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[Story] eating cum filled pussy

We first met Mike on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Mike was a handsome young man in his early thirties.

Mike looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fucks your wife tonight, I think she does”? After three years this cuckolding was becoming a reality. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Anne nervously to see what she wanted to do. Anne kind of laughed and said sure. Mike looked at me then and said, “Go get a room then Frank and we will wait here”.

In the room they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the c... Continue»
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[Story] I finally did it!!! First time bisexual blowjob

I just got home from sucking my first dick ever.

I'll try make this as short as possible

Please reply or leave comments. If you think I'm gay feel free to say so but if your just gonna bash me and other gay people excessively and not actually consider what I'm saying then please don't bother.

For the past two years or so I've started to fantasize about giving a guy head. I persued it a little bit but never seriously until the last few weeks.

I've had girlfriends in the past and I've always been really into everything about girls bodies and sex with them and dating them and i still... Continue»
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Reminiscence : BDSM Daddy's Little Slut

Daddy's little slut was kneeling on the floor fully clothed looking up at him while he stroked his cock.

"Stand up," he ordered and she stood hands at her sides, waiting for more directions with a glazed look in her eye.

"Take your clothes off," She did, shirt and bra coming off easily, pants following soon after.

"We don't need that on." He said and snapped the elastic of her panties. She blushed and took those off as well. Turning around she kneeled between his thighs once again.

"You want this big fat cock slut?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy, I want that big fat cock, badly Daddy."sh... Continue»
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[Story] Our First Swingers Party

Our First Swingers Party & Colleen’s First BBC

We are an average couple that started sexual adventures the usual way. I ducked around and would bring porn home and try to watch it when colleen was not around, but invariable I would get caught by her. At first she thought it was disgusting me watch porn in our house. Soon though she began to loosen up to it and started watching it with me. Then we started playing sexual games while watch porn, that is we tried to perform the same sex act the porn stars were doing. This intrigue colleen and I enjoyed it because it brought her out of her shell... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy's Little Hooker

Mike was feeling restless and frustrated again, more so tonight, because he was alone in the house. Susan, his 18 year old daughter was staying over at her friends, and probably wouldn’t be back until sometime tomorrow evening. These moments of restlessness and frustration were occurring with increasing frequency and were becoming harder to ignore or cope with. He knew he had to do something about it soon. For a long time, after his wife had passed away, his own and Susan grief, had dominated his life, but this had gradually changed as the years past. Susan had grown up, both physically and em... Continue»
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[Story] My First Big Black Cock!

Several years ago my hubby had asked me if I might be interested in swinging with black couples. For the previous few month we had watched quite a bit of interracial porn and I knew he always had a thing for black women. We live in Georgia. :)

So after several phones calls, ads and other things we finally had a couple that we had invited over to meet and have a few drinks. We were looking forward to it. There wasn't supposed to be any sex, just drinks and chat to see if we should take the next step.

The big day arrived and an hour or so before the appointed time, the hubby of the couple ... Continue»
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[Story] My first time at a movie booth..

Hi, my name is Marianne, and this story is one I've wanted
to relate to the group for some time. Hope you like it.

About 5-6 years ago, I walked into my first "Adult Book
Store". To say that I was apprehensive would have been
an understatement. I was anxious to see what these
"Book Stores" were all about though... so I went along
with my husband Ron.

Wearing my low cut, wrap around dress with no bra and
underwear as my husband had requested, we entered the
store. There must have been 7-10 guys browsing through
the magazine racks. All of the magazines ha... Continue»
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Mothers Son

My mother has been a widow for about two years.
We have a nice big house in a very good neighborhood. I'm an
only c***d and mother and I have always been close.

About a year ago, Mom's s****r Holly moved in
with us after she left her very abusive husband. At first I
didn't like having her there, but I soon learned to
like Holly and enjoyed her company. She helped Mom
around the house and frequently helped me with my

I got used to having Holly there when I arrived home
from school. I often asked her to help me with my
schoolwork just so I could sit beside her and smell ... Continue»
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[Story] If You Are Going To Eat Me - Do It Right

Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man i... Continue»
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[Story] Anonymous Sex In New York - chapter one

Chapter One - tasting her pussy.

I boarded the flight to LaGuardia a little out of breath. I had to walk at a fairly fast pace to get to my gate on time. “oh fuck.”, I thought to myself. “is this how the entire trip is going to be?”. I had slept a little late and had to rush to make my flight. The 6am flights are rough. I went to bed too late the last few nights, and I felt like I was starting my business trip on the wrong note. I smiled and gave my boarding pass to the gate attendant and boarded the plane. I found my first class window seat easily and got settled. Traveling for b... Continue»
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[Story] A hot summers night with Mum........ ;-)

This story is fictional, and is inspired by the video 'Wendy Taylor Role Play' which you can find on xhamster....

Back in 1984, we were having an unusually hot, humid couple of weeks at the tail-end of the summer. I was 23yrs old then, and still living at home with my Mum, who had been widowed about 5 years earlier, but at the age of 59, she looked at least ten years younger and - thanks to all the walking exercise she took - had a very well toned body despite having had three k**s.

