The Relationship Part 2

Continued from Part !

Chap 11
He wouldn’t do this to me would he? Based on his recent behavior I couldn’t rule that out. I was totally naked; my mouth taped, and spread standing here helplessly. A million thoughts raced through my mind. The foremast one was where did he go and was he coming back? What if someone else found me? What would they think or do? There usually weren’t that many people around but I remembered what he said about his high school days and how he and his friends would come here to hand out. What if a group like that stumbled on me? They could do whatever they wanted to me and Ii couldn’t stop them.
I know it wasn’t that long a time but it seemed like it was. He’d only been gone I estimated an hour. During that time I struggled in vain but I was tied too well. It was getting dark too and who knows what other things were out there.
Finally he appeared. “What’s the matter sexy? Were you getting worried?
I glared at him indignantly as I could and tried to say where the fuck did you go but the tape of course prevented that.
“You looked so hot standing there I thought I’d just enjoy the view” he quipped.
He approached me and I thought he was going to let me down. Instead he pulled his zipper down and there was a fresh hard on. I knew what he planned to do with that. He walked behind me and I could feel the familiar pressure of his cock head pressing against my pussy. I was still dripping cum out from the earlier fucking so he was getting sloppy seconds and slid right in. He fucked me again grabbing my boobs and pounding me for the next 20 minutes. He came again as hard as ever. I forgot how fast younger guys recover.
I didn’t know if I should hate him or thank him. I had never felt so vulnerable and excited at the same time. He had taken me to a new level. The sex was more dangerous and exciting and the fact that I was being controlled by this young deviant master added to the issue.
I was completely his and knew I was lost and would tolerate anything. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be something I totally regretted.
Chap 12
I decided that was enough. Watching her squirm, struggle, and squeal through her tape gag gave me another huge hard on. She had such a beautiful body too. Having it displayed like that was the perfect situation. I really liked this new twist to sex. Control. And she was the perfect victim.
I approached her from the back where she couldn’t see who was coming. I wanted her for a few more moments at least, to let her imagination torment her. When I finally presented myself to her face showed a look of both relief and hatred. It was beautiful.
“Sorry but I just needed to take a little walk.” Did you miss me?” I sacastically asked. Of course she couldn’t answer. But her limited body langue told me she was saying get me down from her. But I wasn’t finished yet.
I strolled around her inspecting my catch, taking advantage of her helplessness and feeling her tits and ass up. I pinched her both erect nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and twisted and pulled them out to remind her who was in control still.
I unzipped my jeans in front of showing her my fresh hard on. She looked down at it and looked back up with an obvious expression of “oh no not that again.”
“Yes, now look at what you’ve done again” I pointed out. “I’m going to have to do something about this.” She knew what I meant. I walked behind her so she couldn’t see me.
“Just imagine I’m a stranger that happened to stumble on you. What do you think he would do? Finding a totally naked hot woman tied, bound, gagged and completely helpless. I don’t know anyone that could resist following their instincts.”
I detected her mood change as the thoughts I just planted in her mind took hold. As she contemplated that idea I grabbed her by her hips, and thrust my cock in her once again. She was still soaked from our earlier fuck session. It just made it easier to drive my cock deeper in her helpless pussy.
She made a short high squeal into her gag. I moved into my usual in and out rhythm making sure I moved completely in and out of her wet pussy making her feel like she was really being fucked. I alternated my hands from her hips to her tits and occasionally squeezing her ass. I hadn’t completely recovered from when I last fucked her so it took me about 20 minutes to finally cum again. Based on how she was fucking back and the orgasm that she obviously had, I don’t think she minded.
Chap 13
That happened on a Friday so I had the weekend to recover. Neither one of us usually worked on the weekends. I had to adjust my mind when I was home, especially on the weekend when I was with my husband. It was as if I had two personalities.
During the week I was engaged in a kinky sexual affair with a young guy. In the evenings and the weekends I went back to my normal married role.
It was Sunday evening when my two worlds crossed for a moment. The alert on my phone let me know I had a text message with a picture. Oh my god, It was Justin! I told him to never call or contact me when I was at home. He didn’t keep that request. He had sent a picture he took during our session Friday afternoon. It was me suspended naked between two trees and the message said “Can't wait til tomorrow.”
The surprise of first seeing my picture temporarily took me off guard. I was fortunately sitting facing my husband so he couldn’t see what I just saw. My husband asked casually, “what was it honey?” I had to think quickly. My s****r had sent a text earlier and had sent a picture of her new dog she just got.

