Mind Fuck #1 - Police Patrol

I always said that I am going to fuck with her mind and on a late evening I knew I would do well to keep my promise. My girlfriend is a tall stunning blonde call Antoinette, endless legs with rather big and firm tits and beautiful hard nipples that pierce through her braless tight fitted tops whenever we are out together. It has always been a hard effort for her to dress against her conservative, wealthy and rather proper upbringing as I like to show her off in public. She even enjoys the attention she gets, and particularly likes to tease other woman, even though she never had an encounter with one! But then a good submissive girl does what her Master tells her to do – and so we got the dressing sorted too. High heels, shiny stockings, short lycra minis with noting underneath and a tight top are now compulsory when going out. Just before we leave the house I get sure to remind her of her serving duties, let her knee down in front of me to place her colar around her neck. “Ready to go”

We are out with friends, having drinks in a very trendy bar and then off to get something to eat before convincing her to go home early – As we arrive at the carpark I open her the door and watch her as she takes her seat. I excuse myself, closing the door as I have to make a phone call. After a few minutes I return to the car, fetch two pair of handcuffs, a blindfold and a gag ball out of the boot that I had prepared earlier and open her door again. Surprised she turns towards me, not expecting me to come over to her side again. I smile at her and with a firm voice I command her to reach with both arms behind the car seat. She does as I told her to, stepping immediately into her submissive role by answering “yes Master” I reach down behind her and lock both hands together with one of the handcuffs. She sighs and starts to say something as I cut into her words and instruct her to keep quiet and only open her mouth when she is being asked! “Yes Master – Sorry Master” she replies.
I reach out for her legs, take her high hells off and place the underside of her feet together spreading her legs wide apart. Her mini skirt is pushed far back exposing in full her clean shaven pussy. Her erect nipples are now clearly visible in her lycra top that is only hold up by shoulder straps either side. I then grab the blindfold as I watch her stunned eyes disappearing behind the cloth and fold it tightly together. Only a sound comes from her mouth as I interrupt her again! As I speak slowly, I squeeze one of her nipples to make it clear that consequences are to be faced if she would open her mouth again without being asked. A quick sigh with a twist of her body to relieve the pain and a short “Yes Master “ comes out of her as she replies obediently, falling back into the seat.

I softly press the gag-ball onto her lips as she opens her mouth wide to take the red ball in with its leather straps tied back behind her head.

I watch her in silence for a few seconds – kiss her on the cheek and whisper to her how much I love driving through the suburbs with my slave tied up in my car. “I hope that your parents or friends that live nearby don’t recognize my Convertible as they pop into us by pure accident – NOT NOW”. I leave her with that thought, closing the passenger side and quickly take my seat and head for the exit. Just before the gate I stop the car and f***e her top down as her big titts pop out immediately. I quickly suck on both nipples and give them a fair squeeze. Then I run my hand down her belly and slip one finger right into her dripping wet crotch. Enough evidence that my dirty bitch is loving every minute of it.

I place the ticket in the gate and off we go into the city traffic. At traffic lights I tell her when people have spotted her and describe their faces as they gaze with shock what their eyes are telling them as we already disappear within the traffic heading home out of town. Just as we come to the outskirts, I stop the car and let the roof down – exposing her completely to the public, with her titts out, a gag-ball in her mouth and blindfolded. Even her long blond hair is blowing in the wind, just to get attention! Any trucker that passes by can even see her pussy on full display! I talk to her telling her what I am going to do with her as soon as we get home into the garage.

Just as we head along a country road nearby home a quick sound of sirens appear right behind us. In a panic voice I shout at her “OHHHHH FUCK THE POLICE” and slow the car down. Antoinette immediately starts wiggling and twisting her body to get rid off ….. rid off those hand cuffs?!, cuffs that are tying her feet together, this bl**dy gag-ball in her mouth, the blindfold, her titts out and her pussy on show – ohhh how embarrasing, how degrading. As the car comes to a hold I try quickly to lean behind her to open her handcuffs (at least) as she wiggles, moans and roars with panic. I shout: “they are coming, they are coming over” as I still try to unlock her.

Then a knock on the window as Antoinette freezes in her seat, silently sighing. I even can hear her heart racing!

I squeek “Oh shit” as I pull down the window and a dark voice suddenly appears. “Good evening Sir, could I please ….. ahhhhh….. then a second silence as he turns his torch onto the passenger side, ahhhhh would you please get out of the car please! I reach over and touch Antoinette’s arm as to say sorry, open the door and getting out of the car.

Before the officer leads me away from the car he calls loudly to his partner “COULD YOU PLEASE HANDLE THAT!”

Antoinette sits frozen in her seat not being able to move as her hands are tied behind her seat, her feet tied together, blindfolded, gagged and her pussy and titts fully exposed. The only she can do is breathing,! Breathing and waiting for something to happen! Seconds become to hours as she waits for the door to be opened by a stranger.

Finally the door opens with a click, further second go by, nothing happens …. Then a voice appears: “oh hello who have we got here – what a naughty girl! As Antoinette’s mind goes on overdrive as of what she is hearing and what should have happened in this situation she suddenly feels a soft hand touching her breasts and gently massaging them, caressing her nipples. Then another hand right between her wide spread legs that pushes right into her pussy. As her breath returns and the pure tention overcome her to just completely give up whatever her mind is telling her she falls back into her seat and suddenly succumbs to the gently hands of that female officer. As the officer finger fucks her soaking pussy she speaks gently to Antoinette “sooo do you want your dirty hole licked out – Do you?” As her mind realizes what she hears she feels her seatbelt come off – her legs lifted up in the air as she suddenly feels a soft tongue licking her crotch, sucking and licking every drop of her. Antoinette moans in extasy as the police officers tongue circles her clit and slowly, then faster, then slowly again whilst two fingers push in & out of her, finger fucking her as she offloads her tension into a huge orgasm. Coming all over the officer’s face!

Shortly thereafter she just feels the officer retreating, placing her legs back into the position as she has been placed before.
With a gentle voice she says: That’s fine then madam, you are ok, drive carefully – closes the door and disappears. Antoinette hears the engine come on, accelerates and disappears into the night.

I open the door and find Antoinette sitting in the seat as I had left her before, just there is a massive wet patch visible on my leather seat between her spread open legs. I reach for her pussy and slap it twice telling her: “Good girl”

I take her blindfolds and gag-ball off, release her from her cuffs at her arms and legs and continue driving home in silence.

Later I tell her that it all was a setup and a mate of mine who is a policeman had a friend that fancied her since she saw her the first time a couple of years ago. I guess Antoinette is still wondering who that girl must have been and sometimes I see her shyly blushing away as we bump into friends we know that maybe could have been that particular officer from that certain evening.

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8 months ago
Great story ... love the police women story
2 years ago
Love kinky horny policewomen lesbo fun erotica.
3 years ago
That was a really good story
3 years ago
Hot and kinky - great story!
3 years ago
Fabulous read :)
3 years ago
very nice story