My dream girl

I have been a member of a "porn" site for a while. I just look around for cool pics and had no intentions to meet someone. One day a new girl show up lets call her TL. She was younger than me and post a few pics that made my heart beat faster. I had to send her a message and she answer! After a few weeks with chat i had enough i have to see her. She lived at the other side of the world but i do not care. She was married as well but couldn't care less.
So i booked a trip to US and we decided to meet in a hotel! I was nervous to meet her, What will happens when she see me? An old man!
I came to the hotel we decide and wait in my room. 1 hour after we decide to meet she haven't show up! I start to feel uncomfortable when someone knocking at my door! And there she was more beautiful in real than in my dream. I say hi and my voice was broken. She say hi and just passed me in to the middle of the room. I ask her, You want something to eat or drink. She say no i am here to fuck not eat.
And she start to undress her self. I just look at her with my mouth open... Oh my god she was sexy!
I wake up from my "dream" and start kiss her neck. She start shaking when i touch her. I kissed her neck and back turn her over and start to kiss her tits. I do not know for how long i kissed her but it must been a while and love it. I told her to laid down and slowly take of her panties. And there it was my dream pussy. I just looked at that wet beauty. Then i started to slowly kiss and play with my tongue over her shaved pussy. I let my tongue walk up and down gently and slow. Before i start to lick her for real she came in a huge orgasm. My god this girl need to be fucked i think! She try to break loose from me after her orgasm but i hold her tight and keep licking her pussy!
10 minutes after she was near again so i spread her legs laid down over her and slowly start to enter her.She dig her nail deep in my back and scream fuck me.
So i fucked her. Her pussy was soaking wet and i think this will be come quickly
She come again in just a few minutes and i cum inside her. She just jump out of the bed and say " i want it in my face". She roll me over and start to ride me.
I was afraid my dick needed a rest. I was wrong just the look of this beauty keep any man hard for hours. Now she get crazy. She scream and ride me harder and harder. I can see my cum all over her pussy and down on my legs. Oh i come again she say.. and fell down on my me shaking. I get out of her quickly and move over to her face and f***ed my dick in her mouth. I fuck her mouth like a crazy man. After a few seconds i give her a huge load over her face.
After that i did something i never done before, I start to kiss her cum covered face. We kissed for short time then she pushed me away, I have to take a shower she say. She jumped out of the bed and walk in to the bathroom. After 15 minutes she came out with a perfect make up. I have to go she say, She just walk away without saying a word. After that i never seen her or never had a mess. When i go all the way to US i hope for more than 1 night. But that was the best fuck i ever had it was worth the trip. I never forget you!
90% (11/1)
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3 years ago
Mmm bra story
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good to bad that was all
4 years ago
This sounds very nice ;)
4 years ago
You are so lucky this happened for you. I hope it happens again soon. Great Story!
4 years ago
i love this story it really is the sweetest thing i have ever read.... ;)