“Oh, it was Nancy. Nothing important, she just sent me a picture of her new puppy.” I felt like such a cad.
I was furious that he had tried to send me something while I was home. Especially what he had sent. He was getting very bold. Too bold. But at the same time I thought to myself,” I couldn’t wait either”.
I was thinking what could be the next level of fun. When I got a call from one of my frat buddies, another idea came to me. Jeff said he and two other frat b*****rs where planning to be in the area this weekend and wanted to stop by to party. My grandparents have this house at the lake that they never use anymore. I have access to it though whenever I like. I figured that would be the perfect place to spend the weekend. I also remembered that Kathy had said that her husband was going to be traveling in Europe this weekend so she was going to be alone for the weekend. I thought she would be a perfect addition to our get together.
I had actually told my friends about my little situation this summer and had even emailed them some pictures of her to them. Their reaction was that of envy. I had been thinking it would be cool to watch Kathy fucking other guys. This would be the perfect situation. We’d have a weekend party and Kathy would be the fun addition.
When I told her about my idea I didn’t really tell her the entire truth. I said that I was planning a party at my grandparent’s lake place and since she was going to be free for the weekend that I’d like her to come as my date. I didn’t go into detail as to exactly who and how many attendees there would be.
She didn’t hesitate in accepting and seemed so excited at the prospect. I told her to plan to stay the night since it was a good hour and a half away. She said she’d pact an overnight bag. I told her I’d like her to dress real sexy and that I wanted her to look hot when I introduced her to my friends. She said she had just the right thing in mind. I felt a little guilty about misleading her but I thought it would be better this way and my excitement overwhelmed my sense of decency.
Chap 15
I couldn’t believe it when Justin asked if I’d like to go to a party with him. Up until now our relationship was purely a series of sexual encounters and to be honest that was becoming increasingly perverse. Outside of our daily fuck and blow job sessions the closest thing to a date was a couple of two hour meetings in a sleazy motel. Maybe things were going to change.
The timing was perfect too. My husband was on a two week trip in Europe on business. I would be completely free for the entire weekend. Maybe this was a sign that he was planning to treat me a little better. He said he’d pick me up and we’d drive together so I wouldn’t have to worry about my car.
He said he wanted me to dress real sexy. That was not a surprise request. He told me he wanted to show me off to his friends. I didn’t have a problem with that and was even flattered by the thought. I had this cute little black mini dress that I had bought some time ago but never wore yet. It would perfect for the occasion. It was tight fitting with an open back and very low cut. The hem reached about mid thigh when I was standing but hiked all the up my legs when I would sit in it. With a nice pair of four inch black patent leather heels, I was sure it would be just what he wanted. I’d go bare legged since I already had my legs nicely tanned from the summer and the only other considerations would be a little black thong. With this dress it wasn’t possible to wear a bra but I was sure he wouldn’t mind.
I was literally counting down the days. We were still seeing each other daily as usual. To show my gratitude I was being especially accommodating giving him long blow jobs and fucking as hard as I could. When Saturday came I waited for him to pick me up at about eight. I took extra time to get ready and have my makeup and look just right. I figured I was going to be the oldest one there assuming most of the people would be around his age. I was a little nervous to be honest. There was a pretty good age gap and was wondering what the competition would be like. Little did I know at the time I wouldn’t have any.
It was going to take us a few hours to get there so he said he’d pick me up at eight. I didn’t want any of the neighbors to see me leave, especially dressed like this so I told him to pull in the driveway which circled in behind my house. No one could see there.
My heart skipped a beat when I heard his knock. It was a little weird this being the first time he was at my house. When I opened the door he just smiled as he looked me up and down. I could tell without asking he approved. I did look incredible if I say so myself. He confirmed that as well.
True to form he gave me a big French kiss while he felt me up especially squeezing my braless breasts. His hands roamed around my back and as he pressed me firmly into his body squeezed both my ass cheeks.
We got in the car and as I sat I watched his eyes fix on my legs as my skirt hiked all the way up. I knew that would happen. He always would say that my legs were my best feature even though he obviously likes the rest of my body as well. I knew he already had a hard on that I could feel when he hugged and kissed me.
