Dyan (pronouce Diane)

As Dyan walks into an upper-class restaurant for a late brunch-business meeting, she stops in front of large mirror in the foyer to check herself. For this meeting she has chosen the gray pinstriped suit jacket with the matching tight skirt that ends just below mid-thigh and a silk, pink, button-front blouse. She checks her skirt to see if there is any trace of her garters that is holding up her sheer skin colored silk stockings. Dyan also turns around to check and see if the lines on the back of her stockings are straight. She turns around and faces the mirror again. She also double checks to make sure the lock to her chastity belt isn’t showing either, the one her Master, Scott, who’s also her husband, instructed her to wear. Scott also instructed her to wear the custom made double dildo, which fastens to the chastity belt. The dildos are both seven and a half long inches and placed so one goes inside the wearer and the other goes inside the person the wearer happens to be fucking. She double checked the outer dildo to make sure it is still strapped to her leg. Dyan also checks her oxfords for any stains or mud splatters. She decided to wear her leather black oxfords with the five-inch French heels. Since the French heels are three times thicker than the stilettos. Master ordered her to wear them because they have a more respectable look and an old world charm to them.

With a final approval, Dyan walk away from the mirror and continues into the restaurant. She walks past the tables and all everyone can see is a confidant and smart redhead with a knack for business. What everyone does not see is the scared little girl who needs a strong daddy to protect her from the nastiness of the world.

With her hair pulled back and wrapped in a bun, no one knows it can almost touch her ass. ‘Master loves my hair that long,’ thought Dyan, ‘he holds on to it for support when he’s fucking me in the ass.’

Now she’s getting excited and it’s making her pussy wet. While walking in these heels with a wet pussy, it causes the dildo to rub against all the right spots. Dyan has to stop thinking about her Master’s cock buried deep in her ass or she’s going to come, before she would reach her table.
After sealing the deal at the meeting, Dyan’s boss, Lori complimented her on her enthusiasm and the way she commanded the meeting.

“Thank you, Lori,” replied Dyan.

“I’m going to report your performance to our department head,” continued Lori, “and take the rest of the day off”, just before she turned and walked out of the restaurant.

Dyan thought to herself ‘how can I not be enthused with a dildo rubbing against all the right places,’ she continued to think as she watched Lori’s ass wiggle as she’s walking away ‘I would love to fuck that.’

Lori’s looks remind Dyan of Joanna Kerns, the mother on the old TV show ‘Growing Pains’, except with bigger boobs, tighter ass and hair that goes down past her mid back. She always wears skintight blouses to work, maybe to show off her big tits and flat stomach. She also wears dresses so tight, the snaps of her garters show through. The stockings that Lori wears are not like the ones Dyan wears. Lori’s are off the shelf stockings, mostly skin tone and tans and they don’t have the lines going down the back of the legs. For footwear, she only wears black pumps and one pair of boots, with clodhopper heels four inches or less. They are like the one you would buy at Payless, Macy’s, or JC Penny’s.

‘Man! If I was fucking her, I would have to set her straight in the Clothes, stockings and footwear department’, thought Dyan.

Dyan started to walk to the front door from her table. By the time she reached the foyer of the restaurant, she was greeted by her fifth climax since she entered the restaurant.

Dyan walked out of the restaurant only to see Lori standing by the curb in the pouring rain like a puppy-dog lost in the woods. Dyan walked over to Lori.

“Lori? Where’s your car?” quizzed Dyan

“In the friggin' shop! I hate waiting for cabs!” Lori snap back, frustrated.

“Why didn’t you ask me for a ride?’ Replied Dyan, “You know I would give you one.”

“I didn’t want to be any trouble.”

“Trouble? Honey, you’re my boss and my closest friend” ‘and I wish we’re lovers’ add Dyan mentally, “Of course you are no trouble. So, where do you want to go?

“Thank you, oh thank you!” Lori cried cheerfully.

Dyan and Lori decided to drive over to Lori’s apartment so she can freshen up and change clothes. In the car they chatted away a storm when the subject turned to clothes.

