Punishment for Playtime (His POV)


Her naked body writhed over my lap in pain and pleasure as I slapped my
hand across her upturned ass. I wanted to punish her, shame her, but
at the same time, I wanted to make her scream for more...


If you've known my girlfriend, Jaime, for any length of time, you know
she loves sex in any shape or form. In fact, she was laying across my
knees receiving punishment for just that reason. I know, I know, you
want to know why I would punish my girlfriend for loving the very thing
men are born wanting. Jaime has often been the dominant lover, the one
telling me she wanted more.

However, recently, she has become more submissive, wanting me to take
total control, treat her more like the slut she wants to be. I was
having trouble with the idea of shaming her, calling her names,
spanking her, getting a little rough. I mean, I was brought up to
treat a woman with respect, not to tell her she's a fucking whore who
deserves to be tied up and used. Ehem, okay so the idea always got me
hot, but I couldn't bring myself to actually do it until I started
catching her getting sexual with online friends.

I know she wanted me to catch her, see her in a state of arousal because
other men and women were turning her on, make me want to dominate her,
punish her. Well, it worked. It made me jealous. It made me want to
take control. It made me HOT! In fact, I love knowing that other men
want to fuck her. They want to know how it feels for her lips to wrap
around their hard cocks, suck them until they can't stand it anymore,
only to shoot their cum across her face and over her beautiful big
tits. But she's mine! I'm the one that gets to fuck her. I am the one
that gives her what she craves.

She started letting me read her emails and chat sessions. She has some
friends that she could tease into begging pools of jelly. Only, some
of her friends treat her like a whore, telling her what they want,
sending her emails with instructions for their next chat session.
Either way, the emails got her hot. They turned her on, and I started
realizing why there were a lot of times I didn't need to worry about
foreplay before burying my cock in her pussy.

So, I decided to take control.

If I saw that she was going to check her email, or talk to someone
online, I stopped her. I stopped her, and then told her she needed to
fuck me, not talk about fucking to some stranger online. I enjoyed
reading the emails that would start arriving when she had been offline
for some time...

"Jaime, I want to fuck you. I want to bury my cock down your
throat....Please come online tonight Jaime! I'm so horny! I need you
to ride my cock....etc etc...." They wanted to meet her in person.
They wanted to talk to her on the phone. They want, but they can't



"Is that what you want, Jaime? *SMACK* You should be making ME cum!

Her body arched over my legs as I slowly rubbed my palm over her
blushing ass, smoothing out the sore spots, making her moan. I slid my
fingertips down her inner thighs and slowly back up, letting them glide
over her pussy lips, feeling how wet she was from my spanking.

"MMM....spread your legs for me, slut." She moaned deeply, and I
pressed two fingers between her lower lips, feeling them slide inside
her slick, hot cunt, her muscles clench down, wanting my fingers
deeper. I pulled my fingers out and moaned as I caught her scent. I
kept her head turned down, knowing she would have enjoyed watching me
suck her pleasure off my fingers. I licked my fingers clean, slowly
enjoying the taste of things to come. She wiggled a bit on my lap and
I chuckled. I pushed my fingers back into her cunt, curling them
slightly, smiling at her responding moan.

"You want my fingers deeper, babe? You want me to slide my fingers
inside your pussy, fuck you until you cum for me?"

She nodded and whimpered, "Yes! Please!"

I grinned, and she gasped as I pulled my fingers out and slid them up
her spine, over the back of her neck, down her cheek and pushed them
inside her lips. "Suck on my fingers, Jaime. Taste what I did to
you." She sucked hard on my fingers, moaning and writhing on my lap as
she cleaned up her juices. I didn't think I could handle it much
longer, so I pushed her off my lap, smiling when she stuck her lip out,
looking beautiful in a pouting, naked heap on the floor.

She started to grin and crawl toward my lap. I had everything I could
do to order her to stop. I told her to go get the scarves. She
giggled, jumped up and rushed into the closet. I let out a rush of air
and wrapped my fingers around my aching cock. God, she made me hot!
When she returned, I let her watch me while I stroked my cock, looking
at her tits and her glistening pussy. When my eyes returned to her
face, she was biting her lower lip.

"See what you do to me, Jaime? Bring the scarves here, kneel at the
foot of the bed, facing me."

She did as I ordered, spreading her knees just a bit further than
necessary. I could see her shaved pussy was swollen and deep pink. I
shook my head and decided that would come soon enough. I took one of
her wrists and wrapped a scarf around it, tying it snug, but not too
tight. Then I attached the other end to the bed post, effectively
stretching her arm away from her body. She smiled at me and offered
her other wrist. I grinned, slid a finger along her jawline, leaned
down and kissed her long and deep. Her moans snapped me back to what I
had been trying to do, and I straightened up, bound her other wrist to
the opposite bedpost and stepped back, taking in the picture.

Her arms were stretched between the bed posts, showing off her D
breasts, plump and begging to be licked. Her dark, curly hair was
mostly falling down her back, but a stray piece had found a path over
her shoulder, the end dipping between her breasts, contrasting against
her skin in a most inviting way. Her lips were slightly parted, her
breath coming in warm gusts, causing her chest to rise and fall,
begging me to get closer. I continued to take in the image, enjoying
the fact that she was starting to pull slightly at her bonds, knowing
she wanted me to touch her. My eyes ran down her belly and I imagined
sliding my tongue into her belly button, licking down further and
tasting her eagerness. Again, I shook my head and brought myself back
to my task.