He had borrowed his parents Cadillac. It looked a little strange for a young guy to be driving but it was a big improvement over the beat up Ford pickup truck that we had so many times fucked in the back of and I was grateful as it was far more comfortable. This was the first extended road trip that we had since I knew him. We weren’t 10 minutes down the road and he asked me to slide over next to him. Cadillac’s are one of the few cars left that have a bench front seat. I quickly learned there was another reason he borrowed this particular car. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff cock. I didn’t have to be asked and immediately went to work stroking it. It was also handy being left handed in this case. As I stroked his rock hard cock he reached over with his free hand and squeezed my breasts and ran his hands up and down my bare thighs. Then his arm reached round my back and he put his palm on the back of my head. I knew what he wanted me do. Even though it made me nervous with him driving, I blew him until he shot his load in my mouth. I was careful to drink it all because I didn’t want any cum on my face or dress. By that time we were there.
The lake house was an inconspicuous looking dwelling. The one thing I noticed was it was very private. Justine explained that it was actually meant to be a hunting lodge. His parents bought it years ago and they picked it because of the privacy that it had. I would learn the drawback to that later.
There was no one else there yet when we walked in. I asked when the other guests would be arriving. Justin was just getting off his iPhone when he answered,” any minute now.” I was excited to meet his friends I told him. He said that he knew they were excited to meet me as well. Little did I know then that they all had a very intimate preview of me.
I really didn’t think it odd that they all arrived at once. There were three of them, Mark, Julian and Carlton. I noticed when Justin introduced me to them that they all looked me up and down taking their time. I didn’t mind actually being flattered that these younger guys, all around their early 20’s, and all big and well built were obviously impressed by me. I later learned they were all varsity players on various sports at school.
Carlton was the boldest commenting that Justin was right when he told him that I looked much younger and was very sexy. I noticed his eyes focusing on my breasts as he made that statement.
At that point I assumed the other guests would be arriving soon as well. Little did I know that this was the entire party. We chatted and made some small talk about how Justin and I had met where we work and how they thought that was cool. They also said that he was very lucky to have such a hot co-worker.
Now Justin had told me that he had not said anything to his friends about our “special relationship”. He said that he had just explained to them that I was simply a co-worker that he invited to this party. As we continued to become better acquainted Justin suggested we get a head start and he made some drinks for everyone. He said one good thing about his parents is that they had a well stocked liquor cabinet. I usually drank red wine, and he said he had a nice Merlot. I guess he was glad that I drank something that heavy which disguised the roofie that he had also slipped in.
We drank and chatted on, I being the center of attention. I didn’t even notice that no one else was arriving and Justin just kept filling my glass. I also didn’t mind answering their questions as they became more and more personal.
At first the questions weren’t too personal. They asked how long I was married. What was it to be married? How often I went to the gym? As the conversation went on it turned to, my height and weight and yes, even bra size? Trying to be a good sport and keeping a light and friendly manner, I answered every question.
Then Carlton started really pressing. He asked if I had anything on under my dress. If I did was it a thong and what color? He laughed as he tried to look up my dress. I answered, “Yes I did, and it was black.” They all looked at each other and high fived laughing more.
Justin finally interrupted the interrogation and said he had some entertainment prepared he wanted to show everyone. Although otherwise relatively primitive, the cabin did have a large 56 inch TV with satellite and a DVD player attached. He had loaded a DVD and pressed start. He announced he had something special he wanted everyone to see.
At first I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The video was a home made one and it featured me. The four of them gathered around the TV like they were watching the Super Bowl.
The first part to the show was me stripping from fully clothed in my work clothes to totally nude. I recognized the situation which was one of our outdoor sessions. I usually stripped before we fucked because that’s how he liked me to be. They all loved it of course hooting and egging me on even though they knew that it was a recording. They were also making comments directly to me such as, “nice ass and tits,” and “Love your shaved pussy.”
I was so humiliated even as fucked up as I was at the moment. But that was mild compared to what else came next. It was me again, a nice tight close up, sucking on a cock. The shot was too close to see whose cock it was but you could clearly see my face working it in and out.
It went on for another 30 minutes. After the blow job scene it was a sequence of me being fucked from behind propped up against my cart. Justin had obviously specially prepared this show for tonight. And another question begged, who was filming this? I learned later the answer was simple but very disturbing. It was obvious that it was all filmed from a short distance and the action had been zoomed in on. But I also noticed that only I was identifiable, the head of the guy fucking me was conveniently cut out.
After it finished they all looked over at me with what only could be described as lust filled eyes. At the same time that wine and the roofie had kicked in. All I could do was stand there still stunned and numb at what just happened. But even in my stunned state and numbed mind, a number of things were now becoming obvious to me. There were not going to be any other guests, I was going to be the only woman here tonight, the purpose of the party was not a causal get together, and that I was in deep shit.
I could see they all had pulled out their cocks as they were watching and had huge hard ons. They had me stripped in no time. I was wearing 4 inch black ankle strap high heels which were the only thing they let me wear. I could feel their hands all over my nude body. Not that it was necessary but I think for effect one of them cuffed my wrists behind my back.
