Foreign Exchange, Part 3 of 3

I have had another opportunity to play with Andi, the hot Australian who
is staying with us while she studies in the states. If you haven't
read the first two parts of this story, you might want to check them
out for background information. If you're only interested in the
pleasure, read on. Enjoy! I love feedback!


Craig, friend of mine, needed me to stay at his apartment one weekend
and take care of his dog. Since I still live at home, I jumped at this
opportunity to get out of my parents' house, even for one weekend.
Honestly, when he first asked me to stay, my mind immediately conjured
up images of sl**ping naked, masturbating all hours of the day, maybe
renting a little porn, or inviting a few friends over. I am just not
used to that kind of freedom!

I also thought I would mention this to Andi. I thought I would suggest
that she come on over, spend some time with me...away from my parents.
When I approached Andi, I asked her if she would like to have a sl**p
over with me. I told her I would be apartment sitting, and I thought a
Girl's All-Nighter would be fun. Of course, my mind was also racing
with images of what I would like to do to her again. I almost laughed
out loud when she responded, "Ooh, so we can fuck and not worry about
who will be home, when?" lol, who knew that her mind was racing on
ahead of mine?

On the first day that I had to be at my friend's place, I made sure
there were plenty of candles, a bottle of cheap wine in the fridge, and
I even discovered Craig had all of his porn lined up neatly for the
choosing. I knew it wasn't going to be a matter of seducing her. In
fact, I figured when she came in the door, I was going to have a hard
time not attacking her immediately. I was expecting her a little after
8, so I had plenty of time to shower and splash on a little lavender
scented oil in all the right places....behind my ears, along my neck,
between my breasts and just inside my thighs...inches from where I
could already feel the moistness of anticipation. I also slipped into
my black thong. This little number was mostly string with a tiny bit
of lace to "hide" the pussy lips. I also dressed in short shorts and a
baggy sweatshirt, no bra and barefoot. I thought about wearing
something that screamed sex, but I was afraid she would walk in and
start giggling if I wore my SHORT skirt and spaghetti strapped tank. I
mean, we are in Minnesota, and summer hasn't arrived THAT quickly.

By the time 7:30 ticked past on the clock, I was pacing the floor, and I
kept sliding my hands up inside my sweatshirt to pinch my already hard
nipples. I thought about sitting down on the sofa, spreading my
thighs, slipping my fingers inside my shorts, and making myself cum
once before she arrived, but I figured it wouldn't matter if I came as
soon as she touched me again the first time, as we would still have the
whole night for more than one orgasm each.

Suddenly, the dog barked and started racing back and forth under the
living room window. I figured the little terrier had heard a car door.
Sure enough, not a few seconds later, there was a knock on the door.
My heart was racing as I opened the door, and there was Andi. I've
told you before that she is a fine little woman! Her long hair was
piled up on her head in a quick up-do, and she had also decided on a
sweatshirt and shorts. I found myself wondering if she was braless as
well. Her small B sized breasts were just noticeable beneath the word
"Sweets" which was scrolled across the chest of her sweatshirt. She
was also sporting a pretty good tan. She tans so much easier than I
do! She was wearing khaki sandals with a bit of a heel, but she kicked
them off as she came into the room. She smiled and laughed a little
nervously as I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. I motioned her to
the sofa and asked if she would like something to drink. She laughed
when I said I had some cheap wine in the fridge and said that would be

When I returned to the room, Andi was lounging with her feet up on the
sofa. I figured, why stay apart longer than necessary and after
handing over her drink, I lifted her legs by the ankles and slid in
underneath, letting her knees rest over my lap. Andi offered her glass
for a "clink," and we toasted to being alone with no time limits. We
sat and chatted a bit about how her classes were going, sipped our
wine, and giggled together when she mentioned the same Health teacher I
used to drool over when I was in high school. While we were talking, I
was caressing my hands over her calves and knees, letting my fingers
massage over her feet and between her toes, and back up her legs to her
thighs. Each time my hands went further up, caressing inside her
thighs and just up inside the bottom hem of her shorts.

