Late Sauna

After a long day at an international exhibition in Frankfurt I found myself in a 5-star hotel with a Spa. I got naked, slipped into my slippers and robe and headed for the basement. The Spa was very modern, dark - mostly black shiny tiles with some golden mosaics dotted around to give it a luxurious calming look. A long corridore lead to individual saunas, steam and other rest rooms. The only thing that illuminated the complete area were LED lights that changed colours from time to time from blue to red and then from red to green and so on. It was already quiet late after dinner time so I had the whole place to myself – so I thought!

I grabbed a towel, hang my robe away and decided to try one particular small sauna that was relatively well lit. As you open the door the oven was on your left and one lower and one upper bench right in front of you. I folded my towel out on the top tier and sprinkled some water over the oven. I sat down with my back to the wall and let the hot air hit me right in the face. Just a couple of seconds later the door opens and this tall, stunning blonde with a towel wrapped around her body entered the sauna. She smiled sayed hello and dropped her towel right onto the same upper bench exposing her big, perfectly moulded breasts and completely shaved body parts. She sat down in the same way as I did, with her back against the wall right opposite me on the upper tier. Her knees closed together and angled up, leaning back against the hot wall. One of the lights was directly above her, illuminating her completely in front of me. My eyes shyed away initially but then got drawn back like a magnet onto her fully illuminated boobs and well exercised stomach. I thought to myself: I would love to caress those long, hard nipples, randomly sucking at them, circling them with my tongue whilst squeezing gently her firm big breasts! I shyly focused on looking into her eyes and just a second our eyes meet before she closed them calmly, leaning back against the wall. As she fall back my eyes again got locked focusing at her closed knees, just waiting to get a closer look of her shaven pussy. Only her breathing and a gentle, quiet sound of relaxation music came from the speaker system. She must have been able to hear my heard beat though at the same time.

She just sat there, upright position, with her eyes shut and angled closed legs, enjoying the silence and heat from the oven! For about 2 minutes I kept eying up her perfect body, starring at her knees in complete silence, for that glimpse between her legs, as I heard suddenly her voice again. This time deeper with a more sensual tone to it: “Are you still starring at my pussy?” Completely in shock I quickly turned my eyes to the door as I would have heard nothing and just as I got drawn back to her, she opened her big blue eyes, smiling at me: “ARE YOU STILL LOOKING AT MY PUSSY?!” I can’t believe what I had heard and look disturbed at the ceiling. Her eyes close as nothing had happened and just as I can see a deep breath from her, her knees suddenly, slowly open and fold to the side – exposing her complete body to me. My glimpse had come true, right in front of me, fully illuminated by the spotlight above her. I waited that the split second would wane and her accidental error would vanish with her knees properly closed forever but … But it didn’t happen! Her legs stayed wide open, allowing me to indulge in my visual feast. I could clearly see her well formed vulva mountain and her beautiful outer lips that half protected her pink flesh inside of her. Her hands suddenly crept up and run up her legs, further up her side of her body until she reached her head. With both arms folded aside and up in the air she ran through her blonde hair. Then she stopped, in a fully stretched sitting position, her elbows wide apart above her head, her breast and upper body stretched out to the max – still her legs folded aside – wide apart, exposing every single inch between her legs. Her big blue eyes, openend again in one blink – staring deeply at me. Electrified and totally parralysed by her actions I hold my breath and just as her gentle, deeply sensuous voice can say: “ Do you …the opening door silences her and two ladies enter the steam room. Both with their towels wrapped around their body they take a seat in front of us at the lower tier, facing the door. Clearly they must have been part of the exhibition as they were still quietly talking about it.

My eyes got immediately drawn back between her legs, then traveling up her body, over her boobs and back onto her face just for a quick look. Her eyes were wide open, starring at mine smiling at me as her head slightly fall sideways. She arched her back, her eyes locked, still starring at me as her hands start sliding down her belly between her legs. Her right hand circling around her pussy, her left hand slowly touching her boobs. She moves gently and carefully around her body parts. I clearly can see the sweat pouring down on her, dripping over her boobs onto her pussy. Finally I allow myself to awake from my parralysation, open my legs to expose my throbbing, erect cock to her. She smiles without blinking an eye, lifts herself up and taps one of the ladies in front of her onto the shoulder: “Sorry madam, do you mind if I put some water onto the oven?” The ladies reply: “oh good idea” as they watch her gracefully step down between them to pour a substantial amount of water onto the boiling hot stones. With great noise the wall of hot air expands rapidly around the room making everybody moan out loud.

As she climbs up past the lower tier between the ladies she grabs my knee with one hand to hold onto before she gets onto her knees with her back to me right in front of me. She pushes as close back to me as she can, reaches forward with her arms to place her towel properly back into shape. Whilst reaching forward she stretches her arse up in the air. My visual receptors are on overdrive as I watch her arse gently moving forward, to then only push backwards towards me – towards my face – towards my hands – towards my throbbing cock. She pushes back and doesn’t even pull back as she makes body contact with my legs as she pushes her arse up in the air, still fiddeling with her towel.

All unnoticed by the two ladies in front of us on the lower tier as they are happily chatting away discussing their experiences of the exhibition my hand suddenly reaches out for her arse. My four fingers slipping right between her legs, drowning deep into her terribly wet pussy whilst I press my thumb firmly onto her exposed arse. As soon as I can feel my thumb touch her soft skin around her rim she pushes backwards – with my thumb plopping right inside of her!
For a second I push deeper with my thumb completely immersed into her arse and my other 3 fingers pushing deep into her wet pussy
She jumps forward, grabs her towel, turns around to me and silently shakes her head at me to follow her! I obey and follow her out of the sauna, trying to hide my big erection from the ladies underneath my towel. As I step out I just grasp a glimpse of her disappearing into a Turkish steam room down the corridor. I follow her and as I open the door I find her alone with straight legs, bend forward, holding onto the seating bench in front of her. Her blonde hair dropped down between her arms looking down onto the ground. The otherwise dark and steamy room is only lit by one LED spotlight in the centre of the room. Her arse is placed right below the light, stretched up in the air. I drop my towel, grab her raised hips either side and slide my big cock right inside of her arse. She moans out loud as I start pounding her tight hole in extasy. She gets louder and louder the harder I trust into to her. Just as I am exploding she quickly turns around, knees down in front of me takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking – swallowing every single drop of my cum.

As I fall back onto a bench in exhaustion, her big blue eyes caught mine, she smiled again, wished her lips clean with her finger, got up onto her feet and headed for the exit

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3 years ago
I remember the coed nude saunas in Germany. Still, nothing like that ever happened to me. Damn!
3 years ago
dam i wish we had those here in my area,,great story ,,keep posting