Carlton sneered, “We heard you like to be tied up.”
I knew then I had been set up. Justin and I had talked on occasion about what a gang bang would be like. He claimed they had them at the frat house. I really didn’t think it was serious assuming it was just talk to get excited at the moment. I never would have dreamed he would actually follow through and set me up.
“Don’t sweat it Kathy” he whispered in my ear. “Just relax; you’re going to love this.” As fucked up as I was at the time and at the mercy of four sex crazed large young guys, what choice did I have?
I was like a rag doll in their hands. Naked, my wrist behind me, they tossed me around in any position they chose. It was rough and hard too. It was a good thing that I was in such good condition.
Initially one held my body up from behind, one on each leg spreading me wide, and the forth would fuck me. They used no condoms of course and made sure when they came they slammed their loads deep inside my unprotected pussy. I have to admit I had never experienced that much hard cock and cum at the same time.
They didn’t bother gagging me. We were too isolated at this place for anyone to hear my protests and screams and besides they preferred hearing my reactions. They were also quite vocal making whatever demeaning and degrading comments to me such as, “How do you like that slut?” Like my big cock in your married pussy? You’re getting just what you asked for bitch. “
They also made note of the fact that I was soaking wet. As humiliated and guilty as I was feeling at the moment I couldn’t help myself. All the hard fucking and feeling up made me out of control. I like rough fucking too and this was the ultimate. Four young hard cocks pounding my every opening. I didn’t have a choice.
And then to top it off I would cum regularly. They were delighted every time I did. I am very loud during orgasm too. That’s something I had to control when we would fuck at the golf club. But with the wine and roofie I had no control what so ever. I would start low and then build, “Oh no, please, god no please, no, no, god, oh god nooooooooo, noooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
They would laugh and taunt me. And to add to my humiliation they used a black marker to keep track. My left ass check was used to tally MY orgasms, and my right to keep theirs. By night ends there was no room on my ass.
As with young guys they may not last long but they get hard again very quickly. There wasn’t a time during the evening when I didn’t have someone or something inside me. And of course there were the obligatory double and even triple penetrations. That was an experience that I never dreamed I’d even have. I feel conflicted to admit this but in all truth I never came so hard in my life when they were doing that to me.
During the brief times when all of them were spent, they didn’t give me any reprieve. Justin had brought a supply of dildoes and vibrators of various sizes and lengths. At least one of them would work my pussy with one on another. They had tied me spread eagled stretched to the dining room table helpless. I would be worked until I came.
And least I not forget the blow jobs. This of course would be part of the triple penetrations. I’d have one cock in my ass, one in my pussy, and one in my mouth. Otherwise it wouldn’t be triple. But when I wasn’t being fucked I was kept completely nude and I would have to have some ones cock in my mouth.
So the night was a blur. I had no possible escape. I was kept naked and bound mostly and was a virtual sex slave.
Chap 16
It was perfect. Kathy’s lame husband was away out of the country so she was free all weekend. She jumped on the invitation when I asked if she would like to come to a party I was planning. I thought I was going to have to talk her into it.
I did lay out terms. She had to wear what I wanted.
I borrowed my parent’s car. I had a reason. It was a big old car with a bench seat in the front. Good for sitting close.
It was the first time I was at her house. It was strange seeing this side of her in a different context with f****y pictures hanging on the walls and shopping list stuck to the refrigerator. It made her that much more sexy and desirable as far as I was concerned.
She didn’t want any of her neighbors seeing her leave. That was good for my plans too. No one would see her go or know where she was.
And she was stunning in that ultra shot little black dress that I told her to wear. In those four inch heels it gave her the illusion of looking much taller than her 5’-4” height. With her hem at mid thigh she looked like she was all legs. And she had some great ones.
I knew she did mind my checking her slowly out from head to toe. She did a slow spin giving me a look at her all the way around. We were standing in her kitchen and I couldn’t resist pulling her toward me, giving her a big French kiss, and coping a real good feeling up of her in that dress. But what was really going through my head was I couldn’t wait to get her out of it.
I was anxious to get going though. I told the other three guys to meet me at the lake house in about an hour. And we had a big night planned.
But on the way I was going to get a little warm up in. The one thing I can say about Kathy is she gives one hell of a blow job. And this one was no different. That’s the advantage of these big old cars. Plenty of room in the front seat. She expertly brought me to orgasm. And it helped pass the time it took to drive. We were there.

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