The relationship

Sexy bored MILF housewife meets aggressive perverted frat boy for a summer fling. They both tell their side of the story in this dual narrative. Based on actual events.

The Relationship by Greg
Chap 1
We had just moved to town a month before. My husband of 10 years had been offered a big promotion but it required moving to the other side of the country.
He was going to be earning double what he had been making so we would have a very big improvement in lifestyle. That included me not necessarily having to work. I had mixed feelings about that possibility. I liked the contact and distraction but also enjoyed the idea that I could choose something that I wanted to do versus have to.
Along with all the other perks came a membership at the local country club. We decided to relocate, when we moved, to one of the nicer suburban areas of the city so the club was one of the more upscale kinds.
I had met one of the neighbors after a few days and she had a similar situation. She didn’t have to work either but with the k**s at school she got a part time job to relieve the boredom. She said she actually had a job at the country club we now belonged and suggested I apply for a position they had. The club was looking for a person to work helping in the pro shop. It would involve selling golf accessories and collecting green fees as the golfers registered to play.
Another benefit was that I could golf as much as I wanted. I’m pretty athletic and even for my size and stature, have a single digit handicap. I was looking forward to meeting some other people as well since my husband traveled so much and I knew his being away would probably get worse with this new job.
So I took my neighbor’s advice and went down to the club and applied for the position. I was hired almost on the spot. Maybe it was the fact that I was also a member with a low handicap but I don’t think it hurt that I wore a cute little golf outfit.
Chap 2
I was so glad school was over for this term. It was a tough semester but the good part was I only had one more year. I came home this summer to make a little money and spend some time with my fiancé’. We had known each other from high school and the assumption was that we’d eventually get married. Oh she was hot, had a killer body but she was a small town girl and I had grown up quite a bit. I had a lot of opportunity at school to learn about the world outside and I liked it.
The frat house I had joined especially helped expand my horizons. Our frat had a bad reputation on campus as the most perverted. Our letters were Phi -Epsilon -Theta, PET, but most people on campus referred to us as PERV house. There were the beer parties, the pot parties, the sex parties. It was a non-stop party. I’m not sure how I had managed to pass my classes so far but I did.
One of my frat b*****rs also had a liking for porn and I picked that habit up as well. The kinkier and more deviant the better. We had quite a collection of videos and of course there was always the internet. But I had learned a lot of new tricks and had some great ideas.
Even though I had my fiancé’ I took advantage of being away from home. Sure there were the local co-eds to experiment with. But so far it was all one nighters. Especially after they would get a taste of my preferences.
But now it was summer break and my last real opportunity to have the summer off. I guess I should have pulled my marginal grades up because now my parents had demanded I come home and develop some work ethic. My uncle, my mother’s b*****r, was enlisted to help with the task. He had the reputation in the f****y as the straight shooter. My uncle was a member at the local country club. I didn’t know much about the place golf not being my game. My uncle was one of those that believed that my generation was inherently lazy so he saw it as his mission, at least for this summer, to save me from my generation’s fate. The first order of business was that I needed a job so he talked with the head greens keeper and he got me one as a turf care technician. That sounded good but what it meant was I raked sand traps, watered greens and cut grass all day. What a drag.
The good part was my boss that I worked for wasn’t exactly most competent either. He also knew who my uncle was and didn’t mess with me that much. He would give me assignments and work to do every day but I was able to goof off most of the time. It was also great because I was outside all day and that I got to catch a lot of rays and enjoy the breeze most of the time. But it even got more interesting after I met Kathy.
Chap 3
My original job was mostly inside in the pro shop. This was a membership only club so most of the men that golfed were regulars. Most were older and retired too. Who else could afford to golf every day. After a few weeks I got to know a lot of the regular members and could tell that many of them liked me. I was allowed, even encouraged to dress in “gold attire”. That usually consisted of short golf or tennis skirts or short shorts, golf shirt, socks and spikes. I have nice legs so I didn’t mind showing them off and neither did the members. I got a nice discount at the shop too so I usually had a new outfit on every day.
