Fantasy Turned Reality

Another EARLY story, written many years ago with the help of a friend. Please comment! :)


Quick explanation: I wrote the first and last part before and after the
*** marks. My male friend treated me to the second part. Hope you
enjoy! I love feedback!

I love long hot showers because we have a shower head that has a few
different settings on it: gentle shower, hard massage and one that is
only a beating, single, stream of water....that's my favorite. ;)
Actually, I think I'll go take a shower as soon as I'm done writing to
you. Usually, I walk around naked for awhile before I get into the
shower, getting shampoo and soap ready, making sure my towels are
available and of course, letting my fingers trail softly over my
nipples and pussy in anticipation of the shower.

I usually set the shower to very warm to begin with and on the gentle
shower setting. There is also a shower stool in our bathroom, and I
take that in the shower with me. Once in the shower, I stand under the
waterfall, running my hands over my body and through my hair, generally
soaking myself down.

Eventually, I end up laying on my back, legs spread, on the stool,
facing the water and letting it rain over my breasts and tickle at my
pussy. I let my fingers dip a bit more into my pussy, probing gently,
circling my clit. I can feel the little streams of water running over
my breasts and past my pussy lips.

Then I think of you watching me and touching yourself. I spread my pussy
lips with two fingers and rub a bit more firmly at my clit. I can feel
the water splashing against my slit. It's time to change the shower
setting. I like to make the water a bit cooler now, since my body has
been heated up in the hot shower, the temperature change makes my
nipples stand up and my hot pussy shudders with the contact.

I also switch the shower head to the single, heavy stream of water. I
can't take the shower head off the wall, but I can adjust it to fall
against my pussy when I lay back on the stool. Oh god that feels good.
I let the water beat against my clit for a bit and then I turn over to
kneel on the stool. I lower my upper body and arch my back to allow the
heavy water to shoot against my pussy from behind. I imagine that this
is really turning you on and I pump my body back against the water a
bit. The water hitting from my ass down to my pussy from behind is
almost more than I can's better than any vibrator.

At this point I'm imagining that you would like to either bury your
tongue or enter that hard cock into my pussy from behind. I reach
beneath my body and use my fingers to spread my pussy lips wider and to
let the water pound against my clit and wet hole. By this time, I'm
moaning and wishing I could grasp the water like I would grasp your
cock and guide it deep inside me.

Now I turn over again, lay with my back flat on the stool and spread my
legs wide. The water is again pounding against my clit and I slip a
finger deep in my pussy, pumping with the water pressure. My other hand
is pinching my nipple and kneading my sensitive breasts. I can't
control my moaning anymore, and I call out as the water seems to hit me
at just the right spot. Even with all the water, I can feel how slick
my pussy is. I imagine you hopping in the shower and burying your cock
deep inside me, the water pounding on your back as you pump into me. I
arch my back trying to "get closer" to the pounding water, lifting my
ass off the stool, imagining you closing your eyes and moaning while
you press harder and faster inside of me. The whole time, my fingers
are sliding in and out of my pussy and the water is splashing and
pouring over my clit.

I begin to pant and gasp and I let the water pound against my slick
pussy. I can feel the orgasm starting and I buck against the stream of
water, not caring that the stream is no longer right on my pussy, my
fingers are doing all the work now. I can feel tiny streams of water
race from my pussy over my belly and around my tits before it finally
drops off my body over my shoulders. Even though the water is cool, my
body is full of heat and the cold water against my skin makes every
sensation heightened.

Again, I call out as I pump my fingers deep into my throbbing pussy. I
can almost see you standing between my legs, thrusting in time with my
orgasm, cumming yourself, the water washing over us. After my orgasm,
it's hard to keep my clit under the pounding water. It's almost too
much sensation. I move lower on the stool and let the water pound
against my belly. My fingers are slowing on my clit and in my pussy,
massaging. My breathing slows and I lick my lips and smile, wondering
what you would have done if you were really there in the shower with me

You begin to pickup the stool and leave the shower, you look up, and
there I just came around the corner. The look of sheer astonishment at
seeing me there just as you had been imagining, naked and hard as a
rock. I ask you if you are surprised to see me and you nod your head
still astonished at seeing me there.

I then walk over to you and take the stool from you and set it back down
in the shower, telling you we will need that. You reach down to turn on
the water and turn the shower to the gentle setting and make the water
nice and warm. I join you in the shower and my back to the running
water, you hand me a bar of soap and tell me that you need a good
cleaning after what you have just been through.

