almost got caught F**King a muslim girl by her mum

I was dating a fit sexy muslim girl called Sabrina..been dating her for a while... she great tits, ass, waist and very pretty.. her s i s t e r knew we were shagging in the house while all her f a m i l y y were out... after a hour or so her house phone started to ring... she said its her s is t er ignore it. so i kept shagging her.... then her mobile rang.. so she answered and her s is t er r said get him out the house because mum is on her way back.......f**K. so i quickly dressed ran down stairs.. looked out the window and there was her mum and untie.. could not go out the front door would have been seen.. there was no key in the back door... we had to open the big window.. i jumped out landed on black bags... damn no back gate.. so had to jump over garden fences to escape.. was a buzzzz.. we did not get caught... sabrina if your on this site reading this... bet it bought back memories.. xxxx you was a good S**G

Posted by HELLOPUSSY1 2 years ago
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