Secretary walks the walk of shame

Catherine has always been above everybody else in the office; after all she was the Personal Assistant to the boss. Immaculate make up, glowing red lipstick, blow dried hairstyle, tanned and every single day of the year without exception dressed in proper business attire. The typical high powered female business executive in a jacket and skirt, a blouse, shiny panties and fantastic high heels. Yes Catherine knows how to use every advantage of her heels, gaining a few inches in height to talk eye to eye to any predator, straightening her posture and tightening those sporty but slender legs just pushing up her perfectly formed ass cheeks as she parades with an accentuated, visible wiggle throughout her territory at work. Every morning she clearly enjoys making heads turn as she introduces every male in the open office environment to her new outfits that have been carefully chosen at the best high street brands in town.

Her arrogance in parading silently through the office has made her an open target for everybody in the company that indulges in the gossip whilst chatting in their tea or lunch breaks. One day as her short, tight fitted skirt made again the main topics in the morning, lunch and tea breaks, our sales manager David, a tall 6’2”, strongly build rugby player made a suggestion to invite Christine to our annual company sports event and ask her if she would do the price giving for the best goal scorer and best player. After some relentless begging from numerous people in the office she agreed to attend.

We scheduled a date and made a booking for Tuesday night at a sports bar to cater for 22 guys that took part in company sports events during the year. We agreed to have some pre dinner drinks at 7pm, dinner and lots of more drinks before we sat down for our price giving at 10pm.

Christine arrived at 9.45pm to all our surprise, dressed to impress with the shortest of skirts, the highest of heels and a fantastic tight top that made a lot of gentlemen eyes drop right into her cleavage.

David thanked her for coming and asked her what she would like to drink: She replied in her posh accent “a Cosmopolitan please, thank you” and got immediately to fend of numerous approaches, gestures or personal invites from the lads. David got sure that her supply of Cosmopolitans was the highest priority of the night and after an hour or so we saw her behavior getting more comfortable with all the guys around her. Her body language started to show open affection towards the guys that flirted with her. She started to pose for pictures with the lads, hugging them, even kissing them on the cheek. Certainly a sign that the Cosmopolitans were working!

Price giving was a fantastic success, lots of cheers for our winners and our half d***ken Price Queen that seemed now to enjoy playing with the fire by leading the guys up the garden path. Letting them touch her before shying backwards and freeing herself from their grip just to fall into someone else’s arms and so on.

Completely excited David came over to me with a bunch of other guys and told me that she had agreed to get back to David’s apartment for a few more drinks. David’s pad is a fabulous city centre penthouse that is directly opposite our office and just two minutes away from the pub.

As we were crossing the street a bunch of 18 or so lads are swarming around Catherine like bees for her attention tripping each other on the way.

After a quick tour through the apartment we find ourselves all together again close to our centre attraction: Cathrine! David pops some Champaign corks and hands out glasses whilst toasting to our most beautiful and sexy Price Queen Catherine. The guys start cheering and start grabbing her lifting her up and throwing her in the air again and again. Her senses clearly overwhelmed by now, all the hands that touch her body, her legs, her arms, her back. She cannot identify what hands are there to catch her and what hands are there to touch her body parts. She feels hands touching her breast, hands touching her thighs, her arse and even feels them wandering between her legs as she gets thrown up in the air, again and again.
David suddenly shouts “hold it guys and bring her over here” as he points to a long 8 seater wooden dinning table. The guys follow his command and carry her over to the table holding her just above the surface like a cloth. Catherine turns her head to all directions shouting “ let me off – come on guys – let me down” David who stays on top of the table just behind her, takes her head gently in his hands looking down, into her eyes. The guys calm down instantly, laying her flat onto the table with all her fours stretched out onto each corner tightly pinning her down – waiting for David to say something …
Catherine wiggles and twists her lower body as she realizes that her skirt has pulled up far beyond and she lies there with wide open legs, she tries to free her arms but finds herself without a chance against the guys who hold her pinned down. She shouts at David “FU**ING HELL DAVID LET ME DOWN”! David quickly apologizes sympatheticly”Oh sorry my dear” he says calmly as he lets her head slip back below the edge of the table and reaches over her stretched out body, burying her face directly between his legs. She pulls down even further, trying to avoid his crotch as he grabs her skirt and pushes it down back into place. She screams “LET ME DOWN, that’s not funny anymore” David slowly raises himself up, still forcing his crotch onto her face. “Telling her, that’s not funny?! It isn’t funny when such a sexy lady FU**ing prances around at work ignoring us all – THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!” The crowd cheers again and guys are swearing at her “how arrogant she is” – “thinks she is something special”, “deserves something better” She yells “that’s not true – let me go!”
David sets in again still holding her face locked between his legs, “lets have a look if she is something better than us! How about a belly button?” The crowd cheers again wanting answers! David reaches forward again pulling her blouse out of her skirt, opening the first button, then the second as her gorgeous flat stomach appears with no belly button to be seen! She wiggles and twists as she shouts “FUCK OFF DAVID- that’s enough now” Andrew a black muscular Basketball player of 6’4 shouts “have a look if her titts are more special?!” Before David can get his hands onto her blouse again Damien jumps forward and gets to unbutton her blouse, he moans as he caresses her boobs with both hands, squeezing them till they pop out of her bra. To restrain her efforts to get free, David just pushes forward and locks his arms on both of her shoulders, making her breath deeply into his crotch. Her swearing and shouting at the guys is completely ignored as more and more hands start touching her. “What about her beaver- someone asks”. Within seconds several hands push down below her skirt, deep into her panties, other starting to pull her skirt down, then her panties as other guys already screaming “no fu**ing hair YEAAHHHHHHH” but just reach down once more just to get sure again! The frenzy is getting into full swing now as 14 guys wildly touch every inch of her body, undressing her completely until she lies completely naked on the table. David who has been only able to watch the hands stripping within seconds every single piece of clothes from her body. He reaches down with his hand and presses it against her mouth as he slightly steps back. Their eyes meet – the expression of shock in one – ecstasy in the other! Her eyes widen as soon as she sees his hand moving down towards his pants. She shouts into his hand, wiggles her body and shakes her head as to say “NO NO NO” David unzips his pants with one hand and brings to light a large cock in its full pride. She wrestles and shakes her head as he spreads his fingers in her mouth creating a passage way in. Anton and Michael come for help and lock her head, pushing it down below the table’s edge. David pushes slowly his massive cock into her mouth as he cheers to the other guys “ lets see if she can suck cock in a special way” He grabs her titts, squeezes them hard as he pushes deeper into her, he fucks her in the mouth till she gags on his big erection. Just as he pinches her nipples Andrew pushes David aside, just to make her face his big black cock” He places himself in front of her, as he wanks himself to a full erection. “I want you to look me in the eyes as you take my cock you dirty office bitch – at least you could have said hello” Just as she tried to reply he pushes his hole manhood deep into her mouth.

