My first fisting

Two days ago I had an awesome 3 hour session with a fantastic Mistress. She tied me, spanked and paddled me, tied and stretched the hell out of my balls. She tortured my nipples so hard with butterfly clamps, weights, twisting, pinching, slapping and hot wax, that even now a t-shirt touching my nipples gets my attention. Then she sat on my face, made me tongue her two holes until I started to wiggle in a frenzy from lack of oxygen - again and again, until my face was wet with her juices. She suddenly got up, stood over me and gave me a golden shower. I bounced of the floor, trying to catch as much as possible in my mouth to drink it and savour it.

After a shower, she had me back on the floor, my knees pulled up. She donned some gloves and lubed up my ass, then slowly worked one finger in, then two, then three... until I was panting and groaning when she had the knuckles of her hand pushing and wiggling against my sphincter. I got so randy that I begged her to push all the way in and after a bit of a struggle her hand finally popped in - what a rush! I couldn't see it from my position and asked her again and again if she really is all the way in. She gave me a moment to adjust to the feeling and then - to prove the point - started twisting her hand inside me, rubbing my prostate in the process of what felt like finger exercises in my bowels. I just had to see this so I asked for permission to turn over on all fours so that I could make my way over to a mirror. When I got there I could finally see what my ass felt already. My ambition of being a hand puppet to a mistress became reality. I begged her to fuck me with her fist and to spank my ass and thighs at the same time - HARD!! I wanted to feel her forearm slide in and out of me while my insides are feeling deliciously full from her fist. Thankfully she obliged my every whim until I couldn't take it any longer. She decided that now would be a good time for me to get my ass caned so that I would have something to remind me visually for the next week or two. I was made to lie face down and at the first stroke of the cane I almost jackknifed the wrong way around. She asked me why I was such a sissy and gave me another whack which had me whimpering and almost in tears. I begged her to stop and she concluded that the fisting may have left me a bit over-sensitive. She decided that I would have to make do without the visual reminder and ordered me back onto hands and knees. After donning a 9" strap-on she first f***ed it down my throat for a bit and then proceeded to give my ass another workout. After reaming me out for what felt like eternity she flipped me over on my back and grabbed hold of my cock - the first time she deliberately touched me there in the whole session. While she kept fucking me with deep, long strokes - making me feel painfully ecstatic and horny as hell at the same time - she furiously pumped my cock with a very tight grip. I couldn't take much of this treatment and after a short while of writhing and groaning I came like a fire hydrant, shooting a good part of my load right into my face. She looked me up and down and the expression on her face showed that she was obviously pleased with the outcome of her efforts - as was I!!. As she pulled the strap=on out of my ass, I used my fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth which earned me her smile. Where had she been all my life!?

Next time I'll be sure to have a camera along.
79% (11/3)
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Great writing, try to put more description of how it felt though :)