Andi was starting to breathe a bit heavier and she set her glass down on
the end table. She gave me a pointed look and said, "Are you going to
kiss me again now, or do I have to come after you?" Is it just me? Or
do I detect some domination traits in this little hottie? Andi and I
both leaned forward and locked our lips in a slow passionate kiss. She
slid her tongue inside my mouth as her hands slid over the front of my
sweatshirt. Her hand stopped over one of my breasts and she giggled,
"You're not wearing a bra either?" I laughed and dumped her legs off
my lap, stood up and pulled my sweatshirt off over my head. My C tits
were firm, and my nipples were hard. Andi took my hand and pulled me
to stand between her knees. I gasped when the first thing to touch the
skin of my breast was the tip of her little pink tongue. She swirled
her tongue around my nipple and sucked it between her hot lips. I
moaned, and Andi sucked harder, her hand coming up to cup and fondle my
other breast. I watched her lips as they worked on my nipple, tugging
gently, her tongue flashing quickly over the tip inside her mouth. My
hands slid down her back and grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt.

Andi leaned back long enough for me to slide her sweatshirt off over her
head and toss it to the side. My hands traveled down her chest to palm
her perfect tits, and her mouth went back to my nipple. I couldn't
stop moaning, and as she sucked, her fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my
shorts and then slid around my back and inside my shorts squeezing over
my ass. I breathed, "Fuck, Andi, I am so wet right now! I've been wet
all day, thinking about this."

She looked up at me and grinned as she slid my shorts off my ass,
letting them drop to my ankles, "MMM, can I taste?" I nodded and
moaned, unable to say much more. She scooted to one end of the sofa
and had me sit next to her, leaning back against the other armrest.
Her fingers slid up my thighs and she rubbed firmly over my clit
through my thong. My hips automatically rose to try to grind into
her fingers. She moved one of my legs to dangle off the side of the
sofa, giving herself lots of room between my thighs. Her fingers slid
around the side of my thong and pulled it to the side. She moaned,
"Your thong is soaked! Did you cum already before I got here?"

I blushed and responded, "No, but I thought about it. You know how wet
I get!" Andi nodded and smiled. She leaned over and licked up my
inner thigh. I couldn't keep my eyes open, my whole body was already
screaming with electricity. As she licked closer, I moved further down
the sofa, forcing my pussy to her lips faster than she intended. She
and I both gasped and moaned at the same time as her tongue slid over
and between my pussy lips. I whispered, "Andi, I'm not going to last
long right now. Please......please slide your tongue inside me now!"

Andi didn't wait. She slid her tongue inside my hot pussy and started
fucking it and licking around my pussy walls. I called out and lifted
my hips, trying to pull her closer. My hands went to the back of her
head, forcing her face tight against my pussy. She moaned inside me
and licked up and over my clit, as she slid two fingers up and inside
my wet hole. I couldn't hold back any longer and started bucking my
hips against her face, moaning and swearing as I came for the first
time that night. Andi licked and sucked at my clit, keeping her
fingers pumping inside my cunt. My pussy clamped down on her fingers,
spasming and dripping. I whimpered and shuddered as I started to
focus again on her fingers. My heart was pounding and my lungs felt
like I just finished running a sprint. When I settled down, Andi
smiled up at me and licked her lips.

"Oh my god, Baby! Come here!" Andi moved up my body, pressing her tits
against mine and catching my lips under hers. I could taste myself
inside her hot mouth, and I moaned into the kiss. Between kisses I
gasped, "That was amazing, hun. We've got to get you out of your
shorts!" She giggled and continued to kiss me, lifting her torso above
me and letting me help her strip the rest of her clothes from her
smooth body. I chuckled when I noticed she had on a pair of familiar
pale yellow panties. I asked, "Andi, were you in my bedroom before you
came over here?" She laughed and told me she didn't think she had
anything sexy enough to wear for the occasion and she thought it would
be hot to wear a pair of mine. I admitted that I wouldn't look at
those panties the same again and moaned when I imagined them resting
against her young pussy.

