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Bad Swing Experience Part 2

Bad Swing Experience – Part 2

My wife and I were really fucked, figuratively and literally. This gang of 4 perverts had tricked and trapped us and now Kathy was in their hands paying the price and I was being f***ed to watch.
She hung there limply from her wrists, exhausted after about an hour of being gang fucked by her four captors. They fucked her ass and pussy relentlessly taking turns but often double penetrating her as well as cumming inside her. When they finally finished you could see their juices running down her bare thighs seeping from her shaved pussy and ass. The counter was over 400 now! It was quite an audience and based on the comments coming through, an enthusiastic one at that.
I could see the comments flooding over the screen. They had mostly to do with how hot it was to watch her being gang fucked like that, how they’d like to be fucking her, and of course comments on her tits and ass and pussy. One subscriber did point out something else. I forgot that I could be seen by the audience as well. The message said that I must be enjoying the show because my cock was stiff. Didn’t realize it but they were right. I had a rock hard hard-on that wouldn’t go away.
The rest of the evening was a well scripted performance. They proceeded from one r****g, humiliation and torture of her to the next. And I had a front row seat and was even f***ed to participate in its outcome.
They obviously didn’t want to deprive her of some enjoyment out of this experience. A small table on wheels was rolled up in front of her with a black cover over the top of it. When the cover was removed it revealed a large assortment of dildoes and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. There was another attachment that was also used. Two contact monitors similar to what they use to monitor patients in hospitals were glued to her temples. It soon became clear what the purpose of this arrangement was. They were wired to a small box that had a large digital number display. This device was used to monitor her orgasms. The display was turned to face the cameras so the audience could fully view it.
She was still in a standing position suspended by her wrists with her high heeled feet just barely touching the floor. She was still completely nude and exposed from all sides so it was very easy for her to be accessed. For the next 30 minutes two of the men worked her pussy and ass with the devices expertly alternating between types and sizes. She was not gagged either so you could hear all her reactions as they mercilessly f***ed her to cum over and over, the counter that was attached to her obediently keeping track. It was over 5 by the time they finished.
The next part of her treatment was much more severe. After the dildoe work out they simply left her hanging there by her wrists as they had originally tied her. There was only perhaps a 5 minute intermission. Then two new men walked in. Two of her captors re-did her bonds. They secured her wrists to a bar about 3 feet long which held her arms apart the same distance. The same was done with her ankles. She was still wearing the four inch heels that she originally had on. This arrangement was once again pulled up by a hoist that came from overhead which left her standing erect and basically spread eagled. When they finished the position left her completely on display both front and back. By the way I forgot to mention earlier but this show came with the ability to alternate camera views which could be controlled by ones keyboard. You could also pan in and out using the arrow keys. All the instructions were right there on the screen.
To be honest she looked stunning. She does have an incredible body and stretched out like that completely nude it was quite a sight. That ascetic was quickly interrupted by the next phase of this show.
Another cart was wheeled into view. On the top of it was an electric transformer with multiple wires leading from it. They did what I thought they were going to do next. The wires were attached to both nipples. She screamed as the pain from the tight alligator clips bit into the tender flesh.
Another set went to two shinny metallic posts. One was meant to be inserted in her pussy and the other up her ass. These were f***ed all the way inside her and held in place by a wide piece of duct tape that was run between her legs. One end was secured to her tight abs and the other anchored to the small of her back.
This time they used a gag though. I don’t think it was meant so much to silence her as it was to keep her from biting her tongue. It consisted of what resembled a horse’s bridle, a dos that ran horizontally across her partially open mouth with leather straps that were secured behind her head. It also served to hold her hair back so you could clearly see her face.
Up until the gagging once she realized what was about to happened she was begging and pleading with them but to no avail.
“No-no, oh god, please no! Don’t- not this. Please! Oh, god, I won’t be able to…..” was her final words as the gag silenced her continued pleadings.
At this point I was stroking my cock vigerously. I don’t know but I couldn’t help myself. And I knew that there were plenty of others that were doing the same.
For the next 15 minutes or so they administered low voltage shocks to her tits, ass and pussy. They did it in a systematic way building up to a crescendo. It was like a fireworks show. A blast with a pause them another and another until finally there was a grand finale at the end. By the end she was barely conscious. But the orgasm monitor was still on her and it showed a total or 4!
To be continued- the conclusion in part 3
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3 years ago
Beautiful, next one please !
3 years ago
wow waiting for 3
3 years ago
we await part 3