The Squirter

I always had a fetish for squirters, stunning girls that can shoot gallons of juicy liquid out of their pussy whilst orgasm and wet everything that comes in their path of ecstasy.

I find their shyness terribly irresistible - holding back their secret till the truth breaks, in a volcanic eruption. How amazingly arousing!

I know Sybille now 3 years and have become addicted to her squirting all over me. Sybille on the other side has always felt ashamed of her squirting and have found it very difficult to enter any other relationship as she comes very easily and makes a terrible mess.

Otherwise she is a real dirty slut and loves to be dominated and abused, particularly in any public space where people may watch or catch us in the act.

Last time as we were invited to meet 3 other couples for dinner I was ready to make her come out about her squirting.

I demanded that when I pick her up I wanted her to wear her red PVC mini dress that I had send her in the post the day before, and her matching shiny 4” high heel boots.

Just as I park the car I see her switching the lights off inside, locking the door and then come up walking over to the car. She looks good in her tall statue, her blonde long hair flowing in the rythem of her walk with her long legs striding in front of her making her gorgeous arse shift sensually. That red PVC dress is ridiculously tight and looks like a 2nd skin as her breasts and nipples are clearly visible.

She takes a seat next to me in the car and reaches over for a quick kiss, waiting for me to compliment her on her fantastic looks. I do so and reach into my pocket pulling out a little present for her. She smile, thanks me and opens it hastily! The ribbon is quickly made unlocked and she opens the box revealing an electric egg – remote controlled!!! A slight laughter comes from her lips as it dawns to her what danger this could bring to her being in public. “NO WAY” she says as I reach out for them. I tell her to pull her seat down, spread her legs. Reluctantly she does as I tell her and with a quick click her seat falls flat and she raises her legs, opening a full view at her shaven pussy.

I spit onto my fingers and slip immediately inside her as I realize that she is very turned on indeed – already! I take the two balls and insert them into her. She pulls up her seat and gets comfortable, pushing down her mini dress. “Just like a lady”

On our 15min ride to our friends I try numerously to testing the different settings in the control and try finding out what rythem has the most effect on her. I very quickly find out as at certain speeds she starts wiggling wildly in her seat and can’t resist slightly giving moans from her. At lower speeds I just realize a big smile showing up all over her face.

As we arrive Sybille gets plenty of attention from the guys that compliment her on her outfit and even the girls can’t get their hands off her. Whilst I watch her flirting with our friends I switch the vibrator on and off making her jump again and again. Everytime I keep it running for too long she gives me dirty looks as to say” don’t …. Please switch it off now” – So I stop! Just to continue again as someone leans over to her whispering something into her ear! I can see her body twitch from here and can only imagine how wet she must be between her legs by now. I realize that she stays there with crossed legs as to prevent the egg from dropping out onto the floor in front of everybody.

As we are asked to take our seats at the table I jump of joy realizing that the table is a big rectangular clear glass table. We take a seat opposite each other with a couple to our left and another to our right. The guys join me on my side as everyone wants a glimpse of Sybilles up skirt. Their eyes are actually giving it away by now and I hope that they are going to see much more than they have bargained for.

By the end of the starter I have her throwing me dirty looks on an ongoing basis and on her nervous sitting position I can see she is constantly shifting in her seat. I even have got some kicks with her pointy boots that caused some laughter from everybody around the table as I nearly screamed of the pain as she hit my shin. Nobody of them knows what’s brewing underneath. Just as she reaches out to have her wine glass refilled I press the button for full power again and leave it on. She starts wiggling like a small c***d that needs to go to the toilet – she grabs her hair over her head and looks at me with a certain stare that I have never seen in here before. Christine who passes her back her glass realizes that something is going on and ask her if she is ok?! With a smile and a rather squueckish voice she replies “YES thanks”. I switch it off as and put it back on immediately again which makes her jump and yell out loud with a big sigh!!! Now everybody is alert and looks at her and then over to me! I let it running and she knows that there is no way back anymore. Everybody looks at her as she twists and turns in her seat, pulling her hair out in agony, moaning and groaning, screaming at me to switch the fucking thing off NOW! Everybody suddenly starts dropping their eyes right at her, between her legs as they open slowly more and more. As someone would pull them apart she spreads her legs wider and wider as she gets wilder in her seat, letting the vibrations completely taking her over. Her dress is now completely pulled up and her pussy is fully visible, her legs widely stretched apart, her head pulled back as her hands lifting herself back off the table, tipping slightly the chair as she breaks out in a massive scream followed by a massive gushing of juicy water shooting all over me and the underside of the table. The guys jump back avoiding the wall of water that comes towards them.

I let her scream as she gushes out another squirt and another one and another one as much as she can give, screaming and moaning before I have mercy with her and switch the egg off. ………

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3 years ago
brilliant, its just how i used to feel about my erm talent?
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
WEll written and thought about, congratulations!