Finally, we were both completely naked and our hands were sliding over
each other's skin, massaging and pinching lightly here and there. She
squealed when my fingers twisted a nipple slightly, and I grinned and
leaned over to lick over and moisten her now rock hard nipple. Mmmmm,
I continued to suck at and tug at her nipple as my hands slid over her
hips. When I looked up at her eyes, she had them closed and her head
was tipped back in pleasure. I couldn't resist licking up her chest,
over her collar bone and up the side of her neck, nibbling lightly at
her pulse. I smiled, and asked her if she'd like to take this into the
bedroom. She opened her eyes and kissed me deeply on the lips before
nodding. We both took another sip or two from our glasses and then
left them behind, walking close to each others bodies, brushing hips
and intertwining fingers as we made it into Craig's bedroom.

As we crawled onto the bed, Andi blushed and asked, "Does Craig know
what you had planned for this weekend?" I smiled and nodded. I told
her that I had kinda given him a teaser, told him I was going to be
using his bed for more than sl**ping, and more than masturbating. "Oh
my god! What did he say??" she asked.

"He said he wished he had known ahead of time so he could set up a
camera," I giggled. She laughed and laid back on the bed. Her eyes
were begging me to come closer, so I laid my body over her's and
kissed her lips again. I could feel her trimmed bush brushing against
my pussy lips, so I rubbed my shaved pussy over her's, grinding into
her clit. She gasped and pressed her finger tips into my shoulder
blades. I have never wished so hard for a strap-on in my life! I
whispered, "Do you want me to fuck your pussy with my fingers, Andi?
Do you want to cum around my fingers?" Her response was a deep moan
and an arch of her body against mine. I smiled and rolled off her
body, keeping contact with her skin. I slid an arm under the back of
her neck and nuzzled close against her chest. My lips found her nipple
again, and I teased it with my tongue and teeth, tugging and twisting
gently. My fingers slipped over her belly, and pressed over her pelvis
firmly, sliding down to her clit. I slid two finger tips through her
light brown bush and down between her pussy lips. When she moaned and
arched up against me, I shook my head and said, "No, try to hold still.
Let me explore."

Her pussy was so silky, I let my two fingers press against her clit
again and then slid them down her slit, barely dipping into her moist
hole and then spread them as i pressed them further along her slit,
opening her moistness up to the room air. I continued to lick at her
nipple, and I could hear her heart thudding in her chest. I was
spreading her juices over her pussy lips, coating her lips. I cupped
my palm over her cunt and pressed down, massaging with my palm. Andi
gave a low moan, and I felt her hips shiver beneath my hand. I pulled
my fingers back up through her pussy lips and moaned over her nipple as
I slid my middle finger up into her pussy. She gasped, and I nodded as
I guessed her question. She started to pump her hips up to my finger,
and I could feel her pussy clenching down. I kept my finger still for
a bit, letting her pump against it as she wanted, then I rubbed my
thumb against her clit and started to shove my finger in and out of
her...on one of the thrusts, I slipped a second finger inside her pussy
with the first. Andi gasped and moaned loudly, so I continued to pump
my fingers inside her while my thumb circled her clit. By this time, I
had left her nipple, and I could feel my own breath coming back to me
as I breathed above her pelvis, watching my fingers slide in and out of
her pussy. The sight of her pussy lips spreading and pulling at my
fingers as I pumped them was more than I could handle, and I needed a

As my tongue flicked out and over her pussy lips, we both moaned deeply
and Andi began thrusting up against my hand harder and faster. I took
the hint and pumped my fingers as fast as I could inside her...each
time I pulled up and out, I spread my fingers slightly, pressing
against her pussy walls. Andi was moaning and whimpering, her head
rolling on the bed as I sucked her clit hard into my hot mouth.
Suddenly she gasped and called out "oh fuck fuck fuck, yes!" Her pussy
clenched down and spasmed around my fingers, and I held her body on the
bed with my chest and other arm as she bucked under me. I could feel
her cum flowing around my fingers, and I could hear it slurping as I
pumped my fingers furiously inside her throughout her orgasm. I
moaned over her clit and pressed my tongue firmly against it as she
bucked one last time. I lifted my head, but kept my fingers inside
her, motionless as she caught her breath. She opened her eyes and
sputtered, "Oh wow! Oh my god, Jaime. Thank you!"

