Great Day

It was a little over a year ago. My wife and i were discussing her having sex with another man. After a long discussion we decided to take an ad out on craigslist. After the ad was placed a few days later we got an answer she liked. So her and her new male friend began talking so we decided to meet. The meetin was a good meeting so we all decided he should return in a couple weeks to meet again.

Upon the arrival for the second meet my wife was ready for sex you could just see it all over her. So with out hesitation she invited him to our bedroom. As sonn as we all got back there him and her started kissing passionately like they had been seeing each other all along. She took him to the bed and the kissing got heavier and i was getting much harder. Then they stripped down to nothing and during the kissing she grabbed his cock and began stroking. After a few minutes of this they were still kissing passionately and then he buried his dick in my wifes pussy. It almost looked like they were making love because of the kissing and touching that was going on as he was plunging his dick in and out. Awhile later they both beagan to moan in pleasure as the had silmultanious orgasms. As they lay there holding one another i was permited to look. After it was all finished i was happy to finger my wifes freshly fucked pussy and felt thier juices mixed inside of her.

True story
85% (7/1)
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3 years ago
not bad but you could go more in depth with it and made it a little longer.
3 years ago
A little more detail would have been nice, but I enjoyed it. Thanks.
3 years ago
7 outta 10 a little to short