Bad Swig Experience

Young, attractive, inexperienced couple decided to try swinging and ended up getting a lot more than they bargained.
We were coming up on our tenth anniversey. I’m not saying that our sex life was bad but it had become at the best routine. I’m not complaining either. For her mid 30’s Kathy was still as hot as the day I married her. She had a killer body and looked about 25 instead of 35.
We had done some things to try to spice things up a bit. I liked to take nude pictures of Kathy and she enjoyed posing. We did our share of experimenting too with everything from sex in public to bondage.
Actually it was originally Kathy that came up with the idea about swinging. Neither one of us had had sex with anyone else since we had been married. So we decided what the hell and started visiting sites that catered to swinging.
Like I said Kathy is pretty hot. We together make a pretty attractive couple so we figured we’d be able to attract an equally attractive couple. We checked out some of the ads on the various sites and picked out a few couples and started to email a number of them back and forth. We finally settled on this one couple. We had decided on a number of criteria and they fit almost all perfectly. They were married about the same time, our ages, lived about two hours away and best of all were hot. She was a long legged blond with a body to die for and pretty as they come. He was athletically built and from the start Kathy was hooked. We both liked what we saw too much but what the hell this was an adventure. They also said they were new to the scene as well which made us feel more comfortable.
We exchanged emails and G rated pictures at first. As we got to know each other better and became more comfortable we exchanged sexier ones that were nude. We eventually had a number of phone conversations and finally decided to arrange a meeting. We discussed some ideas and ground rules.
We picked a Friday night. Both couples would arrange for weekend sitters. We would meet together first, get to know each other face to face, and then it was decided to pair off separately. Not having had any previous experience we were following their lead since they said they had done this before. I guess we were being naive and over anxious but to be honest were we both interested in fucking the other couple. We would get separate rooms and spend the whole night together. There were really no real rules. Each couple would decide the limits but sex was the main objective.
To be honest I was so excited the entire time leading up to the night. We planned to meet in the town that was half way in between where we both lived. We would get separate rooms at different hotels. We would meet at this bar and have a few get to know each other drinks. If all parties still agreed we would exchange partners and to off to our individual rooms for the night. It all sounded pretty reasonable.
Now one detail I should mention is that all discussions were always with the husband Dave. We really didn’t think anything of it at the time. He said all the right things and had charmed Kathy. And I was equally charmed with Dale.
Kathy is petite, only 5-4 and 115 pounds with a sculpted 34c 27 35 figure a result of being a part time aerobics instructor at the local gym. And despite her height she is all legs too and they are fantastic. She often gets looks whenever she’s out and loves it too by the way.
For the occasion she bought this new little black dress and with a pair of 4 inch heels that showed all her assets off perfectly. She wore a pair of sheer thigh highs and a matching set of black bra and thong. She fixed her raven hair in a slight wave which made her look even sexier. I almost considered calling it off and just fucking her. But it was too late. We were both too intrigued to turn back now.
We were obviously anxious and arrived early. I checked in the room that Dale and I would use. I didn’t admit this to Kathy but I couldn’t wait. I had all these expectations of what it would be like fucking this long legged blond stranger.
Based on her pictures they had sent Dale was equally stunning but almost just the opposite of Kathy. She was tall, about 5-9 36c 28 34, long legs too, but blond and blue eyed. Her face was the real attraction with her. She had that classic blond beauty appearance sort of reminded you of a Sharron Stone. She also looked much younger than the 35 years she was supposed to be.
We went to the bar that we agreed to meet. We waited and finally got a call on the cell phone. It was Dave. He said they ran into an accident and were running late. He suggested that if it were ok that we skip the meeting at the bar and just go to the rooms. I would wait for Dale here and she would drive here to meet me. He said he would get their room and Kathy should meet him there. So Kathy left to go to the hotel he said he’d meet her. I went to the room I had and anxiously waited for Dale. I kissed Kathy good night and said she should enjoy the night. She seemed a little nervous but quickly overcame that feeling and drove off.