I grinned and kissed her belly button and wiggled my fingers slightly
inside her. Her eyes widened and she gasped, "Oh fuck!" I started to
slide my fingers slowly inside her pussy again, taking my time,
pressing and curling inside of her.

I whispered, "Do you think you can cum again? I want to cum with you."

She moaned and nodded, "Yes, but it might be soon!" I grinned and moved
my body over hers, kneeling on either side of her head. I immediately
felt her lips and tongue slide over and suck at my pussy. I pulled my
fingers out of her moistness, sucked my fingers as clean as time would
allow and bent my head over her gorgeous cunt. I let my body weight
rest completely above her and felt her slowly sliding her tongue around
my moistness. I cupped my hands under and around her ass, holding her
tight against me and felt her hands cup up around my ass as well. I
smiled into her pussy as I noticed her tiny pink asshole grasping for
air, but chuckled to myself and decided that would be another time.

I was lapping at her pussy, cleaning her up from the last time when I
suddenly gasped, feeling two of her fingers slide inside my pussy. I
lifted my head and moaned, "Give me another finger, Babe, please!" I
felt her tongue press hard against my clit, and suddenly another finger
slid inside my pussy. I rolled my body above her and pressed my face
as hard against her pussy as I could, keeping my tongue stiff, I fucked
it down into her pussy. I felt her gasp against me and suddenly pulled
completely off her. She moaned and protested a bit, but I turned
around quickly and laid my body over her's again, taking her protest
away as I slid my soaked tongue deep into her mouth. I felt her suck
at my tongue, and I knocked my pussy against her's, grinding clit to
clit. Her hips bucked against mine and I repositioned one more time,
sitting up and leaning back, sliding my pussy tight up against her's,
intertwining our legs so we were basically facing each other and
holding our bodies up with our elbows, grinding wet pussy to wet pussy.

"Cum on babe. Cum for me again, let's mix our cum!" I gasped. I
lifted a hand and rubbed my fingers over first her clit and then my
own, switching between our two pleasure buds. Suddenly we were both
swearing again and bucking our hips against each other. I rubbed hard
over our clits and slid a finger between us, pumping it back and forth
between our pussies. Andi called out, and I stopped being able to
concentrate on anything other than my screaming pussy. We bucked and
ground harder and harder against each other as we both orgasmed yet
again. The idea of mixing our cum and cumming pussy to pussy with this
gorgeous 18 year old sent my mind reeling and my body jerked
uncontrollably against her. I moaned loudly, watching her tits bob as
she thrust against me, her back arch, and her lips parted as she panted
through orgasm. As our bodies started to slow down, we smiled at each
other and rolled our hips slowly, feeling our pussies slide easily over
each other.

I disentangled our legs and crawled up next to her again, lying on my
back. She rolled to her side and snuggled up against me, kissing my
neck and up to my lips. "Mmmm, baby, that was so amazing!"

I smiled, and agreed, "We have to make things worth while. It's not
like we can just hop into bed whenever we feel like it back at my

Andi giggled, "Do you think Craig is imagining us in his bed?"

I grinned, "Oh, I'm sure he is! Heh, maybe sometime we could let him
join us...then we'd have lots more access to his place, and we wouldn't
have to worry about my mom and dad."

Andi trailed a finger over my breast and swirled it around my nipple,
"Mmm, I'd be willing, as long as I could watch you with him also."

"God, Babe, you are too amazing." I sighed as we kissed one last time
and snuggled up to sl**p.

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1 year ago
Hmm. - handcuffs & blindfold for him? Ice cubes and feathers to drive him crazy? Use your imagination...
1 year ago
LOL.....hmmm...maybe he should come home early and interrupt all our fun? ;)
1 year ago
Well let's bring Craig to the party then? We guys want to get our peckers into this story!