The Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop
I see you across the crowded coffee shop, looking stunning in a short black dress. You catch me looking at you and I blush. You get up from you seat and walk by my table dropping a napkin as you pass by. You bend over to pick it up giving me a long look at your legs and ass. You put the napkin on my table and slowing seductive walk to the door. You look back at me as you get to the door, and motion to the napkin. I pick up the napkin and notice it is moist with something written on it. On side of the napkin and sniff, then lick written on it. You watch from the doorway as I lift the napkin up to nose and sniff, smell like your pussy; I lick the napkin to taste you. I look up and your gone from the coffee shop; I am sad until I realize there is something written on the other side. It say “follow me is you want more.”
I stand up and hope no one will notice my rapidly hardening cock; I head to the door hoping you are still there. I look to the left of the parking not, I do not see you. I look to the right and see you disappear around the corner of the building. I hurry to try and catch up to you, I come around the corner and you are there. I back you up against the wall and kiss you; you push me away then pull me close and kiss me back. After we kiss for a few minutes you ask me how bad I want to touch your pussy. I whisper in your ear so bad I can taste it. You say “okay but you will have to do everything I say or no pussy for you!”
You take your hand and slowly reach under your dress and slide a couple fingers into you pussy covering them in your juices. You take your juice covered fingers and run them under my nose and along my lips. I try and stick my tongue out for a lick and you say “un un, no licking” and take for fingers away. I plead for taste you and you just laugh, thinking this is so ease. You have me follow you to your car and tell me to sit in the backseat and hand me a blindfold. You tell me to put it on; you get behind the wheel and drive for what seems like a long time. I can smell your perfume and hear you singing to the radio.
When we finally stop, you get out of the car and leave me alone for a few minutes. You return and say “good you did not remove my blindfold.” You lead me into a house, once inside you kiss me and start to undress me. You remove all my clothing leaving me in nothing but a blindfold. You pull me close and whisper in my ear “this is your last chance to back out; I am going to rock your world.” I say “there is no other place I would rather be.” You kiss me and lead me into a room and have me kneel. I kneel down you order me to tilt my head back, I comply. You cover your fingers in your juices again. You run your fingers under my nose and tell me to suck on your fingers. I slowly suck your fingers savoring your juices.
You say “that is just a taste to you motivated to follow instructions.” You move away from me and sit in a chair in the corner of the room. You tell me to crawl to where I hear your voice. You keep calling me over until I make it there. I ask if I can remove the blindfold: You reply “No sweet boy you have not earned the right to see me naked yet”. I kneel in front of you and feel you place your foot on my shoulder. You tell me to remove yours shoes and kiss your foot. I reach my for your foot and rub it gently on my face, I kiss your foot and shoe. I undo the clasp on your shoes and take it off. You have me tilt my head back and your rub your foot across my face. You run your toes along my lips and tell me to open up. As I open my mouth you slide your big toe in and moan suck on it. I start you sock on your toe and you start to moan tell me “that’s it you’re doing well.” Your pussy is so wet your panties are soaked and I can smell you as I am sucking on your toes.
After you had enough of your toes being suck and your feet kissed, you tell me “since you did so well I have a treat for you, open your mouth.” I open my mouth and hear you stand up and remove some clothing. You had removed your panties and stuff them in my mouth and tell me to enjoy. You leave me kneeling naked with your panties in my mouth for what seemed to be a long time.
When you return you remove your panties and kiss me hard, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. You tell me to get up, I do and you lead me to the bed. You have me lie on my back and raise my hands to the headboard. When I do that u lock my hands to the headboard with handcuffs so I cannot get away. At this point I cock is hard and you decide it is teasing time. You disappear for a few minutes again leaving me handcuffed and blindfolded on the bed. You return and tell me that while my pubic hair is short, you prefer it shaved. You tell me that you are going to make it so and I am to keep it that way. If I don’t I will be punished. You give my cock a little lick before applying shaving cream. You slowly shave off all my hair on my cock and balls, teasing me the whole while. You order me to raise my legs and you said no questions and smacked my ass. I raise my legs and feel you apply shaving cream it my ass. I squirm and you smack my ass again, saying “You have been so good so far, don’t make me have to punish you”. You spread my cheeks and start to shave the hair. You finish and say that’s much better nice and smooth and laugh.
You give my cock and ball a few stokes and pulls and ask “doesn’t that feel so much better?” I answer “yes ma’am, but why my ass?” You replied you like to keep your options open. You straddle my face and order me to stick out my tongue. I am thinking finally I will have her pussy. You lower your ass on my tongue and tell me to lick it good, and start to rock on my face. As you are rocking back and forth on my tongue you are teasing my cock by licking and taking my cock in your mouth every once in a while.
I beg you to let me cum you say “you can cum when I say you can cum! If you cum before I say you can, you will be punished!” I am trashing a bit on the bed with your riding my tongue and teasing me. You raise your ass off my face and position yourself over my cock. You slowly tease me by taking my cock a little bit into your pussy and rising up. I am begging for you to ride my cock, you kiss me had and finally allow me to fully enter you. We are both moaning as you ride. You say you are going to cum and cum all over my cock. I beg you to let me cum and you say soon baby.
You get off my cock and straddle my face soaking me with your juices and tell me I can finally have her with my tongue. I lap at her hungrily trying to lick up as much juice as I can. You lean back and grind your pussy on my face. You look down at my cock covered in your juices and start to lick them up. I am starting to buck my hips because I am so close to Cumming. You smack my ass and tell me to stop that. You cum all over my face and tell be you want me to cum on your ass. You unlock the hand cuff and tell me to cum on your ass. I stroke my cock for a few minutes before exploding a huge load onto your ass and it slowly drips down your ass crack. You push me back onto the bed and kiss me so passionately telling me that was so incredibly hot, I agree, and ask if I can finally take the blindfold off. You agree and untie it so I can finally see your hot naked body. We cuddle for a while and I notice a video camera in the corner. I asked what’s up with that, you reply “It’s so we can remember how hot this was and so you will always behave.”

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2 years ago
very hot story..:)