My Mulatto work slut!

A few years back I worked with this really nice girl...we're still friends actually, but for a while we were friends with benefits. She was about early 30s but toned from eating right and hitting the gym. About 5'10" medium boobs, a great ass and beautiful legs. She had a bit of a belly but wasn't fat at all. Just healthy you know? Full lips, slightly kinky hair, but she straightened it and pretty brown eyes. I'd never fucked a mulatto girl before, her skin was a nice light brown shade. I'll just call her Sandra for the story.

Anyway we were friendly at work for a while and I wanted to fuck her so bad. We were at a work function and it was a paid hotel event...all of us were getting pretty d***k. My co worker and his wife kicked us out of their doom saying they were gonna have sex. I totally thought I was gonna strike out and go to my room and jerk off, but to my surprise Sandra smiled and took me by the hand to her room! This particular night she was wearing a sexy black dress with sparkles on it.

We got there and I was pretty d***k, but we started making out. She pushed me down on the bed and just smiled. She really wanted some dick! I let her slide my belt off and undo my pants, she pulled out my cock and smiled approvingly at how stiff I was. I took off my pants and shirt and lay back. Sandra slipped her Black panties down, but keept the black dresso and surprised me by climbing on the bed and just started to slowly push my hard cock inside herself. Her pussy was already wet for it, I hadn't fingers her or even gone down on her yet! She was smooth and clean shaven down there.

I'm lying back groaning watching my cock slide in and out of her tight pussy, which had nice dark pussylips but looked so good. I admit it had been a LONG fucking time since I had got
Laid last, so I almost came right away! I refused to cum, she was moaning and I closed my eyes and enjoyed her pussy riding me bareback. I did make a comment about a condom, but she said you're safe, I want you. I think I thought about sports and stuff until I got control of myself! Her pussy felt like heaven. She also had great soft skin and took care of herself really well.

This went on for a bit and she must have been enjoying my dick because she was still very wet. She flipped around and started riding me reverse cowgirl which was amazing. I groaned and watched my cock slide in and our of her tight pussy while I played with her ass. I must have slapped her pretty hard on the ass a few times she said "ouch" but she still smiled and enjoyed it and kept riding. She had the cutest little brown asshole too, I played with that as well as her full pretty sss cheeks.

Finally I wanted to take control, I flipped her on her hands and knees and started to slowly pump her from behind, doggystyle. I remember she buried her face in the pillow screaming OHMYFUCKINGGOD! After taking my time I started to fuck her harder, my balls were slapping against her clit with each thrust. She must have cum all over my dick because she was screaming and pounding on her pillow.

Now I think I had some whiskey dick because I wanted to cum! I'd been fucking her for a while. I flipped her over onto her back and she wrapped her shapely mocha legs around me. I pulled her tits out of her sexy black dress, I liked that she'd left it on while we had sex. I loved the way her dark pussylips caressed my hard white cock. Sandra had smaller boobs than I usually like, maybe a B cup but they were perky and had very suckable small brown nipples. Plus I hadn't been laid in forever so I was in heaven sucking those tits and driving my stiff cock inside her tight pussyhole. Sandra was moaning and groaning and was scratching up my back with her nails. She grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands as I was pumping away. Sandra moaned "Ohmygodd J you're fucking me so good right now!" She groaned, and thrust her hips and pulled me deeper inside while she held on to my ass. I fucking really wanted to cum! I was getting sweaty and tired with the d***k sex. I put her smooth long legs over my shoulder and started pounding into her even more. I still couldn't cum but she felt great.

Sandra must have cum again and her pussy needed a break, so she gently rolled me off onto my back and started giving me head. I loved watching her luscious lips slide over the shaft of my cock. She also worked me over with her tongue, sliding it over the head of my dick and licking my cock from the balls to the tip. She worked over my balls with her mouth as well before going back to slurping, moaning and deep throating my cock. I fucking loved it but was still not able to cum. She tried really hard to get me to blow for about 20 minutes but I got close. I think she was frustrated she couldn't get me off.

Still, she climbed on my cock reverse cowgirl for one last ride where she got herself off again before we passed out...

The next morning we were lying naked and she was stroking my chest and my cock got stiff again. I didn't waste any time, I went down between her legs for a few licks her pussy was tangy and tasty but she was already wet. I slid inside and started slowly fucking her missionary. I could feel the cum churning in my balls and I knee I wasn't going to last long. I started pumping faster and decided to let go. Sandra sensed my need and said YES! I think I lasted a couple of minutes and her pussy was milking my dick for all I could handle. I groaned and started to spurt a huge fucking pent up load of jizz inside her. She screamed YES again I pulled back so that I could watch my cock in her pussy as I had a huge spurting orgasm. I kept thrusting for a while until I was totally drained. I mumbled something about sorry I think there was some pent up sexual frustration there. She just smiled and said "ya think!". My cum was oozing out of her pussy, I felt amazing.

My mulatto bitch sure knew how to work over a cock with her mouth and pussy. We did hook up a few more times afterwards.


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