I’d get a lot of lecherous comments from some of the men but I have always been able to handle that. When you have a body like mine and dress like I do you get used to it.They were mostly old fucks that were for the most part harmless. It was fun busting their balls and I enjoyed all the attention.
After a short time I was getting a little bored being cooped up inside all day. I was envious of all the people being outside enjoying the summer. One day I got an opportunity that changed everything.
One of the responsibilities of my job was to help organize golf tournaments that the pro ran as a benefit for the members. That I enjoyed. There was usually at least one every other week. They weren’t huge affairs but sometimes could have as many as 50 guys participating. As a service we usually had a girl drive a beverage cart around selling drinks and snacks to the golfers during the tournament. One week the girl that was supposed to do it called in sick. It was too late to get a replacement so I decided to do it myself. I made $200 in tips that day. From that point on I had a new job. I took the regular daily job driving the cart. It was fantastic. I just drove around all day selling the golfers drinks and snacks. And as long as I wore my little outfits the tips were great.
I would get a lot of comments and even some propositions. Some of the members were subtle and others were bold, especially when they got d***k. But I used to play it up too. I’d strategically bend over and show some cleavage or even ass. And of course I always wore short skirts or short shorts so it was a daily leg show.
My legs are my best feature. I always have gotten compliments on them. I work out at the gym three times a week and I have even developed a special routine to keep them in good shape. I also love showing them off and this is the perfect place for doing that and getting feedback. It’s not bad for the ego either. Especially when you hit 35.
So I was enjoying this new job. It was perfect but got even more interesting when I met Justin.
I had seen him when I would make my rounds. He was one of the young college guys the course had hired for the summer. They would bring in a bunch of them to help with the course maintenance duties during the summer months on a temporary basis.
I got familiar with most of them seeing them all working all over the course every day. I guess I was being as lecherous as the golfers. I used to look forward to watching their young usually shirtless bodies. I especially got to know one guy in particular, Justin. He was one of the member’s nephew’s I found out. He seemed different than the others though, more mature and well spoken.
I would stop and offer him drinks and chat. I guess a more accurate term would be flirt. Right away I could tell he was more mature than most 20 year olds. He would always be friendly and polite. The initial conversation was very basic small talk about how hot it was and that kind of thing. He also seemed very curious about me too. He asked a lot of personal questions. Was I married? How long? Where I lived? What work my husband did? That he traveled and was out of town a lot? But I didn’t mind. I just liked having someone other than the golfers to talk to.
I did notice him checking me out too. Especially my legs. I didn’t mind a young guy doing that either. He started making comments like how nice a tan I had or how cute an outfit I had on, how lucky my husband was and how much younger I looked than my age. Exactly the kinds of things I wanted to hear.
Anymore there wasn’t much notice at home from my husband especially since he was obsessed with this new job. I guess I was really into the flattery especially from such a young guy. Also the fact that he never wore a shirt and that he was in sensational shape. He told me he played soccer at school. You have to be in good condition to play that game. I started to look forward to seeing him. I got the impression that he did.
Chap 4
It was really getting boring after a few weeks. That’s until I meet Kathy. She was the girl (or more accurately woman) that drove the beverage cart during the day. The first time I spotted her at a distance I said to myself, fuck what a hot babe that was. She would wear these hot little short golf outfits showing off her great body and killer legs. I didn’t realize until later that she was married and 35 years old. Up close you could see that in her face but she had the body of a 25 year old. And what a body!
She was on the petite side. Maybe about 5’4”, probably 110 pounds, cut like you wouldn’t believe. Nicely toned upper body and arms and even her back, great abs that made her big natural tits , 34C’s, look even bigger , tight perfect round ass, and those killer long legs. They were probably the most perfect looking legs I’d ever seen. Even for as short as she was, they looked long and shapely. Nice thin ankles, shapely calves, beautifully smooth knees and perfect tapered proportioned thighs.
She knew she looked good too. She always wore these hot little outfits, short skirts featuring those legs and tight short tops that showed her big tits and flat midriff off too. She did it for the tips she claimed but I know she did it for herself too. I never thought I’d be one to join the cougar club but there were obvious advantages to a mature woman. Especially one with a body like hers.
