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If You have a grievance with other users on this site kindly take them up here .Please do not use individual profile pages as this is unfair to the owner of that page.

Just copy and paste the title bar and post it to whom ever you like.Then have your arguements here This will enable people to look at their own leisure if they wish to do so


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8 days ago
See you have 'retained' your sense of humour Teg. a pre-requisite here mate.
13 days ago
so you finally crept out of that tyranny dungeon for a breath of air
All the best for the new year you old tart :-)
15 days ago
Might i say,this page is looking fukin great :-)
15 days ago
Orite yah fat bastard .
15 days ago
Hello muthafukers. ...... Im still alive "which is good news for me" Tegs back to wish you all a happy fukin newyear :-)
17 days ago

you Fake Korean Turd , you are a Stain on Humanity a Hater of all things Good , you come here to Shit and Insult the Greatest Power and Nation in the World
How dare you make this comment
[Isn't it fascinating, when some godly americans died at 9/11..]
When The attacks resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people, including the 19 hijackers and 2,977 victims. The victims included 246 on the four planes (from which there were no survivors), 2,606 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon.

How long do you think we will allow you to Troll and Spam here while shitting in our Face ?

You are now Public Enemy Number 1

I urge all those who wish to have this Fake and Troll ctoan removed as we did to the Troll -smiley- to come together and Target this Hater

Let us send this piece of German Shit to the Land it wants to be in, Korea let Fat Boy Kim Jong-un deal with him
19 days ago
mmm, bet that stung your ass
23 days ago
Suspect that was a popular move.
26 days ago
26 days ago
Bonne Année 2015

like SassyBri
Thank you for addressing this menace. satyriasiss

also known as DariusZ .Darius-is-back, and the Lithuanian

26 days ago
And a new year, a new luck

. . . that's the way I like Bro.
29 days ago
Frohes Neues Jahr 2015
29 days ago
And the same to you :)
1 month ago
♏ℰℝℝẎ ℃Ħℝℑ$✝ℳѦ$ ✝☮ ∀Ḻℒ
1 month ago
If you get a lump of coal, don't forget da lube. "And to all a good night".
1 month ago
……… ....*•♥•*
…… .... *♥♥♥♥*'
… .... *♥♥♥☺♥♥♥*
...... ♫♥♣*♥♥☺♥*♥♫
..*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫ ♣♥♥*'
'*♥♥♣♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫ ♥♣♥♥*'
My Best wishes for a Christmas !
1 month ago
Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip.
1 month ago
Gotta love this time of the year. Happy holidays peeps
1 month ago
All trolls here misjudge me, usually by thinking I'm stupid.
It's their biggest weakness I use against them and makes them easy for me to deal with.
1 month ago
it is so easy to uncover someone

ctoan good to have some new true intelligent friends.
1 month ago
"You're done here."

Sure glad to finally see this! It is time. Past time. Thank you for addressing this menace.

Sassybri ~
1 month ago
"Girl, if there's a man you crave, Pogge stockings will make him rave!"
1 month ago
My STFU button is not working. I'll try and restart my computer
1 month ago
dream-lover should look on Capos ,for some new enemies. Today the page of the Boss is full of the worst bastards .....just even mentioned. lol
1 month ago
No new enemies?

No hassle or trouble?

Then let us revive the old . . .

1 month ago
Looks like once more i have to apologise
my sabinchen Fake list is getting smaller .lol

shows how you can be fooled by your friends



Sorry sabinchen

hey who is http://xhamster.com/user/liquid-snake

that you ? lol
1 month ago
I forgot a dear friend! waingro
just a few days older than me , odd ?
Signed up: 2404 days ago
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Rank: xHamster Legend
Comments: 22,490

I'm: Donkey Kong, 36
From: Wainland, California, United States
Seeking: Woman
Languages: Donkey

is he in heaven or is he in hell that damned elusive pimpernel!
known as The Donkey Slayer
1 month ago
Harvey Keitel
you say / Sabinchen Since the beginning of xhamster ?

she was not there in the beginning , indeed the site was born longer than the 1949 days when she and Angelo Profile joined xHam

I am not sure who has been here the longest , but to give you an idea take a look at these profiles


Hawkins [is xHamster ]
Signed up: 2728 days ago


Signed up: 2539 days ago


Signed up: 2484 days ago


Signed up: 2447 days ago


Signed up: 2439 days ago

Signed up: 2275 days ago

nono been here longer this is his 2nd Profile the first was user/nono155


Inscription: il y a 2408 jours

and not forgetting the infamous Darius who started life off as
the Lithuanian approx 2550 days ago

and myself 2400 days ago , not in this profile though

so you see Sabinchen was a Late starter


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