Alice X
(My girlfriend wrote this shortly after our shared experience)

Well, I started in my senior year, when I had just turned 18. I hadn’t had sex yet, in fact, I hadn’t even gone beyond some kissing and mild exploratory groping while on a car date. I’d had my breasts fondled inexpertly through my sweater, and had a hand or two slip urgently down my jeans and between my legs, but that’s as far as it went. Nothing without clothes on. One guy had tried to get me to rub his cock while it was still inside his jeans, grabbing my hand and sliding it over his crotch. I kind of liked that and I wanted to do more, but I guess I just wasn’t ready yet. But I was thinking about sex more and more often, and I knew I was close. What I was really curious about was a man’s cock. I’d seen pictures in Health class and had watched part of a porno movie at a friend’s house, but I really wanted to hold one and see how it felt - and maybe even how it tasted. I could feel my urges kicking into high gear.

Anyway, during the first semester of my senior year I needed some help in Algebra, so I asked Rick, a pretty smart and cool junior I knew, if he could help me. I went to his house after school one day. He told me both his parents worked and they wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours yet. We went to his room and he started to explain the problems I was stuck on. We were on the floor of his room and it was really hot in there. I asked him if it would be OK if I took off my sweater, and he said yes. I was left in my low-cut tank top and bra in addition to my short skirt. As he explained a math problem, I leaned over to look at the answer better, and my breast pushed against his arm. He gave a low groan, and when I looked at him his eyes were closed. He opened them slowly and looked at me, then he leaned down and kissed me. It wasn’t my first kiss, but it was my best one so far.

We kissed some more and he started squirming around as if he was in some sort of pain. I asked if he was OK, and he just sort of grimaced and adjusted his jeans. He said he was getting really hard and he had to get more comfortable. Well, I knew what was getting hard, ‘cause we’d studied it in health class, and I still had visions of that porno movie, but I’d never seen a real man’s cock up close before, in the flesh, so to speak. So I asked him if I could help and he sort of breathed out heavily and said, “Oh, yes.”

He let me unzip his jeans and he had this big bulge in his underpants. He squirmed around some more and asked me to take his cock out of his underpants because it was all bent under and starting to really hurt. So I dug around in there and finally managed to pop his cock out. Wow, it was really nice and big and really hard and sort of jumped around when I held it by the base. It was beautiful; almost red, with a large head and a nice thick shaft. I just couldn’t resist. I stared and stared at it, and ran my hand up and down it a couple of times.

He groaned again and leaned back on his hands and thrust himself up toward me. Cool. I liked what I was doing and I could feel myself getting excited. When I reached down underneath my skirt and touched my own panties they were wet! Geez, this was really good. I leaned down for a closer look at his cock as I stroked it. I noticed a small drop of clear liquid just squeezing out of the small slit in its head. It looked so pretty and, well, sort of tasty, that I couldn’t help myself again. I leaned forward even more and licked that small drop off the head of Rick’s cock.

Well! I thought Rick was going to go through the roof. His eyes popped open and he stared at me and watched me kiss the head of his cock this time, and he said, in just a hoarse whisper, “Please, please, take it in your mouth.” I looked up at him and then looked back at his cock and I thought, “What the hell,” and I kissed the tip again and then slid my mouth over the head and down the shaft as far as I could. God, it felt wonderful, all that hot, hard cock in my mouth. I gripped the base with one hand, and with my other hand I reached back down and started stroking my pussy through my panties. I was so wet! And I found my spot and stroked it even more and harder, but it wasn’t enough, so I moved my panties aside and stroked my button harder and faster.

Well, by this time Rick was moaning and groaning and thrusting his cock at me wildly. I took it out of my mouth and said, “Hey, man, slow down, and we’ll both have a good time.” He gasped and whispered OK. I leaned down again and sucked him back into my mouth, running his cock in and out of my mouth, sliding his beautiful cock into my mouth over and over again, in and out, in and out. I could feel myself building to something, some feeling I’d never had before, like my whole body was about to explode. I rubbed my button harder, and it was so slippery with my juices that it felt really good. I wondered what it would feel like if Rick rubbed it.

