College Roommate - Part 1

When I was in college, I was lucky enough to be able to move off campus by my sophomore year, living with at least 4 other guys in a 2-bedroom apartment. We were a pretty stable group; three of us roomed together for all three years off campus. However, in my junior year, we had two new guys, they were friends, move in. One guy, Tim, was a real hunk who I secretly lusted after – and beat off thinking about – for most of my junior year.

Tim was much older looking than anyone our age, yet he was a year younger. He grew a heavy beard every day, and kept a mustache. His hair was dark, thick, and very curly. . (This was the early 70’s so the hairy look was in!). He was very attractive, with full lips, a wonderful smile, and I found his eyes to be very seductive – the first time I really knew what ‘bedroom eyes’ meant. He would often hang around the apartment in t-shirt and jockey shorts, treating me to many fantasies. His legs were covered in dark curly hair, and when he stretched, I was able to see his navel covered in dark fur as well. The jockeys were well-packed, and I wondered what I might see if ever I could catch him coming out of the shower.

I was not sexually active in college, though fantasized a lot. I tried to fit in, and hoped that others wouldn’t see me as gay; but how could they not? After all I was a theatre major, I never dated, and I never bought the current issue of Playboy. Tim hinted a bit about who I was seeing, that kind of thing, but I never felt comfortable enough to explore what he was getting at.

One Friday night, I came back to the apartment after a rehearsal, expecting no one to be there. The roommates were all going to one of the fraternity keggers and would be out very late. As I walked back to my bedroom, I passed Tim and Chuck’s room. Tim was there, on his bed, reading. He wore his usual outfit; white t-shit and tight bulging jockeys. I said Hi as I passed his room, and he called me back.

Sticking my head in his room, I asked why he wasn’t at the kegger, and he told me he had hurt his back playing basketball that afternoon. He had done a couple of joints in hopes of relieving the pain, but no luck. He reminded me that I knew how to handle muscle pulls (I had been a trainer/student manager for my high school’s football and baseball teams and had some first aid and injury treatment training, including massage). He asked if I would massage his back to relieve the muscle strain. What could I say? Here was a roommate, in pain, asking for help. But I wanted to touch him very much, and was afraid if I did, he would know I wanted him. Yet how could I say no?

I said Sure, and asked him to roll over. I knelt next to the bed and started to do a very chaste, dry massage through his t-shirt. He asked if it wouldn’t be better if he took off his shirt, so I said sure. He rolled back over again, and looked at me, his eyes showing he was pretty stoned, as he pulled the t-shirt over his chest. While his head was covered with the shirt, I quickly scanned his chest (drat! Not very hairy above the navel as I had expected/hoped!). Then he lay down again. “Roll over” I told him, and he did so. (I did not note then, but did remember later, that he never seemed to show any sign of pain, or muscle strain; he rolled back and forth pretty easily!)

As I continued the dry massage on his bare back, noting the hairs that sprouted on his back above his jockey waistband, he asked if it wouldn’t be easier with some lotion. He reached under his bed and pulled out a big bottle of Intensive Care; it was pretty well used (his JO lube I wondered?) I squirted some on my hands to warm it, and continued massaging his mid back and shoulders. “Where is the pull”, I asked. “Where does it hurt?” “All over” was his reply, so I continued on his shoulders and neck. “Lower” he told me, so I moved slowly down to the small of his back. “Even lower” he told me, and I knew that he wanted me to rub under his waistband, but dare I? It might mean he would know? (What a fool I was as a youth, right?)

I moved my hands to massage his lowest part of his back, but kept my hands on top of his briefs.” Wouldn’t it be easier for you if I pulled these down?” he asked as he did just that. Suddenly I was face to (face?) with his hairy bare ass cheeks! How my mouth suddenly went dry in a combination of excitement, anticipation, and fear. I knew he was seducing me, but I couldn’t believe it, and so I was reluctant to play along. I continued to try and act clinical; medical in my ministrations.

“Yeah,” he told me. “That’s close to where it really hurts. Push on it harder, and you can go a little lower.” My hands were now basically kneading his ass cheeks like bread dough. I loved the feel of my fingers on his hairy ass, and I knew I had gone past the point of clinical detachment. Something was going to happen, and I was a very willing participant. He was softly moaning, letting me know how good it was feeling, and I was loving it myself.

Then, he rolled over, looking me directly in the eyes. He caught me checking out his dick as he rolled over, the briefs tangled on his erect cock, covering it. “Yeah, that feels real good. But this needs some attention, too. Go ahead, take those off” he told me, indicating his briefs. I moved as if in a trance, and slowly pulled off his shorts, revealing a very thick, though not too long, and very hard cock. His dark black, curly pubes above his cock was like a Brillo pad, and I wanted to touch it all badly! “Go ahead,” he told me. “Touch it.” I reached my hand, still covered with some lotion, and touched his hard shaft. Slowly I put my fingers around it, and my fingers could not touch each other, it was so thick.

“Oh, yeah. That’s what really needs a good massage. But it’s a little dry.” I assumed he wanted more lotion on my hands, so I reached for the bottle, but he pulled it back. “No more lotion. You can kiss it and make it wet.” I stared at him, my hand now slowly jacking his cock, my nose smelling his sweat and desire in his crotch. He stared back and I knew it was ok, that we had gone so far that I might as well do it all, now. I leaned over and gently licked his shaft, covering the tip of his cock slightly with my tongue. “Oh, yeah, kiss it now.” I kissed the piss slit, and tasted his precum. I was totally intoxicated now, and I had to have it. I threw out the last of my innocent pretense and immediately engulfed his cock with my mouth. I sucked and moved up and down on that shaft hungrily. I had wanted this for so long, and now it was here.