"Do you know why you're tied up, whore?"

She nodded.

"Well? Tell me why you're tied up!"

She swallowed hard and looked at me with her dark brown eyes, "I'm tied
up, Sir, because I was naughty. I was going to watch one of my friends
on his webcam. I was going to watch him stroke his cock, listen to him
moan and tell me how much he wanted me. I wanted to see him cum all
over his own belly."

"Mmm, you are a little slut." I grinned as she nodded seriously. "You
enjoy getting other people off, knowing they are cumming because of
you, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I love giving pleasure. Giving pleasure makes me want to

I growled deep in my throat and stepped toward her, my cock a few inches
from her lips.

"Well, Jaime, you're going to give me pleasure now."

I slid my fingers through her hair and wrapped them around behind her
head, pulling her toward my cock, knowing that I was still slightly too
far away, noting how her arms and shoulders stretched, pulling on the
tied scarves. She moaned and swore, "Oh fuck!" That did it! I shoved
my hips forward and felt her lips suck my cockhead deep into her mouth.

"Suck my cock, babe. Feel how hard I am?" She nodded and moaned over
my cock as I moved closer, stroking my cock in short thrusts between
her sucking lips, holding her head still. I groaned and closed my
eyes, feeling her tongue press against the head. I pulled out of her
mouth and moved my hips back and forth, causing my cock to slide and
slap over her cheeks and lips. She slid her tongue out, trying to
follow my cock, flicking and licking her tongue against the head and
length. I released her head and reached for my cock, pulling it
against my belly.

"Lick my balls, bitch. Let me know how much you want to make me cum."
I groaned when she leaned in and immediately sucked one side into her
hot mouth, rolling it with her tongue. I pushed closer, knowing her
back was now pressed against the end of the bed. She continued to lick
and suck at my balls, pulling them and letting them pop from her lips.
God I wanted to fuck her!! I shoved my cock back between her lips and
moaned as she pushed forward. I felt my cock hit the back of her
throat as her lips grasped around my shaft. I jerked my hips slightly,
letting her know to take a breath then pushed past her gag, sliding
down into her throat. She stayed completely still, a small tear
squeezing from the edge of her eye from the strain. I gazed down at
her, her lips stretched around the base of my cock, knowing she was
trying to keep eye contact, but seeing her eyes close in pleasure and
strain. My woman.

I fucked into her throat once and twice, moaning with the pleasure.
Then I popped my cock from her air passage and watched her tits heave
as she took in oxygen. She moaned and struggled against me then
begged, "Please fuck me! I need your cock inside me!!" So, who am I
to argue with a naked, begging woman?

I quickly untied her, lifted her up onto the bed, her ass at the edge,
lifted her legs high and rubbed my cockhead over her swollen lips. "Oh
god, please give me your cock!! I'm so wet!!" I dropped her legs over
my shoulders and thrust up into her cunt, groaning along with her moans
as I felt her pussy envelope my hardness. She clenched down on my cock
and I pulled out, slamming back inside her.

"Is this what you want, slut?! You want me to fuck you like a whore?"
She moaned loudly, nodding and biting her lip, as I stroked hard and
deep inside her.

"Fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!"

I leaned forward, thrusting harder, her knees now almost pressing into
her shoulders as I fucked her. I felt her fingernails dig into my hips
and I groaned, knowing I was going to cum inside her. Her eyes flew
wide and her pussy spasmed, "Uhhnnuh! I'm going to cum!!" I thrust
hard and deep one last time before I lost myself, my cock shooting hot
cum deep inside her body, feeling her pussy milking me, spasming
through her own orgasm. I released her legs and thrust wildly, my cock
jerking inside her, then quickly pulling out and stroking through the
end of my orgasm, shooting cum over her pussy and belly. She was
moaning and sliding her fingers through the cum, rubbing her slick
clit, the pink on her nails milky with my juice. I pushed her up
higher on the bed and dove between her legs, sucking on her cunt,
tasting both of our pleasure inside her. Moaning, I licked her deeply
and then slid my tongue from her ass to her clit, massaging her slowly
as she whimpered, her fingers gripping my hair, holding me just off her
sensitive clit.

I lifted my lips from her pussy and grinned up at her, "Mmmm, that's my
slut. A nice quivering mass of sex." She smiled through glazed eyes
and slid a fingertip over my lips, tracing their moistness. I climbed
over her body, lowering myself over her, feeling her hot skin slide
beneath mine, her tits press against my chest. She purred and I
pressed my lips against hers, letting my tongue slip inside and curl
with hers. I deepened the kiss, letting her taste us, as her fingers
traveled over my back and down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze.

I pulled away from her lips and grinned, "I'm not so sure I'm the one
controlling things here."

She giggled and kissed quick kisses over my lips, jaw and neck. "Damn,
I love fucking YOU!"

MMM...that's all I needed to hear....
95% (9/1)
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2 years ago
very adept words and the real thing you do KRAVE every day ..I do know..and am aware what works on little sluts. everyday.
2 years ago
sweetly erotic, always a pleasure to discipline a girl :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
SMACK! love your stories and your very evocative style of writing. As long as you continue to write I will follow and comment on them. I love when I meet someone that can teach me something about being a better writer and story teller.