Catherine had accepted her faith by now and actually went with it as a matter of choice as she sucked everyone’s cock and made them come alive in front of her. Still stretched out on the table she had numerous hands on her body, grabbing her titts, playing with her clit, finger fucking her. One hand even tried to nearly fist her. Some other hands went straight for her bum and pushed one, even two fingers up her tight arse, making her shiver from excitement.

Just as David took his cock out and shoved it into her mouth he made an announcement that nobody is allowed to have an orgasm. That would be a surprise for later on!

After a while when everybody had his dick in her mouth at least once David got everybody to be quiet, turning to Catherine with a mobile phone in his hand. He presses play and shows her a clip of her lying naked on a table, sucking passionately 3 guy’s cock whilst being touched by countless hands everywhere. With some panic in her voice she starts begging “don’t please don’t, I do anything you want, but please don’t …” “Anything?! - Everything you will have to do or otherwise… “ “OK ok everything you want” she begs him looking into the round hoping for an agreement with the guys.

David looks at his watch and turns to the guys: “ok lets get our office bitch walk the walk of shame in work” She hastily agrees “YES ok I do it but don’t show the video” The crowd starts cheering again as David interrupts them by lifting his arm up in the air: ok its 5.30 in the morning, I want you to beg every single guy that is here in the room, and I mean begging as in begging to fuck you in every hole possible till 6.30 – then we will all get back to work?!

Immediately as all of them expecting her agreement, Andrew approaches her, pulls her to one end of the table, opens her legs and pushes them back: “Come on! Beg for it you little bitch, beg for my big cock to fuck you up your tight little arsehole” Catherine looks over to David who only lifts up his phone as to say … “OK ok – Andrew please fuck me” “NO NO beg for me to fuck you in your tight little arsehole you dirty little slut”! He stays in front of her holding her legs high up in the air pushing them backwards, lifting up her arse whilst knocking with his cock at her tight rim. “PLEASE please fuck me in my tight little arsehole Andrew!” And as she gasps for air anticipating his big cock to push past her twitching arsehole- he pushes forward stretching her with his big cock “ YEAH COME ON – I want to feel your cock in my little arse” she beggs as he bends her legs even further forcing himself all the way into her and starts pounding her hole for a few strokes. Shortly other guys try to push him off her just to demand from her to beg for their cocks to be rammed up her dirty hole. Others find themselves now so aroused that they have to stop before shooting their loads into her arse. David announces the final lap and asks everybody to participate in a double hole cream pie. Guys pounding her hole screaming at her to beg as they shoot their load deep inside of her arse and pussy. As all 17 guys offload their sperm inside of her David allows himself to be the final one – thrusts forward, deep inside of her, pulls it out with lots of cum dripping from his cock and lets her beg to suck his cock clean. Just as she had cleaned his cock with her tongue he pushes hard into her mouth, offloading all of his cum deep into her. “Swallow my cum you dirty slut”. She swallows relieved that she had done her bit and nobody would ever find out …

They left her at the table, holding up her legs so that no drop of sperm could run out of her. Both her pussy and arse fully loaded of cum. Some lads help her into her blouse, gently putting back on her shiny panties, her skirt, and her shoes. Finally they help her up and just as they start walking out the door David appears with a pair of sciccers, kneeing down in front of her demanding to open her legs wide once more! He cuts a little hole into her panties just between her legs. As soon as the sciccers cut the fine mesh cum starts pouring out of her holes, dripping out, running down her legs. As they walk with her, crossing the street endless streams of thick cum start sliding down her panties and stopping at her high heels leaving big white marks on them. She desperately tries to minimize her outflow of sperm down her legs by crossing every step as she enters the office but then she just had to let it happen and walk the walk of shame in her own office. One of the guys actually made her knee down and lick some of the cum that she had dropped from beneath her skirt onto the carpet. Just as she had no other choice and nobody seems to notice she kneed down looking at him at the same time whilst her tongue picked up the big drop of cum from the black carpet. She stood up, pulled her skirt and blouse into place licked her finger and moved on …

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LOve it ;)
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Oh am so horny after reading this brilliant story
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Thats a great story