New Carpet

Let me tell you a story. But lets get out of the shower first OK? The hot water is running out and little hellraiser don't like it much. I'll dry you off cutie. Lets go into the bedroom.

Now stand right there. I'd like to start at your sexy feet if that's alright with you. So I kneel down behind you and start slowly flickering my long tongue and light feather kisses around your sexy ankles, working up and around your beautiful calves. Maybe stopping at the back of your knee to give a little suck and kiss, as I rub up and down your sexy beautiful legs with my hands. Continually licking my way up and down your inner thighs. Light kisses and maybe a little nibble on your firm and perfectly shaped ass. Damn you keep yourself in great shape.
I slowly rub your pussy with my middle and ring fingers, my index and pinky fingers are slowly caressing your inner thighs, real light at first, seperating your already moist pussylips. You bend over looking through your beautiful spread legs at me. Your eyes, what gorgeous eyes you have. You give me a little wink and a smile as you begin to moan softly, letting me know you love what I'm doing to you, as I love doing it. Slowly, slowly bringing you to my World of Ecstasy baby.

I slowly insert my finger, just a little, flickering it slowly in and out, as I continue to stroke the side of your leg and rubbing lightly with my free hand. Your sooo moist cutie. Your juices are beginning to flow now. Oh no, I'm not wasting a drop. I'm licking your inner thighs now with my long tongue, tasting you. MMM! You taste deliciously sweet. You begin to quiver and shake, slightly at first as more of your juices begin to flow, like a little stream rolling down a hillside. You sit back slowly, as I lie on my back, holding your beautiful firm ass in my hands for support. You straddle my face, your legs to the sides, spread open giving me a perfect view of your delicious tasting pussy. I start kissing, sucking hard, then soft, licking down and all around your sweet tasting pussy, catching every drop of your sweet juices.

You start rubbing my chest lightly, then squeezing hard. I can really feel your extremely long fingernails digging into my flesh. Are you drawing bl**d? Hell it don't matter cutie. I know your enjoying it as much as I am. Then you work your hands down to my abs, around the sides of my waist, rubbing down along the outsides of my thighs, rubbing gently between my inner thighs and balls. Yes, you see it. Standing at full attention and I want you to have it too. Wrap those beautiful full lips around it.

I'll lick and gently suck your pussy and rub your clit slow, then a little faster. Then quickly side to side. Stopping only to give a few little slaps on your swelled and moist pussy. I love the taste of your pussy. I just can't seem to get enough of it. You grab my balls in your hands. Yes they are big balls aren't they? Your rubbing them as you reach one hand up and grab the long, hard, thick shaft of my cock at the base. I can't believe how swollen my cock is. You squeeze the base hard, as you lick up and down my swollen cock like a big ice cream cone. MMM! kissing along the sides of it. Licking my cock around the bottom of the crown, just on the very edge, flickering lightly with your tongue, the swollen head. Kiss it, it loves you too.
You start pumping my cock, I can hardly control myself any longer. I have to penetrate that beautiful, moist, tight, sweet tasting pussy of yours. But you don't let me...Yet...I can feel your wet, hot swollen pussy sliding down my chest and belly. I lay my head down on the soft, plush carpet that I just finished installing in your new house. You hover over my long, thick cock, taking it at the base and you start slapping your swollen, wet, hot pussy with it. Whip it good cutie. Then you lower down toward my cock, slowly trying to get the swollen heade to penetrate. God your so tight. You get it started to go in. Damn I want to explode. but I can't.
Why? you ask. Because we're just getting started on a long and adventurous weekend.

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4 years ago
very good but hanging