Catching You at a Good Time

One of my VERY first pieces...written a very long time ago. I hope you can still enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments!!

Background Info: This morning I emerged from the shower to discover my
parents had left to run errands. As always happens when I find myself
completely alone in the house, I was instantly horny. I haven't talked
to one of my online friends in awhile, so I decided to send him a
little treat. (He happens to be the person that co-wrote my "Fantasy
Into Reality" story.)

The following is the exact email I sent him. I apologize that the
format changes midway through, but I think you'll get the idea.
Comments and votes are always welcome!! Enjoy!!


*kisses slowly, hands sliding over your chest, around your waist and up
your back*

Mmmm, hi babe...

I miss talking to you. *licks over your jawline to your ear, nibbling

Those short little notes we sent the other day were a terrible tease.
Have you tried re-installing MSN Messenger?

*slides her hands up inside your shirt, massaging your back muscles, as
she licks slowly back along your jaw line to the other earlobe*

It's weird, but I think I miss the pre-teasing the know,
pretending to try to control myself while I couldn't keep my hands and
lips off of you?

*kisses your lips slowly again, deepening the kiss and sliding her
tongue inside your lips to swirl around your tongue*

And then, those couple times when we finally had the opportunity to
enjoy each other fully.

*slides her hands back around in front of you, undoes your pants and
slips her fingers inside the front, caressing gently through your

Mmmm, I wish you could respond to me right now. I just got out of the
shower...and the house is empty...

*makes the kiss more intense as she slides your pants off your hips,
letting them drop, her fingers casually roaming back over your thighs
to massage over the growing bulge in your shorts*

Can you feel this yet? I hope you're alone, so you can at least ease
some of the discomfort that I hope is happening in your pants right

*kisses your lips in 2 short kisses then slowly bends her knees, sliding
down your body, caressing her cheek and lips over your chest, through
your shirt, stopping when she's kneeling in front of you*

*moans* Baby, I wish I really was kneeling in front of you right now.

*slips her fingertips inside the waistband of your shorts, tugging them
slowly over your hips, running her fingers inside the waistband to the
front, lifting it away from your body, slowly lowering it, letting only
the tips of her fingers brush over your warm cock gently as she slides
your shorts lower and finally past your knees so they drop*

*Leans in until her nose and breath are barely off your skin, inhaling
deeply and then slowly letting it out in a cool stream over your bare
cock, watching it twitch slightly*

*looks up* I want you so badly.

*opens her lips and slowly slides her relaxed tongue out, barely
swirling the tip over the head of your cock, her fingers travel over
your hips, giving your ass a little squeeze, one staying to cup around
an ass cheek, while the other caresses back around and inside your
thigh, up to gently massage over your balls*

*moans* Babe, is the room swirling yet?

*opens her lips and slides them down over the head of your cock, their
warmth and moisture enclosing it completely...while her tongue slides
flat against the underside*

I begin to suck gently, watching your eyes as I pull you deeper inside
my mouth, moaning whenever I feel your cock respond to my caresses. My
fingers slide over your balls and to the base of your cock, massaging
up against the underside. Unable to hold back any longer, the teasing
making me almost as crazy as I hope you are by now.....I suck harder
and deeper, pulling your cock into my hot mouth, moaning so the
vibrations slide down and through your cock.

My fingers get more insistent and wrap around the base of your cock,
pumping as I suck over the head and the first few inches. I can feel
you holding yourself back, unsure about whether or not you should
thrust into my mouth like you want to. My eyes raise to yours and I
push further down your cock, swallowing and gagging slightly as I feel
you slide down into my throat, my nose just touching your pelvis. I
can feel my pussy moisten my lower lips, and I wiggle my body slightly,
causing your cock to slide in my mouth and throat. I pull back,
gasping as your cock clears my air passage, moaning and nodding up at
you...telling you to enjoy my mouth.

I feel your hips and cock respond as you slide out until just the head
of your cock is between my lips, my fingers massage your balls more
urgently and suddenly you're thrusting deep into my mouth and throat.
My body responds, arching against you in pleasure. My hands grasp your
thrusting hips and I hold my mouth wide, watching your eyes as much as
I can, moaning and gasping each time your thrusts pull out of my
throat. I feel your fingers curl in my hair and a bit of saliva drips
from my lips as you fuck into my mouth and throat. My pussy is on
fire, as if that is where you are pounding your cock inside my body.

