did that on purpose back then. The party was going great drinks were served snacks were baked chips and dips were brought out. We really had a great time over there. Wine, mixed drinks, beer, needless to say I had gotten a bit buzzed but not fall over d***k yet. I was beginning to head to the normal restroom for guests on the entry ground floor when Antonia had informed me that it was on the fritz. I started to head towards the

So I dragged myself to the spiraling staircase and made my way to the second bathroom upstairs. I stumbled slightly and Antonia had offered to guide me and make sure I made it alright. I was fine I had just tripped over someones shoe but why ruin what could be a blessing in disguise. She just put her hand on my back as I walked up the stairs and when I got to the top pointed me in the right direction in case my inebriation had erased my short term memory. Cursed my buzzed luck as she walked back downstairs. I made it to the bathroom alright and none too soon as I whipped out my dick and unloaded what seemed like 3 beers all at once. I was pulling it back in my pants as the door swung open. I thought to myself "aww hell yeah here we go" wasn't exactly the expected kinky surprise but it was my girlfriend Kali. She swaggered in staring intently as I tucked my cock away. Even tipsy she had the where with all to lock the door and I knew how she got when she was buzzed. She looked at me horny as can be and simply reached down my pants I hadn't bothered to zipper and pulled my now stiffening cock back out.

She dropped to her knees on the cushy bathroom rug and began sucking me her hands pulling up her red sweater to reveal two giant tits barely held back by her push up bra. Her creamy white tits bounced as and sucked me hard and twisted her nipples moaning all over my dick the vibration driving me wild. She looked up at me the entire time an extreme lust filling her when she drank. I loved that a little buzz gave her no shame and allowed her to suck my cock like a true slut. She took a breather stroking my thick black cock "oh my god Vince I'm so fucking horny and wet". How I loved watching my BBW goddess service me on her knees, juicy ass sticking out behind her in the tightest jeans she owned. So tight defining both cheeks, I got a good grip on her curly long brunette locks. Holding them out of her face while she pleasured me like it was her profession.

I loved the way her lip piercing brushing against the base of my cock, brushing past my glands. She rolled the head around in her lips and dragged a figure 8 across it with her tongue. I couldn't believe I was getting a random 5 star BJ in the bathroom at a Super Bowl party. I cursed my inner thoughts and the parties involved for having perfect comedic timing. As soon as I thought to myself "I can't believe this is happening" there was a knock and a melodious voice at the door "Vincent are you done in there yet? Hello? Halftime is over everyone is going back into the living room". Damn my horrible luck she thinks I've been in here the entire time. Just then Kali decides to go balls deep and after hitting the back of her throat three times I can't hold on any longer. I unload down her throat holding my breath trying not to make any noise. She strokes out every last drop and holds my seed in her mouth. Swallowing was not her thing, even while buzzed she refuses to do that. Antonia knocked again and after spitting in the toilet my girlfriend finally answered "Its me Kali, Vince used the master bedroom because I was in here when he came up".

She opened the cabinet and opened a tampon unwrapped it and stashed it in her pocket. My girlfriend motioned for me to hide in the shower "We'll have to try round two later baby I'll just tell her I needed tampons and you wait until we go downstairs I'll text you when its clear". She gave me a kiss which tasted faintly of my own seed. Damn what a dirty girl I loved she let loose. There I stood in the shower as I listened to my girl spin the tale expertly. I heard Antonia take the bait, the light went out and the door closed. I listened intently for footsteps heading down the stairs. I waited a few more moments before moving the shower curtain aside and stepping out. Tragedy averted, I walked slowly blindly to the door reaching out for the handle. But before I reach it I feel the warmth of another person touch my hand and I jump back completely freaked out. The only thing I manage to blurt out is "mothafu"! As I stumble back the light flicks on with Antonia standing right by the door. I look at her puzzled like what the hell is this all about.

Before I can defend and come up with an excuse as to why I was in the bathroom that my girlfriend had just left a few minutes before she plainly states "I heard you outside of the bathroom. What do you have to say for yourself"? Stunned and ashamed I reply "I'm very sorry I would never do that in your home I'm so embarrassed". She looked back at me a shaking her head "well next time instead of lying you should just tell the truth, we're all adults here this you two aren't in High School". I breathed a sigh of renewed relief and walks towards the door still shamed but feeling better with Antonia's dazzling smile seeming to make the bathroom even brighter. As I walked out of the door she said one last thing "I knew you looked up my skirt the first day you two visited". To which I replied "w-what uh....really? You did that on purpose"? She simply nodded her head and leaned over the counter pushing her hips out wiggling her thick ass. The black tights stretched so tight I could see the shadow of her skin bleeding through them on her cheeks.

She stared back at me over her back and simply said "I'll give you two minutes......don't waste it staring Vincent....slide your thick cock me don't make me beg". It was like a dream come true as she tugged down her tights just below her ass. There it was the sexy g string I had seen here in the first time. The middle had red beads sewn into a first and sat perfectly in the middle of her great rump. I pulled the string aside and dove in with my tongue licking her sweet nectar, her juices were so sweet I loved her scent. Her perfume mixing with the increasing smell of sex was intoxicating. I lapped at her lips sliding across her clit back and forth sucking it and dipping my tongue into her sweet walls. Her moans were kept purposely quiet and the clock was ticking, I stood up and rubbed my head around her pussy. She writhed in anticipation wanting me to be inside her so badly. I finally wet the head enough and eased my way into her tight twat. I couldn't believe it, I was fucking Antonia in a bathroom where i had just gotten blown by my girlfriend. All the fantasies I had thought of all the scenarios that I used to help me drift off to sl**p. None of them came close to feeling as good as it felt to be laying pipe against her beautifully wide ass right now.