About an hour passed and no Dale. I didn’t think anything at first until I couldn’t get through to Kathy on her phone. I tried to call Dave but no answer either. Finally I got a call from Kathy’s phone. It was Dave.
I was a bit agitated and snapped what was going on. He calmly said “your worst nightmare.”
He explained what he meant. There was no couple. It was all fake. He was part of a group that used these swinger sites to lure unsuspecting couples to the situation we were in. They would lead a couple on using phony pictures and stories. They especially targeted inexperienced couples with a very attractive woman. We were the perfect candidates.
When Kathy went to meet him she was grabbed by him and 3 other men. They took her to a place where they had a special room equipped with bondage, torture and video equipment. He went on to explain what they planned. For the rest of the night they would **** and torture Kathy and would record everything to sell to underground markets and also use to blackmail us. There was nothing I could do, especially if I wanted to see her in one piece again. I would have to cooperate completely and without question.
I was shocked, anger, and terrified at the same time I couldn’t even speak. Our over anxiousness and desire to fuck this ficticious couple got us in a lot of trouble. But that was only the beginning.
He added that it was pointless to try to find them. They were somewhere where I would never find them and if I tried anything stupid, like go to the police; there would be grave consequences for Kathy.
To prove he meant business and show who was in control he sent me a little “sample”. He sent a text message with a short video attached. It was Kathy. She was wearing the sexy little outfit she had on. She was hanging by her wrists suspended from the ceiling. There were two hooded men in the picture. In less than a minute they had stripped her completely nude down to her heels and thigh highs. They also had their hands all over her m*****ing her big tits and fingering her shaved pussy.
He got back k on the line. “That’s just a small sample” he taunted. “You’re ok with that aren’t you? You did send your wife to be fucked by a stranger, didn’t you? He reminded me. “The difference is she’s just going to get a bit more than you originally thought”

In a way he was right. I put us in this position. Now Kathy was going to pay for our foolishness. He said no real harm would be done to her except a lot of fucking.
“Don’t worry” he continued. You’re going to have a lot to do too and won’t miss a thing. I soon learned what he meant by that remark.
His first instruction to me was to turn on my computer which I had with me and sign onto a website address he gave me. It was a special site they had set up. When I entered the pass code that he gave me it leads me to an elaborate web page. The heading said “Tonight’s Feature” and there were a number of Kathy’s pictures from the collection that we sent him when we were initially corresponding. There were dressed shots but also the nudes. There was a caption box that that detailed personal information such as her name, age, measurement, and other details as well. It was all there.
He was still on the phone line. “I see you’re in.” he confirmed. Obviously he had a way to tell I had signed on. “So what do you think? Pretty sweet, huh?” he asked. I could tell he was enjoying my shock and salience. Then he continued on.
“See the menu bar on the left side of the scene?” he asked. “Go to the menu on the left side of the page” he commanded. There was a menu list that included a special sign in access.
He went on. “Click the one that says “archives” he pointed out. I did and it pulled up a number of thumbnail pictures of other women.
Recognize anyone? “He inquired. To my surprise I did. One was Dale! He knew I did without me speaking. There was another picture showing Dale and what we originally thought was Dave together smiling. That’s a picture that they had sent us. It was her real husband that this guy had pretended to be. He went through the same hell that I was about to.
“Nice looking couple, huh? “He asked. “They were last month’s catch.”
I stared in disbelief. This was getting worse by the minute.
He moved on. “Ok, now go back to the menu” he commanded. “Choose the selection that says “husband” he ordered. I did as he told me. “That’s special access to tonight’s “show” just for you.” He taunted.
He knew I had a web cam built into my computer. “Now activate your web cam.” he ordered. I did as he said.
“Ah, there you are.” He confirmed. Obviously he now could see me. “That’s right; we don’t want to leave you out of the fun. I couldn’t see him yet but now in my viewing box I could see and hear Kathy! She was suspended there nude as she was when they sent the video over the phone. She was still hanging by her wrists her feet just barely touching the floor. The room around her was dark but she was very well illuminated with very bright lighting. I could see in the background that there were a number of cameras set up surrounding her.
