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[Story] Early Birthday Suprise

My last story written...haven't been inspired me out. Leave some feedback!! Get me hot! lol

On my knees, in a men's restroom, an 8" cock stuffing my hungry lips.
How did I get here? Let us backtrack a bit.

It's my birthday. Well, not really. My birthday is in a couple days, and my boyfriend, Craig decided to take me out for a fancy dinner. He told me I needed to wear something sexy, but not too sexy. I figure he wanted to make other men sit up and take notice, but he didn't want their sitting up cocks to take my notice. ;)

So, I chose one of my fav... Continue»
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[Story] Foreign Exchange, Part 3 of 3

I have had another opportunity to play with Andi, the hot Australian who
is staying with us while she studies in the states. If you haven't
read the first two parts of this story, you might want to check them
out for background information. If you're only interested in the
pleasure, read on. Enjoy! I love feedback!


Craig, friend of mine, needed me to stay at his apartment one weekend
and take care of his dog. Since I still live at home, I jumped at this
opportunity to get out of my parents' house, even for one weekend.
Honestly, when he first asked me t... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy Turned Reality

Another EARLY story, written many years ago with the help of a friend. Please comment! :)


Quick explanation: I wrote the first and last part before and after the
*** marks. My male friend treated me to the second part. Hope you
enjoy! I love feedback!

I love long hot showers because we have a shower head that has a few
different settings on it: gentle shower, hard massage and one that is
only a beating, single, stream of water....that's my favorite. ;)
Actually, I think I'll go take a shower as soon as I'm done writing to
you. Usually, I walk a... Continue»
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[Story] Foreign Exchange, Part 2 of 3

Here is the next note about Andi, our 18 year old foreign exchange
student, that I sent to my online friend. If you haven't read the
first part to this story, I would advise you to go back and do so
first...ENJOY! ;)


It's unbelievable, but I finally fucked Andi!! I'll try to give you
some specifics...I was kind of out of it during the whole thing. The
sensations and pleasure were so much and so unbelievable. I think
because it felt kind of other worldly. ;)

The week leading up to was very tense between Andi and I. We both knew
my parents were going to be going ou... Continue»
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[Story] Foreign Exchange, Part 1 of 3

Another one of my early stories...please enjoy, and gets me hot, REALLY!! :P


A brief background: I'm 21, still live at home, and a sexually active
bi-woman. My parents continue to believe I'm their little innocent
angel. If only they knew. Anyway, this year, we've taken on a foreign
student from Australia. She is staying with us while she goes to
school. She's 18 and so hot! She's about 5'2" (2" taller than my
height), with deep green eyes, sandy brown hair and has the most
perfect B sized tits. I'm guessing she's about 107 - 110lbs, ... Continue»
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[Story] Catching You at a Good Time

One of my VERY first pieces...written a very long time ago. I hope you can still enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments!!

Background Info: This morning I emerged from the shower to discover my
parents had left to run errands. As always happens when I find myself
completely alone in the house, I was instantly horny. I haven't talked
to one of my online friends in awhile, so I decided to send him a
little treat. (He happens to be the person that co-wrote my "Fantasy
Into Reality" story.)

The following is the exact email I sent him. I apologize that the
format... Continue»
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[Story] Feeling A Little Aggressive

Wrote this for a woman's for the ladies, or men who like to watch... ;)

I woke up early this morning and all I can think about is sex. It's
kind of annoying really, because, instead of going back to sl**p, i'm
imagining shoving you against the wall and sliding my hand inside your
panties. I imagine kissing you roughly, trying to slide my tongue down
your throat as my fingers shove up inside your hot pussy, feeling you
gasp with half hearted protest and then moan when my fingers curl up
inside you. I step back long enough to order you to strip. When your
breasts and ... Continue»
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[Story] First Time in Person

Our eyes locked across the length of the airport lobby. We'd met
countless times before, but only in cyberspace. From the first time
we'd chatted and ended up teasing each other into frenzied orgasms, we
knew we'd have to meet in person. When we "talked" online, we always
skipped the small talk, "Hi, how are you?" and sped right to the sex.
Sometimes it was slow and seductive, but mostly it was hard and direct,
with lots of colorful language.

I was 22. You were 34. We had talked about desires. I wanted an older
man, someone to dominate me, take advantage of me. You wanted a
y... Continue»
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[Story] Punishment for Playtime (His POV)


Her naked body writhed over my lap in pain and pleasure as I slapped my
hand across her upturned ass. I wanted to punish her, shame her, but
at the same time, I wanted to make her scream for more...


If you've known my girlfriend, Jaime, for any length of time, you know
she loves sex in any shape or form. In fact, she was laying across my
knees receiving punishment for just that reason. I know, I know, you
want to know why I would punish my girlfriend for loving the very thing
men are born wanting. Jaime has often been the dominant lover, the one
telling me sh... Continue»
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[Story] Random Raging Horny Thoughts

He's gone. He's camping with the guys.

Know what I wish I was doing? Camping with the guys. "Why?" you ask?

Because I wish everyone of those guys was rubbing his cock over my face, slapping my pussy, fucking my ass. Damn. I'm seriously so horny, I should not even be writing.

I was going to try to write another story for Babble (the site I originally posted this story for). But it's not even worth it. I can't think about a well written piece of fiction. All I can do is think about cocks and pussies. Yes pussies too. I would take whoever wanted to fuck me right now. Hell, I'd take a wo... Continue»
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