“I love the way you dress,” proclaimed Lori, “look at you, look - at - you. You look great! Especially the shoes, I love those shoes. I would kill for a pair of those shoes!’

“Oh come on,” Dyan replied smiling, “you would not have to kill anyone for these old things.”

“Old! They are not old.”

“Yes they are. I only used these shoes for evening events. They look wonderful with an evening dress. This morning I put on five or six pairs of shoes before my husband suggested trying these on. I tried them on and loved the way they looked with this outfit.”

Lori told her that the shoes look great with her outfit; she also told Dyan that she has a confession to tell her. Really, what is it Dyan asked. Lori told Dyan that sometimes, no not sometimes, she always wished she could dress like her. Not that all surprised by Lori’s comment, Dyan told her that she is more than willing to help her with her style and dress. Dyan went on to say that she also has a confession. Lori asked her what it is. Dyan said that she wanted to give her a makeover since they first became friends, but wasn’t sure if she would get offended or not. Lori laughed and said I wish you had asked.

Dyan waited for Lori to get herself together so they start Lori’s makeover. Dyan was walking out of the bathroom where she made sure the outer dildo didn’t wiggle loose and let her hair down. As she was walking back to the front door of Lori’s apartment when she heard Lori calls her from the back bedroom. Dyan walked into the bedroom to find Lori dressed in her bath robe weeding through her hung clothes in her closet.

"I don’t know what to wear" replied Lori. Dyan replied that all Lori really needed to do is wear a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of her highest heel shoe, preferably black. Lori said ok and went digging into her drawers. Lori commented that she didn’t realize that Dyan’s hair was that long. Dyan smiled and told her she was going to wait in the living room.

When Dyan reached the living room, she called Scott on the cell phone to let him know what she was doing and what she hopes she's going to do. Scott met Lori on many occasions and knew her very well. He has also told Dyan that he always wanted to make her his fuck toy also. Scott wished her a happy make over and she should let him know if she got to fuck Lori or not.

Dyan and Lori made there first stop at a shoe store. Dyan knows of this place because they not only sell everyday name brand shoes, but also fetish shoes that you can find only in specialty shoe stores.

Dyan wanted to know what the highest heel Lori can walk in is. Lori told her she can walk in four maybe four and a half inch heel. Lori picked up a shiny red patent pump. When Dyan saw that, she lightly smacked the shoe out of Lori’s hand.
"No, no" said Dyan; "patent and shiny shoes are man-made fake leather material, the longer you wear it the more the material won’t give and shape itself around your foot."

Lori listened carefully as Dyan went on to say that real leather has some give and will shape it’s self to fit your foot. So the longer you wear it the more comfortable it will become. They both went back shopping for shoes.

Dyan came across a pair of black leather over the knee boots that would look great on Lori. They zip up from the top of the ankle to the top of the boot. It also laces up in the back of the knee to the top of the boot so you can adjust the top of the boot to fit your thigh. It also as a one inch platform sole built into the boots so you can’t tell it’s hardly there and a five inch very thin heel. Not only did Dyan pick a pair out in Lori’s size, she got a pair for herself.

When Dyan got back, Lori was trying out a pair of black leather pumps with five and a half inch stiletto heels and a thin ankle strap. Dyan asked her if she can she walk in them. Lori said she didn’t know but she wants to try because she loves the shoes.

Lori rose to her feet and started to wobble a bit. After she gains her composer, she started to walk. To make sure she didn’t fall over, Lori’s back was humped over like and elderly woman with an arthritic back. Dyan got up and stood next to Lori. She instructed Lori to straighten her back. Dyan also went on to tell her that shoes with heels this high, she has walk with the balls of her feet and take shorter steps, try it slow until you get use to it.

Lori did what Dyan told her to do. After a while Lori looked like she was getting accustom to the higher heel. She walked back to where Dyan was sitting with a big grin on her face. "

What, you look happy now "Dyan told Lori jokingly.

Lori said "thank you, now I can wear very high heels and not look like an idiot walking in them."