I then begin to massage around your shoulders, one hand with the bar of
soap, the other just caressing the skin as I go. I turn you around so
that your back is to me and work my way down your arms, and then down
the sides of your body. Next I reach around to your stomach and work my
way up from there to your breasts. Taking my time nice and slow on your
breasts, I caress and massage them with my hands while I softly kiss
the back and sides of your neck.

Suddenly, you turn around and get a sneaky little smirk on your face and
grab my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees and you lift up one of
your legs and put your foot up on the side of the tub, so as to expose
your beautiful wet pussy to me. I get your idea and return the grin.
While massaging your thighs gently with the soap and my free hand, I
move my mouth to your pussy and begin to suck softly, then slide my
tongue up and down your slit, just pushing the tip in. Getting up to my
feet, I pick you up and set you down on the stool, then lean you back
and return to my knees. The water gently coming down on your body while
I work my tongue into your pussy and let it dance quickly in and out of
your pussy. As you arch your back in ecstasy and begin to moan a
little, I use my hands to pull apart your pussy lips and find your
clit, then I concentrate my tongue on it and gently suck on it, sending
your body into and advanced state of pleasure and with this, I don't
want you to go to orgasm just yet, so I stand back up and looking down
at your face looking up at me, I can tell that you want my cock now
more than anything in the world. So, I grab my rock hard cock, and
slide it into your soaking wet vagina causing you to give out a little
yelp and throw your legs up over my shoulders.

I then slide you forward a little on the stool so that your back is what
is being supported by the stool, and my hands are supporting your sexy
little ass. Then starting slowly, I begin to slide my cock in and out
of your vagina picking up speed to a medium paced rhythmic beat making
sure with each forward thrust to completely engulf my hard got into the
depths of your pussy. The water pouring over us is causing our hot
bodies to sweat and heightens the pleasure of each thrust. The heavy
breathing and moaning that you are letting off lets me know that you
are enjoying the experience and so I begin to pickup the pace, with
your ass still suspended in mid air by just my hands, you can only use
the leverage of your legs over my shoulders to rock yourself in rhythm
with my thrusts. Suddenly, as the pace becomes faster and faster and
the slapping of our skin together gets louder and louder, your
breathing becomes very heavy and the muscles of your pussy begin to
tighten as you are reaching orgasm, and we both begin to moan loudly,
echoing throughout the bathroom as we reach orgasm together as my
pulsing cock floods your already dripping vagina. I lean down and kiss
you on the lips as we cum and our tongues dance in each others mouths
while we are experiencing the greatest of ecstasies. We then wash each
other off and as we leave the bathroom, we look at each other and get
that little sneaky grin on our faces again....

*** I lead you by the hand to the deck outside. I have this thing about
water and the Jacuzzi is looking really nice tonight. You immediately
know what i'm thinking and wrap one arm around me from behind, toying
with a nipple. The other hand pulls my hair out of the way so you can
lean down to kiss and nuzzle my neck.

I smile as i turn around and kiss up your neck from your adam's apple to
your lips. You feel no hesitation from me as i slide my tongue deep
inside your mouth, rolling it with yours.

I break long enough to lead you into the Jacuzzi. Both of us shiver
feeling the warm water slide over our cooling bodies. The mix of
evening air, the lasting effects of our recent jaunt in the shower and
the Jacuzzi make us both as ready as before we hit the shower. I make
sure you are comfortable on the bottom step. You lean down to kiss my
lips, your tongue dancing with mine.

I moan softly, wrapping my arms around your neck and my legs around your
waist. I can feel your hot cock against my skin. I keep the passionate
kiss going. Running my hands down your back and my finger tips tease
your ass and to your crack.

Your cock is just below the surface of the water and I look down with a
smile and back up at your eyes. We both know what I'm thinking as I
slowly submerge my body in the water up to my neck...your cock floating
just below my chin. I rest my hands on your knees for support and so as
not to float away. I take a breath and lower my chin, lips and my nose
into the water...letting my tongue lick over the head of your used
cock. I feel you suck in a deep breath and use one of my hands to grasp
the base of your cock and then slowly suck it to the back of my throat.
Even with the water all around us, i can still taste both of us on your
cock. I release your cock long enough to come up for some more air, my
hair floating around my neck, some floating out to tease your cock just
below the surface.

