Foreign Exchange, Part 2 of 3

Here is the next note about Andi, our 18 year old foreign exchange
student, that I sent to my online friend. If you haven't read the
first part to this story, I would advise you to go back and do so
first...ENJOY! ;)


It's unbelievable, but I finally fucked Andi!! I'll try to give you
some specifics...I was kind of out of it during the whole thing. The
sensations and pleasure were so much and so unbelievable. I think
because it felt kind of other worldly. ;)

The week leading up to was very tense between Andi and I. We both knew
my parents were going to be going out, and that we were going to have
some good alone time. Not to mention the fact that we've both talked
to different people about it, so both our minds were full of all these
images that our online friends were putting in our heads. I think
that's why it all happened so quickly. I told Andi I couldn't believe
how far we'd gone, so fast...but it's so much fun!

Okay, I'll try to tell you more about it. The next time we talk, feel
free to ask me any questions. Talking about it is a turn on almost as
much as actually doing it.

As my parents left, we watched them pull out of the
driveway, and as they turned the corner, we kinda fell into each
other's arms. We started kissing and exploring each others mouths.
Her tongue slid over mine and I moaned into her mouth when she sucked
at mine. Our hands were roaming and caressing through each other's
clothes. I know I told you before she has perfect B's...they are so
firm and her nipples were so hard through her clothing. (Damn, I might
have to lock myself in the bathroom after

I could tell she was being a bit hesitant, and that she was going to let
me lead. So, I started undressing her first. LOL! I got her out of
her shirt, pulled it over her head and licked at the top of her
cleavage while reaching behind her to undo her bra. As soon as I
started helping her undress, it was like we couldn't get out of our
clothes fast enough. Soon we were both naked. As you know we have
already seen each other naked, but the idea that i was going to get to
touch her, and her me, this time was making me crazy.

She leaned over and kissed my breast first. Babe, this was the first
time she had ever touched a woman's skin in a sexual context (unless
you count the few MAJOR HOT kisses we had shared before this and after
we first discovered the attraction) and as she sucked on my nipple, I
became instantly wet. I am vocal when I'm turned on, and I started
moaning right away. My hands were reaching down and massaging her
breasts by this time also. Her skin was so hot and so smooth. She
looked up at me and suggested we take it upstairs...heh...considering
we were still standing in the living room.

Once upstairs we spent quite a bit of time just exploring each other
with our hands and kissing and licking. I started by running my
fingertips from her earlobe, down her neck, over her collar bone, and
around the plump side of her breast (gasping along with her, I might
add). My fingers continued to travel over her body, over her belly and
abs and down a thigh, knee and finally over the heel of her foot. Her
fingers spent more time on my breasts, pinching my nipples gently and
kneading the skin. I think she was just fascinated to be touching
breasts that weren't hers. ;) *fans herself, getting a little warm
here* We stayed clear of each other's pussies at first. But then we
were laying on our sides, facing each other, and I slid my fingers down
her belly and brushed her pussy lips. The electricity of touching Andi
between her legs caused her to moan loudly and arch against me.

We stopped being so slow and kinda attacked each I was
rubbing her clit and sliding my fingers along her slit and she slid her
fingers into my pussy. OMG I get so wet! Her finger slid right
inside of me, and we spent the next few minutes finger fucking each
other and kissing, fucking each other's pussies and mouths. She came
first and after some more rubbing and a little nipple sucking, I came
soon after. It's a good thing we were completely alone, because I know
I called out a few times.

She asked me if I wanted a taste and again, I almost attacked her. Heh,
I think she had been wanting that anyway, and one of our friends kept
talking about how she wanted to see me eating Andi out. So I leaned
down and slid my tongue over her pussy and then slid it inside. She
came almost immediately again...FUCK, it was so amazing. She was
panting and whimpering and suddenly her pussy clamped down on my
tongue. I can only compare her to caramel. I suppose that sounds
cheesy. Anyway, needless to say, I knew I would want her more than
that one time.

After that, we 69ed, cause she wanted to try what is talked about so
much on that porn she surfs for. LOL I told her, "Next time, forget
the porn and tell me you want to play!" She giggled and asked to be on
top. She is such a vixen. She was on top and was able to grind her
pussy into my face and use her top leverage to push our bodies together
and enjoy my pussy. All I could do was moan and buck against her, while
trying to lick at and suck on her wet pussy. I'm starting to wonder if
I really am the first woman she's been with. She was such a natural!

I don't know how much more I can tell you now...i'm very wet from
remembering. We spent lots of time kissing and touching and cuddling
in between and made each other cum at least 3 more times. We had 5
hours together!! We took a shower at the end and stuck the bedspread
in the wash *giggle* Thank goodness we got dressed when we did cause
my parents came home less than a half hour later! lol I suppose we
could have gone into our separate bedrooms and acted like we were
getting ready for bed, it was quite late. But we were safe. Now we tease each other and kiss whenever we are alone. I'm
still fucking one of my guy friends when I get the chance, and I think
she has picked out a lucky guy from school as well. I suppose it's
better that we don't get to emotionally attached to each other. She'll
have to go home some time. And it's better if my parents don't see us
getting all moony eyed over each other. LOL

For now, we'll enjoy each other when we can. A nice benefit of living
with your play partner. ;) I hope I can tell you more about our
adventures sometime soon!

*kisses slowly and deeply* Hope you were able to enjoy reading
this...let me know.

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