Foreign Exchange, Part 1 of 3

Another one of my early stories...please enjoy, and gets me hot, REALLY!! :P


A brief background: I'm 21, still live at home, and a sexually active
bi-woman. My parents continue to believe I'm their little innocent
angel. If only they knew. Anyway, this year, we've taken on a foreign
student from Australia. She is staying with us while she goes to
school. She's 18 and so hot! She's about 5'2" (2" taller than my
height), with deep green eyes, sandy brown hair and has the most
perfect B sized tits. I'm guessing she's about 107 - 110lbs, not far
from me. I found out she has been chatting online with one of my bi
friends. Lucky me, this mutual friend convinced us to explore with
each other. Andrea got things started. Here is the note I sent to my
friend to tell her about all the fun we had thanks to her...(possibly
more notes to be posted later.)


Hey Babe, You are never going to believe what happened tonight. You
know about Andrea, our foreign exchange student, right? HA! How could
you not! I talk about her all the time. My parents went out tonight
and Andi and I were home alone. I know, it's already a good story. I
was in my bedroom putting laundry away when Andi came in. She plopped
herself down on my bed and started with some chit-chat. She finally
started getting closer to the point when she mentioned you.
LOL...don't you feel special. ;) She told me she's been talking to
you and you helped encourage her to ask me some personal questions.
She also didn't seem too surprised when I mentioned that I know you.
So, we started out by talking about you, and our individual experiences
with you. (Thank you!! lol) She said she had been talking to you
about experiences with women, and that she was really interested. So,
I nodded (was probably bright red the whole time) and mentioned a few
of my real life experiences with women. Needless to say, I was
starting to heat up and I know she was too. If I didn't know better
(heck, maybe I don't) I think she was trying to steam things up, by
squirming around and adjusting her know, little things. You
said she was a natural and I think she was less nervous than I was! She
took the first major step...AND ASKED ME TO SHOW HER HOW I
MASTURBATE!!! Did you put her up to that??? Well, after I got over
the initial shock and pinched myself to see if it was a dream, lol, I
asked her if she was really serious and if so we could try it together.
Well, she was definately serious. The rest of this email is more or
less an account of what happened, with a few quotes, but mostly my I talked about things, we both did what I was talking
about...ENJOY... ;)

I said it would probably be better if we warmed up to it, for both our
sakes (probably more for mine) and mentioned that just touching my
breasts through my clothes often gets me going. I showed her how i
pinch my nipples through my clothing and massage and love my breasts.
The hottest thing was watching her do the same thing. I'm squirming
just thinking about it again... After a bit, we took off our shirts and
bras. We've seen each other naked before, (our bathroom connects our
bedrooms), but in this situation, it was so much hotter. We were
breathing heavier and every so often, one of us would let out a little
moan while we watched the other and played with our tits. Her nipples
were standing straight out and she kept licking and biting her lip as
she touched herself. Babe, I had everything I could do not to touch
her. But I didn't want to go that fast. Then I said I like to strip
down to my panties and run my hands up and down my thighs and dip my
fingers across my crotch. We took off our pants and sat across from
each other on the bed. My pussy was already quite wet and when she
immediately pressed her fingers against her clit and moaned, I couldn't
help but massage firmly into my own pussy, getting my panties really
wet. I can't believe she didn't hesitate at all. It was almost like
she was directing it, even though I was doing most of the talking. She
asked me if I like to talk dirty or think dirty things while I touch
myself. And I said, "Yes, I like to imagine someone else is touching
me, or licking me. And honestly, the word 'fuck' always turns me on.
It's the naughtiness of it." So she said, "Fuck, Jaime, I wish I would
have asked you this sooner! Fuck this feels good!" lol, needless to
say, she was more than ready to help the mood. When she said my name I
almost jumped her. I know, you're thinking I should Maybe
some other time. ;) Without saying anything, I stood up and slipped out
of my panties. I'm cleanly shaved right now, and it was obvious that I
was almost dripping juices. She did the same and sat right back down
and spread her thighs wide. Sitting across from each other, we could
mirror what the other was doing. Every so often, I would reach up and
pinch my nipples and massage my tits. She said she wanted to watch me
a bit and kept her legs spread and her hands on her inner thighs,
framing her little light brown bush. (I have a feeling she keeps it
trimmed.) So I started by running my finger down the length of my slit
and parting my pussy lips to circle my clit. She was leaning forward
as she watched and I almost asked her if she wanted a taste...fuck, I'm
dripping now too. I told her that I usually wait a little while before
dipping a finger inside, and as I continued to rub my juices over my
pussy lips and massage at my clit, she followed my directions. I
couldn't help but moan loudly as i watched her slide her finger inside
her bush and spread her juices, pinching slightly at her clit. I
stopped talking in sentences soon after this because my pussy was
screaming and she kept moaning and panting. Finally I dipped a finger
deep into my pussy and watched as she did the same. I showed her how I
like to dip my middle finger and pointer once I've opened up a bit more
and circle my clit with my thumb all at the same time. By this time,
we were both moaning and lifting our hips off the bed once in awhile.
The sounds of our fingers slurping in our soaked pussies was enough to
send anyone over the top. Once I said, "Fuck Andi, you are so hot,
girl! You don't know how much I've wanted this!" And she replied, "I
watched you do this once, from the bathroom, and I've wanted to finger
fuck myself along with you ever since." (Can you believe her??) We
were both working up a frenzy, pumping our fingers deep in our pussies
and stopping to rub our clits furiously and she started to call out
first, moaning and panting that she was going to cum. Of course,
watching her thrash around, her fingers buried and clenched inside her
pussy, her juices dripping on her fingers, I soon went over the edge
myself, calling out, "Fuck yes! Pump those fingers in your hot little
pussy!" (It still feels like this was all an erotic dream!) By now the
bed cover was quite wet with our juices and we were both panting and
slowing our fingers against our clits. She smiled at me as she cupped
her palm over her pussy and clenched her thighs closed. At this point,
we were calm enough to start feeling a little embarassed, so I told her
I was glad she had come to me, glad that she had trusted me. I got out
a couple towels and we cleaned ourselves up. (Hehe, I ended up doing
an extra load of laundry with the towels and bed cover. And I have to
admit, when she wasn't looking I took a deep breath of her scent on the
towel. She is SO fucking sweet...) After that, we got in our pjs and
watched a re-run comedy on tv to keep things Then she said
she was a bit tired and I let her go off by herself to think things
over or dream about what happened, who knows. I know it's going to be
kind of awkward at first after this, but I think we'll be that much
closer also. I had also told her that we wouldn't discuss this again
until she was ready, and only if she wanted to. I think the weirdest
thing is going to be when our eyes meet again, and in front of my
parents...*blush* Right now I'm all on fire and don't know what to
think. OMG BABE!!! All this happened about an hour ago, and I don't
know if I'm ever going to get to sl**p tonight! lol I think I'll send
this to you, and then check to see if you are online. ;) If you are,
I'm going to have you read this before I say anything. I hope it
wasn't too :)


*licks and kisses* Jaime
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6 months ago
Don't know why it is, but girl/girl stories get me just as hard as girl/boy! Love your descriptions - I can almost smell the musk...