I unwrap my fingers from your cock and slide my hands around your ass,
letting the water help me lift you to the next step. I hear you gasp as
your wet cock is hit by the cool evening air. Both of us are beginning
to feel small shivers, some from pleasure, some from the air on our wet
bodies. Without warning, I again pull your cock into my mouth, rolling
my tongue over it's length. When i release your cock this time, I stay
close to your body and slide up your skin, never losing contact with
your cock. You feel your shaft slide down my chin, between my breasts,
over my belly button and finally to my slick pussy, now out of the
water. As your cock is traveling my body, my lips are traveling your's.
From just above your cock, to your belly button, from your abs to a
short stop at each nipple and back to suck on your adam's apple.

I spend a bit of time licking at and sucking at your throat, the whole
time I'm pressing and massaging my body against your cock, enjoying the
feeling of it's warmth against my cooling skin. I feel my pussy
contract in anticipation and lift myself over your cock, finally losing
contact until i rest my pussy against your belly and slide back down,
resting my slick slit against your again hardened cock. I spend a
couple long seconds sliding my slit along your cock and slide my hands
back down your back and slip the very tip of a finger into the top of
your ass crack, feeling your ass clench against my touch.

I continue to slide my slick pussy along your cock, stroking it with my
lower lips. I slip a hand down between us and switch between rubbing at
my clit and the base of your cock. Without warning, I suddenly slide
your cock inside me, squeezing my pussy and gasping as your cock slides
deeper and deeper. After all the slow, gradual fucking we've had
earlier, i want to make you cum quickly.

I feel your hands grasp my hips to help lift me off your cock and back
on again. There is no slow dipping this time, i begin to immediately
rock my hips over your cock, gasping and moaning as i ride you. I lean
back into your hands, my own hands raking over your chest and down to
my clit as we pump our hips together. In a brief instant, I imagine how
sore our backs will be from slamming on the side of pool, but who cares
now? All we feel now is pleasure as we fuck harder and faster.

I feel my breasts bounce with each thrust and suddenly your tongue and
lips are questing for a nipple. My body struggles between enjoying your
tongue on my breast and feeling your cock slide up inside me. I squeeze
my pussy with with each stroke, milking your precum out of your cock.
Your hands become more insistent on my hips, lifting me up and slamming
me back down over your cock.

I'm through pretending that i'm a quiet lover and with each thrust I
gasp, "Yes, fuck me!" I realize I've been keeping my eyes closed to
focus all attention on my pussy and i open them to watch your face
against my breasts. I reach down and lift your lips to mine and take
you in a hard kiss, never stopping the pumping of my hips over yours.

Suddenly, I feel the wave of another orgasm start to spread through my
pussy and i clench my muscles over your cock, stroking you, jerking you
off with my pussy. I call out and pump, pausing a half second with each
downward thrust to feel your cock deep inside me...the first waves of
my orgasm mounting and causing me to lose all sense of space and time.
You moan loudly and i feel your cock respond inside me as your own
orgasm starts. I lean down, pressing my body against yours and take
your lips with mine as we cum together. The wash of your cum inside me
moves me into another orgasm. We both call out, moan and gasp as our
hips try to move even faster. You grunt and moan, your cock jumping
inside me, not for the first time tonight. I can feel your cum dripping
down my thighs as you pump more and more deep inside me. Our gasping
slows and we both shudder.

After the hard pounding of our hips, we both feel ourselves slowing a
bit and I take longer strokes, still milking your cock with my pussy. I
lean in for another kiss and make it slow and sensual as we both
shudder over the last of our pleasure. Your hands slowly slide up my
body and around to massage my breasts. Our kiss is long and slow, our
tongues gliding slowly over each other.

I lift off your cock, smile and sigh in pleasure. I can't resist one
more kiss on your adam's apple and i feel you chuckle beneath my lips.
I smile and wrap my arms around your neck. I squeeze your shoulders and
then lift my body away from yours.

We better head inside, our hot bodies are beginning to shiver in the
cool's getting chilly out here.
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7 months ago
You're most welcome, Sir. ;)
8 months ago
Story got me off. Had to pull out my cock about half way thru. Thanks
9 months ago
Horny is good. ;) Glad I could help.
9 months ago
9 months ago
Thanks for the good write! We guys always are interested in how a girl experiences sex, what turns you on, how the feelings spread. One lover I had loved describing how it felt to have hot semen flood her vagina - I was so turned on by her descriptions that I had to keep doing her...
9 months ago
I especially liked the jacuzzi part. I've been fantasizing about a woman riding me and breast feeding me at the same time. Just the thought gets me going.