Random Banging

Hope you enjoy this its my first attempt at this sort of thing, hope its not lame have fun.

I'm on my way out of walmart, it's late just dropped in to get a new movie check out the game section. Maybe check out a few women shopping. Didn't really see anyone too hot until I hit the exit and watched this sexy business woman in a blue blouse, black backseam stockings, blue stilettos and a skin tight pencil skirt that hugged her wide hips walk towards the greeter. Honestly is there anything sexier than a woman in a hot outfit pushing a shopping cart forcing her ass to stick out as she walks? Quite milfy looking, somewhere around her 30's cinnamon skin, long curly brown hair. The greeter stops her and asks if she needs any help with her large purchase bulging out of the cart. I hear her confidently say "no thanks", and continue to walk.

Lucky for me I'd get to see those sexy legs work a little longer since we had parked in the same row. I get to my car and to my surprise her vehicle is the huge SUV next to mine. I check out my mirrors as I watch legs and ass walk back and forth around her car trying to fit this monstrous box inside. She walks up to her driver side and bends over in the front seat reaching for something. I watch as her sweet skirt continues to ride up those thick thighs. Wondering why the perv gods have shined on me today. She sits back up and I turn quickly acting natural letting my letting my car cool off. I hear a tap on my passenger window "excuse me, could you help me with this box I feel like such a cluts"?

"Oh sure no problem", I pull out my key and step out of my car. I walk around to the back of her SUV and see that shes done even more shopping before hitting walmart. "Early Christmas shopping" she explained sheepishly. "nonsense its fine", I reply but asked "do you mind if I move things around so this will fit"? "Sure go right ahead thank you so much for helping", I set to work rearranging the various packages in the back all the while glancing around to catch any sight of her. Her rack was huge and natural from what I could tell, those jugs had a nice bounce to them. I asked if she could roll down the back two seats so everything would fit easier.

I peeked around the corner and watched her ass sticking out of the rear door reaching for the lever and caught a glimpse of a garter belt holding up her sexy stockings. I felt so hopeless knowing that I was just about done. "Thank you again, I probably should have asked for assistance from walmart so sorry to put you out I've kept you too long". In my mind not long enough to get some fantasy pussy damn it. "Not a problem at all I don't mind helping out". "I have to repay you somehow here take $20 its the least I can do. "No no that's not necessary just glad I could help out" I said lying through my teeth. Not sure if I did it on purpose but as I was rejecting the money I just stared long enough for her eyes to catch me gazing hard at her huge knockers.

"Are you staring at my chest, and after I thanked you and even tried to reward you"?! Well there goes the shit hitting the fan I thought as she flared up in anger. "I'm really really sorry about that you have a good evening", I sputtered awkwardly as I walked away and got into my car. I hear her heels clicking towards my driver side door.

She looked pissed and sternly asks me to "roll down your fucking window"! I crack it just a bit and ask "yes...."? To which she replies "all the way down"! I comply hitting the auto button for my side, as the window disappeared I saw this sly smile creep across her luscious red lips. Her hand lunges for my crotch and she grabs herself a handful of bulge. "This is what you want isn't it", she asked gripping my shaft through my jeans. My only response was to slightly nod my head in shock WTF was happening? She expertly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans faster than I'd seen any woman I'd ever been with. Even as I was attempting to say "yes" I felt her mouth consume my entire cock in two long deep strokes of her mouth. Her tongue flicked across my head and she engulfed me again moaning and slurping up and down my shaft with a ravenous fury.

Her bulging tits inched their way out of her blouse as they bounced against the inside of my door. She kept my cock slick and neat slurping up all her saliva only to lather it all over again on the next dive down her throat. I never even sensed a gag reflex as she worked her lips all around my cock popping her lips off of my head while stroking me. She bobbed so smoothly on my dick, her eyes watering, mascara running down her cheeks. She pulled back out of my window and opened my door, she knelt down head next to my steering wheel. "Give me your fucking cum now" she demanded stroking the full length of my shaft going balls deep on my cock. Working her throat unbelievably fast all the while begging in the sexiest sluttiest way for my cum. As if it were lifebl**d she needed to keep living. Her moans reverberating through my shaft with every stroke of her juicy lips sucking so hard it felt like she might swallow it whole and I'd never get it back. I couldn't hold on any longer as I burst a 3 day load in her mouth. She moaned as she took my full load not letting even a drop escape. I felt like I'd lose consciousness any second. Letting herself in she stroked my cock in the passenger seat until it grew erect once more.

Straddling my lap I could feel how soaked her thighs were from sucking me off. I could smell my jizz on her lips as she pulled her tits out and over her blouse. I had no time to pull off her soaked panties, I pulled them aside and slid my thick cock deep inside of her. Her hips ground into me in pleasure as she began riding and writhing in my lap working her thick hips in my waist. She begged me to fuck her harder and earn my reward. Her huge tits in my face, gripping her juicy ass cheeks I pumped my cock as hard as I could loving how beautiful her tits looked jumping in my face. Loved feeling that thick ass clap in my lap she worked it like a champ.

Loved spanking her and sucking on those huge dark brown chocolaty areolas against the creamy cinnamon contrast of her tits. "Its too cramped in here lets use my car"! I followed quickly, she attempted to make room in the back seat but I just took her from behind without waiting for the all clear. Her heels dangling out of the back seat kneeling on the floor taking my cock from behind. I got grabbed a handful of hair right at the base. Her pussy claps were deafening, I couldn't believe I was in a walmart parking lot nailing an Office Milf in her fucking car. I spanked her juicy ass her skirt pulled all the way up her waist panties hanging onto one cheek.

She gave me total control as I beat her pussy to pieces face down ass up pounding away in her back seat. She was so fucking wet and I kept looking at that beautiful ass and could resist no longer. I pull out and immediately she asks "whats wrong"!? I reply calmly gasping for air, "not at thing", her juices do the trick in a few shallow strokes in her ass. This slut had her ass loosened up and ready to go. So far she had been pretty quiet, but once I squeezed my cock up that butt she was cursing and moaning like a true slut. As I spanked and fucked her amazing ass she felt the need to confess about how big of a slut she is at work. Apparently she loved be used and fucked like an a****l and I was happy to oblige. Her confession revealed that her ass had been used as a celebration of a Law Firm victory today and even then she still hadn't gotten enough.

I pulled out and leaned her back over the center console towards to front seats, legs wide and tits pointing towards the windshield I slammed my cock home for the final few strokes thighs jiggling tits bouncing her pussy gushing juices as I neared the end. Her wails of pleasure and tight ass finally sent me over the edge I grabbed my cock and sprayed that slut full of cum splashing her face and tits. She cleaned up and fixed herself almost to the point where it seemed like I had barely jostled a hair loose. As quickly as it had started she had waved reversed her car and was pulling away. What a random fuck that was.
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2 years ago
The parking lot a Wal Mart is never going to be the same.....!! Nice story!
3 years ago
woops disregard my prior.... stubborchcik had it under favorites LOL and I thought it was her story ... nice story though and great start :)
3 years ago
hot story but ur profile says you're a girl?
3 years ago
Omg that was so hot..give me more.
3 years ago
hot and exciting...loved them both
3 years ago
Read both stories...you spin a good yarn, sir.
3 years ago
Hot. I liked it!