Her pussy shortly began to cream all over my dick trembling and taking it like a pro. Her hands pressed hard against the counter. I smacked her ass hard forgetting about the company that sat downstairs watching the game. She turned quickly reminding me "Shhhh"! I leaned close feigning annoyance "you don't fuckin shush me you got it"! Further excentuating my point by ramming my cock hard into her pussy making it clap. A hurried gasp escaping her lips at my rough treatment of her naughty pussy. She took a drilling like no other pumping her hips back to meet my meat. Loved watching her tits bounce in the mirror laying into her harder, making a game out of how long it would take until they popped out of her top. She began to stare at her watch and started telling me to finish up "we can't be in here this long people will start getting suspicious". She had a tough time getting that out, the more she tried to warn me the harder I fucked her. Her juices had dripped all the way down my balls and were getting flung on her tights and between her legs against the counter. "Vincent please", she pleaded but to no avail. I felt entitled now "I'll finish with this pussy when I'm fuckin ready, you wanted this didn't you"? I asked her in a f***eful low voice. "Yes she answered eyes rolling into the back of her head as I fucked her ever deeper licking my thumb and slowly cramming it up her ass. Gripping her butt with one hand the other tugging on her shirt exposing her awesome tits. I gripped her right nipple between my fingers twisting and caressing it while I fucked her.

I loved every minute of it slamming my thick cock in her juicy messy cunt, I pulled her tights and panties all the way down and off. I turned her around and put her legs on my shoulders, grabbed her juicy hips and power fucked her on the counter. I held my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams and laid into her while staring into her passionate eyes. She drew in a sharp breath and began to beg for me to cum. She had given up on the time limit and let loose cursing and pleading to be used and fucked in every way possible. Her wild side came out "fock with with your thick black cock baby, mmmmmm I want to feel you so deep inside me". "Use me, I'm you fuck toy, your bitch, treat me like a fucking whore". Her words sent waves of energy through me, I couldn't believe how slutty she was taking my cock and loving every minute of it.

I laid her on the floor pushing her legs over her head pumping her against the cold tiles sucking on her juicy tits her body slick with sweat. Loved watching her chest bounce while slipping in and out of her beat up pussy with ease. Swollen from the pounding she had been taking the past ten minutes. Finally her pleading for my seed and given way at the same time as her creamy pussy convulsed again in an orgasm. At this point I didn't care what happened and I pulled out and hosed her face down in a milky load of hot spunk. She opened wide and caught a few squirts down her throat, licking her lips as more streams splattered her face. I knelt over her chest as she sat up sucking the rest of my juices off of my cock. I couldn't believe it, I had finished and she was still sucking me off. Staring up at me face streaked with jizz smiling and bobbing all over my dick. I got up and sat on the toilet lid, and she slinked over past her clothes and continued to blow me. She licked all her juices from my balls sucking them clean and dry stroking my shaft as she tended to them.

The blowjob got even sloppier and wetter, my cock was slick and soon standing to attention for the third time that evening. She stroked it with both hands sucking and stroking in one smooth motion working my dick so expertly. Looking up at my slapping my dick on her tongue she whispered to me sensually "fuck my mouth Vincent". I leaned over and smacked her juicy ass, she moaned and went further down my cock. Finally sliding it deep enough in her throat to bouce off my balls. I spanked her again and she wiggled it and sucked me even harder. I gathered her hair up over her head and used it to guide her mouth over my dick. Loving her gag relfex tightening around my shaft. She coughed and pulled back out eyes watering make up running. "MMMmmmmm use my mouth baby its yours" she moaned sticking out her tongue. I worked her mouth slow and spanked her plump ass like she was my personal bitch. She loved every minute of it, almost never breaking eye contact.

Antonia stood up and quickly mounted my cock grinding her hips into mine. Burying my dick inside her, arms crossed over my back. I loved every second of it, her tits rubbing in my face pussy juices gushing over my lap. I grabbed her close and stood up, pumping her hard in my arms finally losing control for the third time that evening. I worked it up her pussy until I had no more energy to stand. Our juices mixed on the floor between our bodies. Her juices running down both our legs. So 2 minutes had turned into a hardcore 30 minute fuckfest. With that realization I thought about how loud we had gotten and immediately panicked. Antonia looked at me calmly seeing the worry on my face and smiled "Don't worry, the last round of drinks I served before coming upstairs were extremely strong". She said with a wink.

She stepped into the shower and told me not to worry about anything and to just blend in downstairs have a few drinks. The next few visits we made over there I was given a strict 5 minute time limit from then on. Don't even remember who won that year but I sure as hell felt like a Champion the minute I stepped out of that bathroom.

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I loved it
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More!!!!!! Wow.
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erotic and sexy ;)
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Waaaaaaaaaaat? Great Story or what??
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You truly have a gift....!!!
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A girl after my own heart :)
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Hot game you play,,but I love it,,,thanks,,,some pics would be nice,,,she wount mind
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Great story!