Dyan said for her to get use to them before she went out, because if she has to stand for a long time in them will cause her feet to hurt.

Dyan then turned around and grabbed the box with the boots. She told Lori to try them on. When Lori opened the box, the smile on her face became bigger. She pulled one boot out of the box and started to caress it. Lori placed the boot on her lap and proceeded to remove the pumps from her feet. After she carefully put the pumps back into its original box, she grabbed the boot from her lap and unzipped it. Lori then carefully slid her foot into the boot. Then she arranged her jean leg so she can zip the boot over her jeans. After she was done zipping up the boot, Lori carefully laced the back; making the boot top look tight but not feeling tight. She repeated the process with the second boot, almost taking as long as the first. When Lori was done, she got up and walked around.

She told Dyan that she was surprised on how well she can walk in these boots. Dyan told her to go and look in the mirror.

When Lori saw herself in the mirror, she almost cried. She looked hot in the boots and told Dyan so. Dyan got up and walked over to where Lori was standing and wrapped her arms around her saying that she was happy for her. Lori said she was not removing these boots; she wants to keep wearing them. Dyan said sure, but we have to do some more shoe shopping.

Lori and Dyan also picked up two pairs of leather oxfords, one is the black Milan style with the four and a half pointed heels and the other is a black and white saddle style with the five inch heels. They also picked out two ankle boots. One was black rubber zip up with five inch stiletto heels and the other were black combat type work boots with four and a half inch heels. Dyan saw that Lori didn’t seem too worried when she forked over almost nine hundred dollars for footwear. And like she told Dyan, she walked out of the store wearing her new boots.

The next stop Dyan was taking Lori was a BDSM store where her master and her shops. It is the place where they sell real silk stockings. Dyan told Lori about the store’s stocking type but she also told her that the store is not one of your normal stores. Lori asked what did she mean by not normal. Instead of beating around the bush, Dyan just went ahead and told Lori it’s a BDSM store and asked Lori if she knew what it meant. Lori replied yes, she knows what Dyan was talking about and left it at that.

Soon they were walking into ‘Guilty Pleasures’ so Lori can buy some stockings made with real silk. Lori picked out her usual colors of nudes and tans. Dyan told her to throw in some black in the basket also. Lori said OK and grabs a few. Lori told Dyan she wanted to look around because she never been inside a store like this before. Dyan nodded yes and thought it might be a good chance to go into the dressing room to see if her ‘dick’ was sticking out, pressed against her skirt.

Dyan found Lori at the register already paying for her stockings and something else in a bigger bag. Lori was talking with Maya, the store owner. Dyan knows Mistress Maya from their play group. Lori noticed that Dyan and Maya know each other but dismissed it as Dyan always come here to buy her real silk stockings.

Dyan and Lori were driving to another store when Dyan asked Lori what’s in the big bag. Lori said it was her stockings. Dyan wasn’t buying it because there is tell tale signs that there is a box in the bag and she told Lori that. Lori said that it was her stockings that were in the bag.

"Tell me or I will call Maya and find out from her."

Lori said nothing. Dyan got her cell phone and started to press random number until Lori said no, no please don’t do that, it just to embarrassing for me to show you. Dyan told her that they are friends and Lori has nothing to be embarrassed about. Lori blushed as she pulled the box out of the bag. It was a leather chastity belt with silver locks and a seven inch dildo attached to the inside of the crotch. Dyan laughed out loud which cause Lori to get upset.

Dyan told her not be upset, because she’s wearing a belt like that right now. Lori looked at Dyan and suddenly busted out laughing also. Dyan went on to say that hers came with a dildo on the outside, like a man’s penis. Lori asked if she can see it. While carefully driving, Dyan pulled her skirt up to her waist to reveal her dildo. When Lori saw the larger dildo which was strapped to Dyan’s thigh her eyes went wide because she realized that Dyan was wearing it all day and now knows why she ‘checks herself’ a lot.