I was engaged to a girl who I had been with for a couple of years then, and a couple of times when ... Continue»
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[Story] Jane's New Friends (Fun in the Sun... Part 4)

I woke up to the smell of delicious food – and the sounds of the waves lapping the shore. I felt so relaxed and blissful – was I still dreaming? I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed, leaning back on my hands. My body was bare – I had fallen asl**p on top of the covers, after showering with Tom and Sarah. My body smelled of the sandalwood soap that Tom used on me. My hair was still damp – I couldn’t have been sl**ping for very long... Maybe an hour or so. The golden light of the late afternoon was filtering into the room.

I stood up and stretched, looking at myself in the full length mi... Continue»
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[Story] Jane's New Friends (Fun in the Sun - Part 3)

the story continues at the beach house...

As I stood in the driveway, a strong wind came up off of the beach. I couldn’t see the water from the front of the house, but I could smell and taste the salt water in the air. I looked to the sky and saw clouds moving overhead. “Come in.... It’s going to storm”, Sarah called to me. I looked to her and smiled a little. Just a few short hours ago I had never seen this woman or her husband, Tom, in my life. Now, I stood in their driveway, still recovering from a surreal sexual encounter on the beach. I had sex on a beach. Or, more precisely,... Continue»
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[Story] Fun is the Sun .... Part Two.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion - you know how in the movies there are two people who see each other across a room and everything else in the world slows down? The sounds fade, and nothing else really registers.

That's how I felt. I was on my knees on my light blue beach blanket, powdery soft sand under me. My top was still laid out on the blanket, where moments before I had been relaxing and working on my tan. My breasts felt the breeze and I could feel the tingle of my nipples firming up, and a few goosebumps raised, despite the heat of the day. Most of my long dark hai... Continue»
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[Story] Fun in the Sun .... Part 1.

Driving to the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. Windows down, music blasting... total freedom. I went to the beach this past Thursday - I called in to work and told them I was sick. I know it's wrong to lie, but I just couldn't be inside on such a hot day. Our a/c sucks and I didn't feel like hearing everyone complain. I don't mind being a little sweaty - it's no big deal - but I couldn't deal with the whiny jerks at work.

I put on my cutest bikini - it's white, with little strings on the side. It just barely covers my ass and pussy. I keep it tied low and tight - i love... Continue»
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[Story] Mommy at the GloryHole

Gladys Ham had seen it for the first time just two days before. She had stopped at the Exxon station for gas and had needed to use the restroom. There, in the first stall, was a hole in the wall. Looking through Gladys realized she could See directly into one of the stalls of the mens room next door. The thirty five year old mother of four had heard about glory holes, but had never seen one before. the idea of it excited her.

Now here she was, two days later, sitting patiently on the toilet, waiting for a man to occupy the space just beyond the wall. Gladys had stripped off all her cl... Continue»
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[Story] I want you used!

I'd been Will's little CD slut every time that I'd overnighted in his city for about a year. That was one night every other week. He was always very good to me, bringing wine to my room and spoiling me with his gentleness as he had his way with me. He loved to have me lie still while he teased me all over with his tongue and feathers, sometimes fur gloves. He made me crazy with desire for a good hour before finally fucking me or having me suck his beautiful cock. One night he told me that he was being transferred and our time together was about to come to an end. He asked if I'd indulge him... Continue»
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new virgin

i broke up with my boyfriend over a year ago. I have not been with anyone since then. I joke and tell myself that i'm a new virgin. Because i am a 1 man women, my pussy has gone untapped. Yes, I'm lonely, but can't just let anyone on me. So I'm trying this new form of gratification. I would like to do myself with your help.

Can't and won't show my face because I am a school teacher (let your imagination go with that). Can't take a change on a student or parent seeing my face here. I am a teacher and still have the need for a strong man to take me and wear my pussy out.

By day, I am a t... Continue»
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[Story] The Training Part 1

"Please No" Sasha begged While he pressed his cock up to her lips. She closed her eyes preparing for it as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back and shoving his 9 inch cock down her throat.
Slowly he pushed it into her mouth further, her eyes watered with salty tears while she choked in his dick. "You will learn slave" He said firmly.

He pulled out and she took a deep breath, closed her eyes again, not daring to look up at him. Her knees were numb, She had been kneeling in this position for at least four hours. Her hands were tied around to the back of the pole, A collar attached to... Continue»
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[Story] A Way to Keep Warm

A Way to Keep Warm
by Lola Bohemia

Chilly December winds blow over the partitions in the loft. It's difficult warming the place even when bundled up. Almost like the cold is penetrating you, getting inside you and your every vein is almost frozen.

I had gone to bed earlier than my husband craving the enveloping blankets that would hold me warmly. Even though I was cold I still wore silk to bed letting it rub up against my goosepimpled skin hoping the sensation would be distracting. It turned out to be, but not at that moment.

I remember being groggy and suddenly waking up feeling hot... Continue»
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[Story] My Daddy turned me into the slut I am

This is a true story, it's kinda fucked up and I guess I'm a little fucked up but who isn't, right?