Suddenly I feel you tense up and pull back hand comes up
immediately to wrap around the base of your cock, pumping as I suck and
lick at the head of your cock. I'm soon rewarded with a groan of
pleasure from your mouth and streams of thick cum across my tongue from
your shaft. I suck and lick eagerly as your cock jumps in my hands,
moaning and gasping with you as your body shoots through it's orgasm.

Now you begin to slowly pump the head of your cock inside my moist, warm
mouth and I begin to focus on cleaning up your cock as it twitches and
jumps in my hand and mouth, now gently cleansing the sensitive head,
letting you feed me a few last drops. We both moan deeply in pleasure,
I release your cock, and kiss your thigh, then straighten up, kissing
the hollow below your Adam's apple, pressing gently against your body.
I rest my head on your chest and feel your arms wrap completely around
me. I look up at you and suggest with a smile, "Maybe you should sit
down." You chuckle and pull me back with you, curling up on the sofa.

Mmmm, I hope you enjoyed that, Babe. I was so in the mood to send you
another little story...if you have the chance, let me know your

*kisses softly* Jaime
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7 months ago
Love exploding deep down a throat, or in the case of this story, My hand.
8 months ago
After you clean me up, I kiss your ear and nibble your neck. Then I brush your lips with mine as I let my hands drift down to your breasts and lightly trace their fullness through your top. Your nipples are hardening as I gently circle them, urging them to erect sensitivity.
You moan, pressing them against my hands so I tug your top up and off, allowing your globes to swing freely as I now knead them gently, feeling the woman flesh respond.

We kiss as my hand slowly traces its way between your heaving breasts, down your stomach to your navel. I bend and tongue your navel, then lick my way up to the sensitive underside of your tits as you shiver and goosebumps raise. I tease my tongue up near your stiff nipples as you groan with delight...

I slip my hand down your belly towards your loins. I can feel the heat radiating from your sex, and I trace my fingers over your mound to your thighs, the warmth as if you have a fever below. I slip a finger up inside your panties, and brush your trimmed pubic hair with the back of my hand. Your respond by grinding your pubis against my hand, your breath coming in shorter pants.

I slide your panties off and nuzzle my way down your belly to your sex. You smell of woman's musk, and your vagina is wetting your thighs as your arousal becomes urgent. "Ummh that feels good!" you gasp as I squeeze your swollen outer labia together, massaging them until the juice trickles out.

I part your turgid lips to find your inner folds drenched with your juices. I wet my finger with them, then raise it to your lips and you greedily suck your own honey off my fingers and sigh with need. Your own hand frasps your breast and tugs at your nipples, now painfully erect. I lower my head to your groin, and inhale your aroma as my tongue laps at your swollen inner labia, feeling the folds of your pussy. I avoid your clitoris, already bulging with your need to be satisfied.

I lick your introitus, from your opening up past your peehole to the bottom of your clitoris, then take your hard twat into my mouth and suck on it, running my tongue over it in circles. Your back arches and your belly twitches as your passion mounts.

I slip a finger into your tight vagina, and you gasp as I run my fingers up your inner ridges. A second finger follows and I can feel your pussy contracting around them, then relaxing as I rub your cunt to the rythmn of your rocking pelvis as your body responds, bucking against my hand. My lips are drenched as your opening oozes yet more sex lotion, and your chest heaves as you near your climax.

I move my wet finger from your vagina and as you tremble and moan "God don't stop - DON"T STOP!!" I slide my now slippery finger up your anus and you spasm as your orgasm hits. Your hips force your clit against my face, your thighs clamp down upon my head and you grab my head, grinding it into your twitching pussy as you cum. Again and again your belly clenches as you spasm in delight, panting with each wave of pleasure. A sudden flood of sweet liquid fills my mouth and coats my lips as you squirt your passion, overwhelming my eager attention.

I lift my head from your gate of paradise and kiss you as you eagerly lick your love honey from my face and you sigh with contentment and say "That was so good - thank you!"
9 months ago
*blush* so glad you enjoyed it...
9 months ago
I would love you to fuck me! wow!!!