So, I lay down in front of him, my top to his bottom, and pulled up my skirt even higher and pulled my panties down and off. I left one leg on the floor and raised my other leg. My pussy was right in front of his face. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and asked him to touch me and to rub my pussy and my button. He didn’t seem too sure of what to do and where to do it, so I took his hand and showed him. He got the idea quickly, and it felt even better when he did it than when I did it to myself. I mean, it felt REALLY good!

As Rick rubbed me lightly and then harder, alternating between the pressure, I grabbed his cock again and sucked it and sucked it and sucked it, sliding my hot and wet lips over the head of his cock and up and down the shaft. As I did that, I also sucked in so he would have some pressure. He loved that, and thrust himself at me again and again. As he rubbed my pussy, I felt that pressure again and I kept thrusting my own hips at him, harder and harder. I heard a groan escape my throat and just then Rick pressed just that much harder against my button and WHAM! My entire body convulsed, again and again. I grabbed his hand and held it tighter against my pussy, using it to rub and rub and rub until my shakes finally subsided and I damn near passed out. My first orgasm!

By this time Rick was concentrating back on what I was doing, and as I sucked and licked his cock he gave one really big thrust and his cock seemed like it was halfway down my throat and I had my hand around the base, squeezing him, and my mouth was sucking for all I was worth, when suddenly I felt this big bunch of sticky hot thick liquid spurt out of his cock and into my mouth and throat.

Well, I was surprised, not because of what happened, as I had learned about the physical act in Health class, but about how it felt. It was great! I loved the feel of Rick’s beautiful cock in my mouth and I loved the feel of his big load of cum shooting out of his cock into my mouth. I kept sucking on his cock and he kept spurting cum into my mouth until I felt like I was overflowing. I opened my mouth just a little and his cum flowed out back onto his cock and onto my hand. But his cum tasted so creamy and just a little bit salty and hot and smooth, I just didn’t want to waste it, and so I swallowed it. It took me a couple of tries, as it was a big load of cum, but I got it all.

And you know what? I started to get excited again! My pussy was tingling and my button was searching for Rick’s hand again. But this time I wanted something else. Hell, I figured if I could let Rick cum in my mouth, then I could cum in his mouth.

After I swallowed all of his cum, I slipped his still-hard cock out of my mouth and looked back at him and said, “Lick my pussy, I want to cum again, this time when you lick me.” Rick looked a little surprised, like he didn’t expect this and like he’d never done it before, but he went down on me like a trooper. He gently licked my pussy and my button, and when I thrust toward him, he tried it even harder. Damn, this was better than his fingers! I told him to lick harder, then softer, then harder, and he did, and he really seemed to get into it and his cock, which had started to get limp, started to get hard again.

We were both really into it and I could feel my pressure building again and I started sucking his cock again and we both just kept at it, licking and sucking and sliding and when Rick started to experiment and sucked my button into his mouth and flipped it back and forth with just the tip of his tongue, I saw stars again and my body shook and convulsed and shook until I thought I really would die this time. I sucked Rick’s cock even harder and faster, and damn if he didn’t cum another load into my mouth.

Jeez, I really loved that creamy smooth hot cum. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I sucked and sucked and licked all of it off his cock and swallowed as much as I could get in my mouth and throat. Even when it stopped coming I kept on licking and sucking. I never wanted to stop. My whole body felt hot and good and I knew I had just had the first of what I knew would be many, many wonderful cock-sucking experiences. Even then, I wished there was another guy there so I could suck him off too. I was hooked.

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2 years ago
A great story and wonderful to go back when sex was experimental until you really got the hang of it. In the story she was a mighty quick learner.
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Love blow job stories and this was no exception!