“Do you see your lovely wife? He asked. They apparently intended for me to watch live what they planned to do. Not only that, but they also intended to watch me while I did.
He pointed out one other thing. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen there was a large number. At the moment it said 23. “Those are the early birds” he explained. What that represented was the number of other people that were also signed on to this special site that were going to be watching as well! They were paying “customers” that were subscribers to this secret site. I was later going to see that number increase into the hundreds. Not only were they going to be able to see everything that was happening to Kathy, but they also could see me!
He explained how thongs would proceed and some additional rules. “If you want to see your wife again unharmed” he threatened, “You must stay signed on and on camera the entire time.
“You will also be required to participate at various points in the activities” You’ll notice you have a message box on your screen. You’ll be asked to make comments and answer question from us and the viewers as we proceed. If you don’t, there will be a price.”
That wasn’t the only humiliation. “Oh, one other thing. He added.”Strip naked.” He commanded.
I couldn’t believe the order at first. “Do it now!” he reminded that they could see me.
I did as he asked fearing his threats.
“Everything!” he commanded”.
I was nude now as well, my cock hanging in full view.
“Perfect” he said. “We want to be able to see your reaction, especially your cock.” meaning not only them but everyone that was subscribing.
“So do you get the idea? He asked.
I did. I was going to be f***ed to watch as this group of deviants ****d and tortured my wife. I was going to be f***ed to watch nude and even participate as hundreds of anonymous people watched the whole ordeal. And there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.
The official start of the “show “wasn’t to start until midnight. For about an hour I had to sit and watch Kathy squirm on my computer screen. She was still suspended by her wrists helpless and nude as the head count counter reach over 200. Her image filled one side of the screen. To be honest she looked so sexy.
Her captors were waiting for the rest of the audience to arrive. It must have been some sort of underground site that was known only to certain people. There must have been some way they advertised their “shows.” I was wondering what the ticket price was.
I was obviously to be part of the show as well. I was told to stay in full view of my web cam. As part of my access screen, I had an instant message box. I was continuously receiving messages from people that were already watching. The messages were mostly taunting comments. Some were about how the loved Kathy’s body and her big tits and shaved pussy. Some were about how they couldn’t wait to watch her being fucked and tortured and even suggesting some ideas. And others asked if I was going jerk off as I had to watch.
The ordeal finally began. There were four of them, completely naked with their cocks standing stiff at attention. The only thing any of them was wearing were masks. They were the kind you’d see that the Mexican wrestlers wear, that covered their whole head so all that was visible were their eyes and mouths. That made them completely unidentifiable and very intimidating looking. They were pretty big, probably ranging in their 40s and maybe even older. And the thing I noticed was their cocks were huge.
They got right down to business. It was if they had rehearsed. It was probably more like they had done this many times before. They knew that Kathy was in exceptional shape being a part time exercise instructor and were planning to take full advantage of that fact.
One of them took her left leg and one her right. Suspended from her wrists, they pulled her legs wide apart, almost in a complete Russian split. This left her wide open for the other two to insert their hard cocks , one in her pussy and one up her ass. It didn’t take them long to completely penetrate her. For the next 15 minutes they alternated fucking her. One would push in and the other would withdraw, in and out, in and out. She was not gagged so everything she said was heard. I think they had some sort of microphone hooked up just for that purpose.
They also made a point of having the camera zoom in occasionally on her face which was clear and very identifiable. Whoever was manning the camera also made sure they took a lot of close-ups of the cocks going in her ass hole and pussy.
As the two fucked her, the other two holding her open, played with her tits and the rest of her body even forcing her to kiss them and pulling her hair. She was really being used heavily.

She fought and protested but to no avail. They were too big and too many and she was too small and of course completely helpless. She was getting a strange fucking alright. Hard and bare, and no protection. And I watched as they both finally came hard deep inside her bare unprotected holes. But that was round one. The other two simply swapped places and started all over double fucking her for another 20 minutes. The counter was over 300 now and the IM board was going crazy with comments and questions.

To be continued
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