Painfull anal

A little while after my ass had recovered from the reaming I got from the shemale hooker and her clients (see my other story "My first time with a shemale") I was again at that club (disco) in Hamburg's red light district off the Reeperbahn. Since people there were mostly preoccupied with smoking dope, being spaced out and talking rubbish I took a little walk to see what I could do about this persistent hornyness I felt. I came past a small movie house playing gay porn and decided to have a look. I had never been in a gay cinema and when I entered I saw about eight rows with some six seats to each side of the center aisle. There were maybe 15 people in total and I picked a row all by myself somewhere in the middle. The movie showed a slim, small guy standing in a pool with the water just revealing his little wiener and he was rubbing himself, trying to make sensual faces towards the camera. Just when I thought that I had wasted my money a tall bodybuilder with a huge member joined the little guy in the pool, making it clear to everyone that he found his bitch. As he pushed the little guy down and f***efully throat fucked him I started to get excited. I always seem to develop tunnel vision when this happens. That's why I didn't notice the about 40 year old Turk sitting next to me until he suddenly bumped my knee with his hand. I was a bit embarrassed (straight guy in a gay cinema, you know?) With a quick glance from the corner of my eye I saw that he was a big, hairy, burly guy. At the time I was half his age, very little body hair and very slender. Turns out he didn't bump my knee by accident because now his hand rested on my knee. I wasn't quite sure how to react and basically did nothing. He immediately took this as an invitation and his hand slid further up my leg towards my crotch. My ears started to glow in the familiar way - they always do when I get really excited and realize that something "wild" is about to happen. By the time his fingers started fumbling with my zipper it felt like my ears were illuminating the movie theater like the tail lights of a car. His fingers slipped into my fly and when he touched my rock hard cock he leaned over and told me to come along. I couldn't help seeing the parallel between me and the little guy in the movie. How prophetic...

He led me to the toilet and we entered a stall together. It was smelly and disgusting there but hey, I wasn't looking for romanticism. He told me to drop my pants which I did without hesitation. I remember thinking what a subservient slut I am. He grabbed hold of my erection and, while slowly wanking me, ordered me to get out his cock. I thought we would jerk each other off for a bit but when I saw his member I was stunned. He had an enormous cock, straight as an arrow and rock hard. Seeing this monster in front of me I dropped to my knees like it's my natural position. He grabbed my head, I opened wide and he just pushed himself right into me, having me gagging and choking right away as the tip touched my throat. I tried my best but there was no way for me to squeeze this cock down my throat. In an instant I made up my mind that I wanted to be fucked by this cock. So between a gag and a choke I looked up at him and breathlessly asked "please fuck me, PLEASE..." He didn't take much convincing. He yanked me up, turned me around and bend my upper body over the toilet. I steadied myself against the wall and stretched my ass enticingly in his direction. As he came up behind me, grabbed my hips with one hand and used the other to guide his cock to my asshole I realized that there was no lubrication at all. It hurt like hell and I was closed up like a vault. After some pushing he stopped, let out a vile snort, spit in his hand and used this to lube me up. For a moment he roughly finger fucked me until he felt that I was good and ready. Another gob of spit rubbed over his cock and he unceremoniously pushed it through my sphincter and straight on, balls deep into my ass. While I howled in agony he let out a satisfied grunt. His big body leaned on me, keeping me in my bent over position. One of his hands reached around me and started pumping my cock furiously. Soon my erection returned and he started humping me in earnest. Suddenly the door to our stall opened and some curious onlooker started watching us. I turned around and saw this guy standing there, cock in hand and wanking. I was horrified and turned on at once. Being fucked in the ass for some spectator's enjoyment gave it yet another dimension. My stud told the guy to fuck off but then turned his attention to me again. So with first one, then at least two guys watching and stroking, I got reamed harder and harder. Just as the pain gave way to pure, horny excitement I couldn't take the sensations any longer. With my ass being fucked furiously and my cock being pumped I came so hard that my knees started buckling. Unluckily for me, my stud wasn't there yet. He just kept going, fucking the hell out of my ass. I squirmed, trying to wiggle away but I couldn't. He easily held me and kept reaming my ass until finally he pulled out of me and, grunting loudly, came all over my ass and back. He wiped his cock on my ass, pulled up his pants and left, telling me to come to him in the theater when I'm done cleaning myself up. He pushed past the spectators and left. Now I even had a wanking audience while I tried to clean myself up with some toilet paper. Not too easy in a dimly lit toilet with no mirror anywhere.

When I was dressed I walked back into the theater and immediately saw my stud sitting at an aisle seat so that I couldn't sneak past him and leave. He told me to sit down next to him and while I scrambled over his legs to take my seat I noticed how everyone in the theater was watching me. It felt like I had a spotlight on me to point out where the sissy slut sits. Again I felt embarrassed and turned on at the same time. After sitting there for a while I noticed that my stud had actually fallen asl**p. (now I knew what women always complain about - not that I wanted to cuddle :o)) I took the opportunity and sneaked away, sore but satisfied.
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2 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
woooow the story it's OMG very very .... I have no words to describe what happened... FELIZIDADES ...Congratulations ..
3 years ago
very hot i liked it