Lori started asking so many questions about Dyan’s dildo, being the better part of the day inside her pussy that Dyan couldn’t keep them straight. Not until she asked her why is there a dildo on the outside. Dyan stopped laughing and smiled at Lori. She told Lori that it’s a long story that she is not ready to tell yet. To change the subject Dyan asked Lori if she wanted to try on her belt. Lori’s reply was a big oh yeah; she hasn’t had anything in her pussy except for fingers in twelve years. Dyan said well, there’s some antibacterial sanitary wipes in the glove box; take it out of the box and wipe down the dildo really good. Lori told her she didn’t know how to put the belt on while wearing jeans and panties. Dyan said I’ll show you.

Dyan pulled her car into a shopping center and parked in a remote section, behind some dumpsters. While putting her car in park she told Lori to unzip her jeans and then pull them and her panties down over the boots. Lori did what she was told to do and with Dyan’s help managed to accomplish the feat. Dyan saw that Lori’s bush is also well trimmed. Lori then got one of the wipes out of the glove box, after she removed her new belt from the box. Lori carefully with Dyan’s guidance wiped the dildo clean. Dyan asked Lori if her pussy was wet. Lori reached down between her legs and felt her pussy was gooey wet, she told Dyan it was. Dyan told Lori to gently slide the dildo into her pussy. Lori placed the head of the dildo at the entrance of her pussy and gently pushed it in. Lori let out a gasping ‘oh’ as she felt the fake cock easily slide itself deeper into her fuck hole. It was like her pussy was sucking the dildo in by itself. Lori looked at Dyan and told her the toy feels really, really good and wants to fuck her pussy with it. Dyan felt her own juices flow wished that she was fucking her instead of the belt. Lori started to stroke her pussy until the dildo was completely buried inside her shaft. Lori asked Dyan to help her with the chastity belt. Dyan wrapped and tighten and locked everything to Lori’s slim waist and gave her the keys. Lori breathlessly thanked Dyan as she put the keys on her key ring. Lori than started to pull her panties and than she pulled her jeans on and than zipped them up.

Dyan put her car in drive and continued to their next store. While driving along, Lori mentioned that when the car hits a bump, it feels like the dildo is fucking her. Dyan told Lori that she will try her best to hit every bump until she came. Lori laughed until Dyan did run over a bump which caused her to gasp out an ‘oh my’. Lori turned to Dyan and giggled for Dyan to stop. Dyan laughed and said ok.

Dyan parked her car in the parking lot of a fashion boutique. As they were both walking across the parking lot Lori let out another ‘oh my’. Dyan turned to her and asked if she is enjoying the dildo buried inside her pussy. Lori told her that between the high heel boots and the dildo, she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or coming some more. Dyan said to make sure she don’t squeal out loud in the middle of the store when she does come. Lori just bit her lower lip and tried to walk as normal as possible.

Lori spent another three thousand dollars without even blinking an eye. Dyan helped her with picking out business suits. She got a black one with a tight mini skirt, a grey one about mid thigh skirt, and two blouses. Lori went ahead and bought herself a black leather short mini skirt and a matching black leather corset that barely covered her nipples and belly button. When Dyan saw her come out of the dressing room in that outfit she almost came herself. She walked over and pretend make sure the locks on her chastity belt didn’t show only to get a closer look. Lori first paid for the clothes and then told Dyan to wait as she disappeared back into the dressing room.

Moments later Lori reappeared in the leather corset and leather mini skirt. She was also wearing the black silk stockings that came up two inches from the mini skirt and the black boots. Dyan definitely wants to fuck Lori. She just hopes that Lori didn’t read the expression on her face.

Lori decided to wear this outfit as they left the store. When they got into Dyan’s car Dyan asked where to next. Lori told her since she has been to her apartment; she would like to know where Dyan lived. Dyan said ok. As they drove to Dyan and Scott’s house Lori asked Dyan if she looked good in the outfit she’ wearing. Dyan told her that all the men at the office would be jacking off under their desk if she wore that outfit to work. Lori giggled and asked that she doesn’t look fat in this outfit. Dyan’s reply was oh hell no.

