Atonement sex

It is rare but we had a totally unnecessary dispute about a small thing. And of course, become the prestige of who was right. The evening came and I saw that she went into the bedroom. But I thought: She says well if she is sl**ping. After about 20 minutes I opened the door and discovered that it was extinguished.

" mature" I thought and went to wash me. After I was finished and turn off all the lights in the house, I sneaked into the room. She lay on her stomach completely under the blanket without a word. "Shall we sl**p or talk," I said? I'm tired we talk tomorrow, "she said.
Of course I hate to go to bed at loggerheads.

After a moment of reflection I look in the "bundle" next to me and said that the right leg now anyway sticking out. I turned around with my head down on the bed and put my head on her leg. "Leave it" she said irritably. I let the head stay. After a while I put my hand just above her knees. She winced and showed that she wanted to sl**p. But I let the finger gently begin to touch the knee. I was long and fondled her at this particular place in small circular motions.
Then I bent forward and gently kissed her. Still at the knee. It went on to kissing while his hand slowly caressing movement found its way upward after the inside of the leg. I let the finger were touched almost follow the panty edge.
Now I felt I could hear a heavier and download but I was not sure. The tongue still working with her knees. I left the knee and slowly pull me up. A little unsure if she would hiss at me? I let my lips "almost" touch the leg. It was almost the only breath touched her, but every now and then I let her imagined my lips. When I reached her panties, I stopped so the heat from the exhaled breath did fall into her cave. She was still not moving. I let my tongue explore faith edge and slowly look inward but not pull the panty.

I stopped and let her tongue gently wander up and down along her pussy, but only on the outside of her panties. While I was breathing heavily as my hot breath could be felt through. Still, although she haw not moved. She lay still. My tongue began to slowly increase the pressure and focus on the clitoris. I gently pulled away panty for better access. Then I noticed that she was soaking wet. With panty move away, I started to kiss her clit. I sucked in the swollen wet in my mouth and let his tongue circle around it and not let go. It is not easy to get to when she is lying on his stomach, I thought, but I ask her turn if maybe it is over for today? So I went and managed to put a finger to massage her G-spot. It took no more than 20 seconds, she began to shake and come in one of the deepest orgasms I've ever seen. It flowed like a fountain out of her pussy while she shook and jerked in the whole body.

I continued until she jumped out of my hands and turned around. She was as red as a tomato in the face and eyes were dull with an almost d**gged look. Just then, she was the most beautiful I've ever seen! Who was right in the quarrel did not matter anymore.

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3 years ago
it is good
4 years ago
Sounds like a great way to end a dispute ;)
4 years ago
You have a very charming way of writing, that is also very sexy. I think that this woman was lucky that you persisted in your attempt to please her, I love to atone this way too!