When I was young my mom left my dad and I was an only c***d, I think it really messed him up, she ran off with another guy and left the two of us. It was soon after that when my boobs began to get pretty big and I started to wear make up as well and get a lot of attention from guys, my dad included. I really liked it though and started dressing even sluttier and started wearing even more make up. It was shortly after that when I became sexually active with some boys at school, nothing crazy ... Continue»
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[Story] Porn Shop Surprise

I’ve always been Bi-Curious… Wonder what it would be like to suck on a dick and have my ass fucked. I once went into a porno shop when I was 3 shades to the wind and got my dick sucked off by a guy through a glory hole. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take it farther.
The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to line somebody up on Craigslist. People said they were interested and never show up. I wanted a dick in my mouth and one in my ass. On Saturday morning, I had to head over to a friends house to pickup a few things. On the way there, I noticed an Adult Shop and my cock began to fluter.... Continue»
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[Story] Cumming in a Wanking Wonderland

My life has been dominated by the need for wanking.
It all started when I was 12 years of age. I sat in school beside a boy the same age as myself. One day in class he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock which was down his thigh inside his trousers. He squeezed my hand on it and that started a frequent thing during classes. It was exciting and I loved fondling his cock in this way. His father used to take us to school each morning in his car and we would get in the back seat and my friend reached over and placed my hand on his cock. I used to grope him until we got to school. He had ... Continue»
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[Story] Female Depravity

As I have told in my other true stories, i was into sex in toilets with men. This had been going on for 3 years when I met a married couple (man and wife) in toilets and then realised I was bisexual.
About three years after this realisation I was coming out of men's toilets one night and standing by a shop doorway was a beautiful woman. She appeared to be dressed immaculately wearing lovely High-heel shoes. Unexpectedly she called me over and went to talk to her. She said that I seemed to frequent those toilets as she saw me coming out nearly every night. I had to agree as it was true and it ... Continue»
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[Story] My First Time with a Transexual

I was in a large city about 100 miles from my home for a week on business. I had been hitting the bars for a few days with out a lot of luck. On the way back to my hotel afer work one day I picked up a few of the alternative newspapers/sex ads. Checking the ads out later I saw women, men and transexuals all offering there services. I saw one picture of a beautiful blond and was blown away to see that the ad was for a transexual. I called and made arrangments for her to come to my hotel in a few hours. I busied myself shaving a showering for when she would arive, putting on a pair of gym shorts... Continue»
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As I arrived at Ginny’s place she met me at the door dressed
In a see thought black dress stocking clad legs and high heeled shoes
We kissed and cuddled a t the door and then she turned round to lead me into the front room.
As she turned I saw her sexy ass and my cock started to get hard.
She had a coffee waiting for me and a glass of wine for herself.
We sat down started talking and touching each other.
My hand was running up and down her stocking clad leg and her hand was rubbing my leg near my cock.
I then moved behind her on the sofa and started kissing her neck and the top of her ... Continue»
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[Story] First Time Having Sex With A Shemale

Ok let's begin so I was walking down the street going to the store one day I saw a woman and her daughter moving into a house they had some heavy boxes that they need help with. At first I thought she was white girl but when I got closer to them they we're Asian becuase i only saw the back and they hair was long that it cover their face so i didn't get a good look until they ask for my help with the boxes and 50" inch flat screen T.V. they had so i said yeah i'll help you then she was like thanks a lot it's was a nice home for her and her daughter. So we finish moviing stuff into the house and... Continue»
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[Story] One Wild Night!

Not long after my wife and i split i was feeling ready down and lonely. So i went out with some friends to just have some fun and party. After going to dinner and really pissing of the waiter we went to this party at some place i didn't know. When we got their it was a really cool party alot of women and loud music. I was just hanging out and talking to a few people when this really cute girl comes up to me and asked if i knew were the bathroom was i said i have no idea and laughed. She looked a little sad so i said let me help you find it. She said thank you i feel so strange walking around a... Continue»
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[Story] Glory Hole Orgy

Glory Hole Orgy
Driving down the street I spied my destination. A big yellow building with “Adult XXX” written on the marquee in front was on my right. I turn into the parking lot and drove to the back behind the building and park in the darkest spot I could find. Another crossdresser had told me that they welcomed our kind and even let gurls like us in the back where the video booths were located.
I sat in my car and lit a cigarette, thinking I would see who was going in and out of the store. Half an hour later I had witnessed four men and one couple enter and two men and the couple lea... Continue»
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[Story] 7/11

his name was jason. he was just a workin class guy, not much in the way of looks, slightly longer hair than normal, somewhat athletic, and gifted with a 11 inch penis and good sized testicles.he would go out after work and survey the bars and theaters, goin to concerts or events and haveing fun. the guy was a social maveric and great with girls. well, he knew how to get girls. he wasnt so good at choosing them.
jason decided to go to the local bar after work one day and found it half deserted. it was around 7:15 on a saturday night. it didnt make since for the place to be mostly empty. th... Continue»
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