Dyan closed the garage door with the remote so her nosey neighbors don’t become nosey. Lori grabbed all her shopping bags with Dyan’s help and put them all in the living room. Dyan went in the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Lori came in to help.

Dyan and Lori were at the kitchen table sipping coffee when Lori asked Dyan if she can keep a secret. Seeing how serious Lori look Dyan told her she can tell her anything and will keep it in confidence. Lori went on to tell Dyan that she’s bisexual. Dyan asked Lori if she can keep a secret also. Lori said yes. Dyan said she is bisexual also and also mentioned that she wanted to fuck the living shit out of her since they first met. Lori smiled and said she want Dyan to fuck the living shit out of her since they first met also.

Dyan stood and took Lori’s hand asking her to stand. After Lori stood Dyan gave her a deep kiss. When she felt Lori’s tongue slide into her mouth, she wrapped her arms around Lori’s waist and held her tightly. Lori responded by doing the same. After a few moments, Lori broke off the kiss and asked if Dyan is going to fuck her with the dildo between her legs now. Dyan laughed and nodded yes. Lori, with Dyan’s help took off her chastity belt and eased the dildo out of her pussy. She then got on her back on the kitchen floor and told Dyan to get on top and to hurry, she want to get fucked. Dyan just laughed at the comment as she took her suit jacket, skirt, and blouse off; leaving on the garter belt, bra, and chastity belt.

Then she knelt between Lori’s legs and gently lowered herself on top of Lori. Lori felt the dildo slide into her pussy when Dyan was on top of her. Lori went back to making out with Dyan as Dyan gently thrust her hips into Lori. Without breaking lip contact with Dyan, Lori told her to fuck her harder. Dyan pounded Lori’s pussy so hard; she felt the dildo in her own pussy start fucking her. Now she knew why Master told her to wear this chastity belt. Dyan is starting to love this chastity belt.

Suddenly Lori squealed out that she was coming so Dyan fucked harder. Lori wrapped her legs around Dyan’s waist and arched her back as one of the hardest orgasms ripped through her body. Dyan couldn’t stop coming hard herself. They both held on and kissed to each other waiting for their bodies to stop trembling.

Moments later, Dyan gently got off of Lori slowly pulling the dildo out of her pussy. After they both stood they went back to making out again. After making out, Dyan asked Lori what she thinks of Scott, her husband. Lori was a little hesitant to reply but Dyan told her she want her honest opinion. Lori told Dyan that he’s a total hottie and wants to fuck his brains out. Dyan laughed and told Lori that’s what Scott said about her. Lori laughed and leaned in to kiss Dyan again, Dyan return the kiss. Dyan asked Lori if she wanted to spend the night with her and Scott double teaming her. Lori squealed out a yes. Dyan told Lori that she has idea on how to get Scott home early.

The phone on Scott’s desk rings and he notices it’s his house number.

“Hello Dyan?” answers Scott

“Hi Scott, its Lori

“Hi Lori is Dyan ok”

“Why yes she is fine. She is a little busy right now.”

“Busy, what is she doing?”

“Well, I’m bent over your kitchen table and she’s standing behind me, fucking me with her dildo. Ooh we were wondering if you’d like to join us and fuck both our brains out.”

Scott moves the receiver a foot away from his face and yelled “everyone, I’m going home right now!”

Scott arrived home to find both women on the floor in the living room. Lori was on her hands and knees with Dyan behind her fucking her hard, doggie style. Lori noticed Scott and told him to take off all his clothes and lie in front of her. Scott tore off everything until he didn’t have anything left on. This caused Dyan to giggle a little. Scott then lay in front of Lori like she wanted him to. Without missing a stroke, Lori lowered her head down until her mouth was filled with Scott’s good size cock. Soon she kept in perfect tempo of use Dyan’s thrust to swallow Scott’s cock.

Lori never thought in a million years that her day was going to turn out like this. Getting fucked hard by a beautiful woman she has the hots for while blowing her husband.

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