Ever accidentally walked in one someone?

I was just perusing a photo set of a couple young blonde ladies enjoying themselves in a shower.

It reminded of a time about 20 or so years ago.

My b*****r has a cottage about two hours north of Toronto. It is a very large cottage on an island that offers a great deal of privacy.

My b*****r and his wife are clean freaks and because they are clean freaks, my b*****r installed an outside shower by the back door to the cottage. It's used if you are dirty before entering the cottage, you strip down and to wash yourself off. It is very handy when you come from the beach and you have sand and/or tanning lotion stuck to your body. Also when you do some work around the property and you are sweaty and grimy, and you don't want to bring in any dirt into the cottage. There is a four foot long wall that comes 90 degrees at one side of the shower so you can hang your dirty clothes or bathing suits before you shower. Also there is a good supply of soaps and shampoos for you to use while showering. After your shower, you walk into a little room that has towels and robes for you to use before entering the main part of the cottage.

Anyway, one hot summer weekend, I was helping my b*****r clear some brush from around his place. We had finished about 30 minutes before. We had a beer or two when we finished and we admired our work before we cleaned up and got ready for dinner. I had taken off my shirt and boots and socks while we enjoyed our after work beer so I was already half naked. When I rounded the corner around back of the cottage, I stripped off my shorts and was walking naked to the shower. I guess with the summer breeze rustling the leaves in the trees, I didn't hear the water running in the shower and when I rounded the little wall by the shower, I saw my 19 year old niece in a very close and soapy embrace with the 20 something year old daughter of a f****y friend. The three of us froze for a second or two before my niece tried to cover herself up. Her friend just stood there all soapy and I could see her looking me up and down.

Once I regained my senses, I just walked into the towel room and went straight to the main floor shower and cleaned up. I have to admit that seeing two very beautiful girls all lathered up and kissing each other quite passionately was exciting to me. I also have to admit that by the end of the shower I had a nice semi erection thinking about them. About 45 minutes later, I was in the living room when the two girls walked in. My niece could not look me in the eye. Both of them went into the kitchen and after a few minutes they both came back out into the living room.

I have always had a good relationship with my niece. I always told her that she can tell me or ask me anything and I would not tell her father about any discussions we had. Over the years I offered her some advice on dating and boy troubles she was having. So she sat down beside me and her friend sat on a chair across the room facing me. Very quietly my niece asked me what I was going to tell her dad? I told her that I have never told her dad anything about anything we had talked about in the past and never will. I also told her that she is an adult now and that consenting adults can do what ever they wanted to do as long as it didn't hurt other people. I added that the only way that her father would ever found out about what just happened, she would have to tell him herself. I also said to be more discreet next time.

My niece just kissed me on the cheek. Then she looked at her friend and said something to her about me being her cool uncle before she got up and went back into the kitchen. Her friend walked over to me, leaned over me, ran her hand up my shorts pant leg, grabbed my cock, pumped it a couple times and said that if she ever has the chance that she would love to suck my big cock and that I could fuck her anytime. She then gave me one of the kisses she was giving my niece a while ago. She then joined my niece in the kitchen.

So my question to you is: Have you ever walked in and surprised a f****y member? Did anything happen after?

If you are still here, I hope you enjoyed my true story.
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4 months ago
Made me hard
4 months ago
I never did because she was the daughter of a friend. But she hasn't stopped teasing me either. She flashes her breasts and pussy at me quite often then grabs my cock through my pants. She also rubs her finger under my nose once in a while and asks me if I like the smell of her 'cookie'. She kissed me on the mouth once and asked me if my niece tasted good?
I think if I did fuck her, all those little things she does to me wo
4 months ago
This is fucking hot! Did you ever end up doing anything with the friend??
8 months ago
This is sad. You would think that with all the horny ones around here that SOMEONE would have a story to share! It has never happened to me personally, but I would love to hear something from someone!
8 months ago
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