Im a 23 year old guy when i was 18 working in a Pharamacy this happend like 5 years ago and this storie im gunna tell you i well never forget THIS WAS INSPIRED IN TRUE STORIE.

I been a Stockboy for 3 years in a Pharamacy store i wont say which one but its very popular.Anyways i have this Boss that i had my eye on for a very long time since ive been working in that place her name is Elaine she is very beautiful mexican middle age women about late 30's early 40's with a lovely spanish acccent,long curly firey hair,brown eyes,beautiful face,nice thick body with thick legs and huge double D's and also a huge ass that you can fuck for days.At the begaining Elaine hated my guts she use to make me do double the work then the other people i worked with and gave me attitude's all the time even when i was nice to her.I had a crush on this women even though she treated me like her dog and fucking slave the she spits on
but that's what got me turned on when she would yell at me i would imagine me fucking her while she was talking with this angry voice trying to scare me but i wasnt i was turned on and she didnt know that so i would just look at her and say yes maam with a smile on my face she hated that but she kept me around cause she knew i was a hard worker. monthes have past and i would still go threw the torchering sensation with my boss Elaine one day she ask me if i can work nights from 4pm to 1am i hated the hours it was very tiring it was me and a other employee that was working that night.The night was almost over and i wanted to talk to Elaine about me quitting my job i tell my friend ill see you tomorrow so i lock up the store i go up stairs to her office and i happend to see her Mastrubating to a porn movie were they watch the security cam's that problly how she didnt know i was coming cause she thought when our shift was over we would clock out.I was so turned on i see her legs open in top of her table wearing her sexy black stockings and little skirt i wanted to jack off so bad but she couldnt see me cause the door was in back of her.I came with a idea i can blackmail her for her job so i was thinking to my self how do you approch with a situation like this so i thought of American Pie when Jim came to the door and saw Nadia mastrubating so i open the door quietly and approched to her back and i said looks like you need a hand there.Ok in that moment i scared her and she looked at me with this fear in her eyes now she was scared of me cause i have her job and throw it in the toilet she was very embressed kinda scared i told her its ok Elaine i just told you if you needed help.She gave me this look like where the hell have you in all my life and she said yes i do need help alot of help i grab her arm agressivily and lift her on my arms by her legs we were kissing slobbering almost with the excitment and very agressivlly and i put her in top of the table ripping her dress shirt off and kissing,licking,bitting her neck working my way down to her to her pussy.And while i was trying to take off her skirt this women wears one of the sexiest G strings i ever seen the one's that have the whole in right in the middle of G string her shaved pussy was soooo wet my dick got rock hard so hard that i can feel the bl**d flow to my dick.Elaine ask me have you ever eat pussy before and i said yes maam i have but i think this one gunna be the best one i ever eat i put my mouth near her pussy smelling it and licking her clit fucking her pussy with my tongue going up and down really fast she's screaming my name Adrian! Adrian! dont stop please i put one of my fingers into her wet pussy shoving my big middle finger making her cum like i never seen any girl cum before her eyes was rolled back her body shivering from the orgasim she had my hands soak and wet with her juice like if she's never had a Orgasim before.She makes me get up and she says its your turn Mister she takes off my shirt kissing my chest to my stomach while shes taking off my belt right when she was gunna put down my pants she tells me ive wanting to see your cock for a very long time Adrian i look at her with this face like i was shocked i always thought this woman hated me.Elaine puts my pants and boxers down and she saw my dick i saw this look in her eyes its like she never saw a huge dick now im gunna be honest my dick is a decent size but its not the biggest in the world so she says im gunna take good care of your cock right now she grabs my dick with her both hands and starts sucking the tip of my dick while i grab her hair hard and shoving my dick in her throat gaging she would also be licking it,spiting it,slobbering it like the whore she is a fucking pro.she wanted me to cum on her face but i said i want to fuck that big ass first so i stood her up turn her around to the table i eat her pussy and ass for a few seconds and shoved my cock inside i swear when i was hitting it you can see the waves from her ass cheecks so beautifuly i would hit that pussy as hard as i can till she screams. while she screaming she would say to call her BITCH,WHORE,SLUT she was very kinky as im fucking her doggy style sweating our asses off she says put that big dick on my ass so i did i never fucked any ass so tighter then hers she loved the pain as im fucking her in her tight little ass hole she yells harder,faster!!! i lay her flat to the table im on top now i grab her legs and left her and put that ass hole on top of my dick.now shes yelling the lords name in vain screaming her lungs out our bodies together soaked with sweat Me drilling this beautiful woman.As im almost cumming i get on top of her stomach fucking her huge titties see those knockers bouncing while im fucking them i yell to her IM CUMMING! IM CUMMING! she opens her mouth and i blast the huge load of cum in her mouth i see my jizz bleeding down her mouth swallowing whats left over in her throat.When we were done i was exhausted while we were putting our clothes on we would look at eachother and smile like if there was no regret no awkwardness i asked her when was the last time you had sex and she replyed not in 4 years Adrian my husband would cheat on me when he goes outta business trips with a sad face she turns around with a tear down to her cheeck i grab her and i said any guy would be so lucky to have a Godess like you she makes this cute giggle and smiles and we kissed we walked to her car and i stand by her window and she says i havent had this fun in a long time THANK YOU hunny with her putting her hand on my cheeck she yanks me from my shirt and gives me a big one with tongue as were kissing she slips something my back pocket and as shes going to leave she says ill see you at work tomorrow handsome with a wink in her eye she drives off and i had the most happiest face and i remeberd she put something in my pocket i take a look and it was her business card with her cell phone and everything she wrote something in the back that says DONT EVER HESITATE TO CALL ME CUTIE
LOVE Elaine with her red lipstick kiss i jumped up and down with joy happiest. best day of my teenage years..Till this day we are still fucking buddies :D

2 week later i got a promotion and a raise
95% (21/1)
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3 years ago
You guy's are fucking Awesome thanks :)
3 years ago
4 years ago
how big did you say you are lol ;-)
4 years ago
Sorry guys i was really high when i typed the story there will be more storys about her :)
4 years ago
Good Story.
4 years ago
Nice! Now how old was this woman, and I take it you were about 17 then? You say you were in your teenage years so I am not exactly sure. This was a hot story but could have been a lot more erotic without the run-on sentences and grammatical errors.
4 years ago
the story was ok, I couldnt read most of it properly though, u need to write better lol. Post some pics with it too please
4 years ago
yes amazing and hot would like to hear more about you & her
4 years ago
Amazing story.