Suddenly I was ravenous. I had waited for something like this – hot sex with a hot man alone in bed with no concerns for someone to interrupt us (prior to this, my sex life was anonymous glory holes or in dark back rows of XXX movie theatres). I swallowed his shaft, feeling up his balls and running my hand behind his balls to his ass. He seemed to really respond to my hand manipulations, and I was encouraged to lick down his cockshaft to his balls. There, licking over his sack, he told me to suck his balls, and I gladly did. I took first one, then the other into my mouth; laving him with my saliva. He lifted his legs so I could get them all, and I put his legs on my shoulders. Then I moved my mouth down between his legs, behind his balls, licking his hairy phrenum. I moved to his ass, and suddenly I was rimming that hairy hole, and he was almost screaming with joy, or lust. He told me to keep on doing what I was doing (did he think I was going to stop, suddenly?!) and I was jabbing his asshole with my tongue.

My hand had been jacking his cock while I was eating his ass, and I could feel precum dripping on my hand. I was suddenly hungry for that cum, so I put my finger on his hole while I moved my mouth back to his cock. While I swallowed his shaft again, and without thought, I slowly slid my finger into his asshole. I had not done this before, but I was inspired by my lust and his response. Well, he really did scream then, and not in pain. He loved my finger in his hole as I sucked his cock! He asked me to finger his hole, so I started to finger fuck him, as I sucked his shaft. His cock was rock hard, it was leaking precum like crazy, but he was not showing any signs of coming yet. With my finger hitting his prostate, it should have sent him over, but perhaps the stoned state he was in allowed him more control? All I know was that my lips were almost cut from the f***e of my pressure on his cock! My teeth were grooving into the backs of my lips from my sucking him.

Suddenly I heard Tim ask me to do something that almost scared me! “Put it in me, Dave” he begged. Since my finger was already in his ass, it dawned on me what he was asking! Here was this straight stud asking ME to FUCK HIM! I couldn’t believe it; and I had never done that before. But I wasn’t about to tell him that! I quickly pulled off his cock, and kneeled at his ass. I lifted his legs higher in the air, as they were already on my shoulders, and I used that Intensive Care to lube my cock and his ass. Slowly I put my cock to his ass hole, and I pushed. I was in!! He made no noise at first, then a hiss, then a louder noise! “Push it in all the way!” he asked, and so I did. I felt a hot, silky pressure on my cock that I had never felt before. As much as I loved getting my cock sucked, the exquisite pleasure of his ass on my cock was more intense, more erotic, and more blissful than any other feeling I had ever had.

I fully lowered my weight on Tim, and we were face to face as I fucked his ass. He pulled me close and next thing I knew we were KISSING! Again, I couldn’t believe how this straight stud was so into this! ‘How could this be?’ was in the back of my mind, but I kept on doing everything that felt so good! The heat of our bodies, the noise and the smell of our sex, the rhythm of the fuck itself was all new and intoxicating and total bliss. I knew I could not hold off any longer, and before I really had a chance to think I was shouting and shooting – my jets into his ass; my cum up his straight butt.

After I subsided, I pulled out of his ass, and his cock was still rock hard and more purple than ever. I moved so I could suck it once more, and this time he was ready to go for it. He rolled us onto our sides, and started to face-fuck; his cock slamming in and out of my mouth and throat. In this position, I could rest my head on the bed as he fucked my mouth and I cupped his balls. I felt some of my cum dribbling down onto my hand, so I stuck my finger back up his ass. It was loose, warm, wet. And I pushed my finger in hard, all the way to jam his prostate. The combination of that, and my sucking, finally sent him over the edge and I suddenly felt his balls tighten in the sack. Then he really roared out as he started to cum. His cum was bitter, acrid, sour, and hot. It was what I had worked for, and wanted, so it was terrific. I know he came a lot, and still he pumped his cock in and out long after his last shot had been swallowed. His cock finally started to soften, and I relaxed the muscles in my jaw – it was aching!

We both just collapsed on the bed; exhausted and spent. I was suddenly starting to worry about what would happen after this. Would he tell the other roommates all about this, exposing me as the fairy? Would he be immediately regretful and guilty for what had just happened, and perhaps become violent? I looked at his face, and saw a smile there, his eyes closed. He was breathing heavy, and I sort of froze to see what would happen next. Within a short time, I realized that nothing was going to happen; he was asl**p! Almost gratefully I slipped off the bed and out of the room, going into my room and shutting the door. I know sl**p did not come soon that night as I was too wound up from the excitement, and also the fear of what might happen the next day. I needn’t have worried so much, however. The next day when I saw him, he acted no different than any other first thing in the morning’s we had already shared. A smile, a “Morning” and off to the john for the morning piss. Nothing else was said as the day passed, nor did I ever hear from the other roommates that they knew. And, I suddenly felt empowered as I realized, “Hey, I fucked HIM!”
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5 months ago
hot! the hunk got fucked by the more effeminate guy.
1 year ago
Well told....
1 year ago
2 years ago
Awsome Story! Look forward to pt 2
3 years ago
Had my undivided attention!
3 years ago
Excellent story.
3 years ago
Very HOT story! Totally got me off.
4 years ago
that was something not expected i enjoyed it very much thanks
4 years ago
You are sooo nasty this is one great story had to stop reading to jack off thanks
5 years ago
good story- that really got me hard!