Feeling A Little Aggressive

Wrote this for a woman friend...it's for the ladies, or men who like to watch... ;)

I woke up early this morning and all I can think about is sex. It's
kind of annoying really, because, instead of going back to sl**p, i'm
imagining shoving you against the wall and sliding my hand inside your
panties. I imagine kissing you roughly, trying to slide my tongue down
your throat as my fingers shove up inside your hot pussy, feeling you
gasp with half hearted protest and then moan when my fingers curl up
inside you. I step back long enough to order you to strip. When your
breasts and pussy are bare, I push you back against the wall again,
holding you there with my arm across the top of your cleavage and my
mouth searching for your hard nipples. My teeth find your nipple and
bite down enough to get a squeal out of you. I begin sucking hard,
generally trying to get the non-existant milk out of you. My fingers
press between your legs again and i shove 3 inside your now sopping
cunt and twist them inside you. I moan, "you want more than my fingers
fucking that hot pussy?" I grin and remove my fingers long enough to
grab the empty beer bottle from the table next to you. I press the
bottle to your lips and tell you to lick it, imagining watching you
suck cock. Feeling impatient, i pull you around and push you to the
bed, ordering you to spread your legs as i climb over top of you. I
kneel between your legs and reach out to grab one of your large tits,
massaging and squeezing it, using it for support as my other hand holds
the bottle, teasing the opening against your clit. You're starting to
pant and whimper, so i slide the bottle down your slit, coating it with
your moisture. I continue to pinch your nipple, tugging on it as i
suddenly shove the bottle up inside your pussy. I moan loudly,
swearing as i watch the bottle neck disappear inside you. "Fuck you're
a hot slut! Do you like it when i take control?" I start to fuck the
bottle up into you, twisting it around and pulling it out to attack
your clit in between thrusts. I can feel my own pussy dripping with
excitement and I grin up at you. "Do you want to taste how hot I am
right now?" All you can do is moan as I shove the bottle faster and
deeper into your pussy. I pinch your nipple again and suddenly change
positions. My legs straddle your head and i grind my pussy down over
your face, letting you feel my moisture. I feel your tongue lick into
my pussy and i moan loudly, "that's it, make me cum on your face!" I
lean down on your body, feeling your tits press into my belly, my tits
on yours. I snake my tongue out and twist it around your clit as i
thrust the bottle deep inside you. "Oh fuck!" I notice your hands
have started to m***** me as well, you have pressed your finger into my
pink asshole and started pumping it in time with the bottle in your
pussy. As I buck in pleasure over you, I pull the wet bottle out of
you and suck hard at your clit and pussy, guiding the bottle down your
glistening slit to your ass. You immediately sense what i'm doing and
raise your knees around my head. I see your asshole grasping at air
and press the bottle tip against it, my tongue pressing flat against
your clit. A sudden nip on my clit from your teeth and i gasp, shoving
the bottle up your ass. You shudder beneath me and scream into my
pussy. I start to pump the bottle into your ass with one hand while i
bring my other hand up to your pussy, pressing 4 fingers deep inside
you, fucking both your beautiful holes. Suddenly I'm gasping and
swearing as the speed of your finger in my ass and the intensity of
your tongue and teeth on my pussy send me over the edge. I grind
against you, "fuck yes, i'm going to cum on your face! Fuck! Do you
like this bottle up your ass, slut?" I pound the bottle into you as my
fingers dig deep inside your pussy. Now I'm gasping and writhing on
top of you as my pussy suddenly gushes into your mouth and my ass
clenches down hard on your fingers. In response, i feel you clench
down on the bottle in your ass, making it hard to pump it deeper and i
call out with you as your pussy flows and gushes around my 4 fingers.
I leave the bottle buried in your ass and continue to shudder and moan,
grinding over you as i quickly lick at your pussy, scooping out your
cum with my fingers. Both of us have our thighs clamped on the others'
head and we rock side to side on the bed with our orgasms. I shudder
and gasp, coming back to reality again as my pussy tries to calm down.
I kiss and lick in long strokes over your soaked pussy, slowly removing
the bottle from your ass. I feel you gasp and moan against me when
your ass is suddenly empty and i wrap my hands and arms around your
body and ass, holding your pussy against me, slowly tonguing into your
pussy, moaning as your pussy clenches in response on my tongue. I lift
myself off of you and turn around, sliding my body down on yours,
pressing my pussy against yours, mixing the cum that we haven't licked
off of one another. I smile and lick up your throat to your lips,
tasting my juices as we kiss. We're both breathing heavily as our
mouths mix our cum as well. Our hands caress and fondle along our
sides and we shiver in pleasure, feeling our pussies spasming a bit as
they continue to calm down. I roll to the side, my arms wrapped around
you and we kiss and nuzzle, our breasts pressed together. I lick your
lips and smile, "Hope you enjoyed that babe."
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6 months ago
Watching something like this can be very pleasurable...unless you have tied their hands....
8 months ago
Actually, the anal fucking with the bottle is awesome, from my perspective as a male. I could enjoy this scene seated in a lounge chair in the corner.
8 months ago
I love to watch. Remember the episode in the carriage?

I want to hear your moans from the intensity of you making love or being made love to.
I want to smell your body when another woman pulls her hand out of your dripping pussy.
I want to see the lust in your eyes when she takes your clit between her lips.
I want to feel your body tremble as you reach orgasm.
I want to see you close your eyes when you are to tired to keep them open.

I have been waiting for that moment. The moment you are almost out of this world. At that moment I lift you up and pull you against my naked body. One arm around your chest and pushing your tits against my chest. When you try to open your eyes in surprise only a slight touch of your eye lids will make you keep the closed.

I'll slowly let you slide down my body. Your nipples drag across my chest. You stretch your legs. Your toes aiming down waiting for the moment I let you down on the floor. But then you feel something against the inside of your thigh. You realize it's not a woman that is holding you right now.

Of course you already knew. But the thing slowly sliding up your thigh makes it perfectly clear. You can feel my precum wetting your skin. Making the head slide more easy. Slowly, very slowly. You try to make yourself heavier. To make me let you down faster so you can feel that thick head hit its rightful place sooner, faster, harder.

I will not let you control the speed. If you try harder I even lift you up an inch or two. After two times you know you'd better not fight. Neither against nor for it.

Finally you feel the head nudge your swollen lips. You feel them open. You moan when you notice I stop with the head only halfway in. You try to get down again. My only reaction is to pull you up again. Letting your lips close again. I wait a minute. I kiss the top of your head as I let you slip down again. Waiting again with only the head inside your burning desire.

Then I let you go. I loosen my grip on your body and you fall down. Further, harder, faster. You can't help it but you have to open your eyes. The only thing you see is my smiling face. Just in time before you slam all the way down I tighten my arm again. Now you are under my control.

But weren't you already all the while?
From the minute just before you woke up.
Why did you think you where so horny?
8 months ago
I enjoyed it too. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be a woman being made love to?