We started to get to know each other. We stared chatting as we passed each other during the day. I could tell she was bored and desperate for conversation. She would give me drinks and I didn’t mind checking her out. I liked it too she would be doing some obvious flirting. I would play it up too flattering her. It was easy because she was real receptive. I started to get bold after a while telling her what great legs she had and how hot she looked. I knew she liked it too.
One morning I thought I’d see if she’d go to the next level. All the signs were there and she was making me crazy. I asked her if she’d like to get high. I usually took a little break mid morning and would drive back to this old storage shed on the back nine that I discovered that wasn’t in use any longer. You could hide behind it and no one could see you.
At first she hesitated but quickly changed her mind. She followed me in her cart back to the shed. I had some real good stuff too. I always believed that a little smoke always helped the situation. She said she hadn’t gotten high since college. I thought that was even better.
She looked super hot that day. She had on cute little black mini skirt and a sleeveless tee top that made her tits look huge. She had her black hair pulled back in a pony tail that made her look younger too. Being mature she knew how the use make up and always looked so sexy.
We smoked for a while and I could tell it was really affecting her. It was me as well. She admitted that she was getting really stoned. I noticed how her inhibitions really dropped. She transformed before my eyes much to my delight.
She said “So what do you think of an older woman? You think a younger guy would be attracted to me?”, looking directly in my eyes.
She had these huge sexy brown eyes that until then I didn’t really appreciate. I played along knowing what she was referring to and agreed.
“Oh yeah, especially if she looked like you.” I returned as I let my eyes roam her body from head to toe.
We were standing pretty close while sharing the joint. I decided that was my cue. I leaned over and kissed her. Not a romantic peck but a deep sexual kiss. She didn’t hesitate in returning it. The next thing I knew I had my hands all over those big tits. We were going at it real heavy. I’m a pretty quick worker and I had her topless in no time. They were just like I imagined. They stood out like two perfect mounds. She had 34c’s and they were fantastic and real too. I was having a field day with her tits while we continued to make out.
She in the meantime showed how an experienced woman could be. She had her hand on my crotch rubbing and groping for my zipper. She had my cock out in a second and was stroking it like a pro. I had an enormous hard on. She broke from kissing for a moment, looked down at it, smiled, and immediately went to her knees. For the next 20 minutes or so she gave me the best blow job I ever had. Another advantage of an experienced older woman. No wasting time.
I was getting ready to cum and I decided I just had to fuck her. I grabbed her by her shoulders and I pulled her up and spun her around so her back was to me. In one motion I pulled her skirt and underwear together down to her knees. She was slightly bent over braced against her cart that we had been standing next to. Now I got to see that incredible ass. It was perfect too, round and hard as a rock. There was never any consideration about a condom or anything like that. She was so wet I just slid right in. I just fucked her bare pussy from behind and she didn’t hesitate for a second. I pounded her hard for about 20 minutes feeling her up and playing with those big tits as I did. She pounded right back rolling her hips and that fantastic ass as she moaned and panted saying “yes, yes, oh god, yes” as well as many other things.
I finally came deep inside her slamming the last few thrusts in her as hard as I could. I’m a real rough fucker but she seemed to like that. I pulled out and she just remained in that position for a moment. What a beautiful sight. Her perfect ass sticking out, legs spread, my cum already dripping from her married pussy. Her gorgeous big tits hanging down. I couldn’t resist and took a couple of pictures with my cell phone camera to remember the occasion. I know she saw me but didn’t say a word.
I could see that being stoned and fucked like that she was exhausted. She finally turned to stand and as she did her skirt slid the rest of the way to her ankles so she was standing in front of me totally nude. That’s when I noticed she was completely shaved. Again I couldn’t resist and held my camera to get a picture of that. I thought she was going to cover herself or object but instead put her hands behind her head and posed. That’s when I knew I had a live one.
Chap 5
I was really looking forward to seeing Justin every day now. I was even dressing for him wearing sexier skirts and skimpier tops. I knew he would notice and say something and his comments were becoming even bolder but I didn’t care. I liked it.
The one morning when I stopped like I had been he asked if I wanted to get high. At first it took me by surprise. I hadn’t smoked since college. I quickly recovered from my momentary lasp and agreed. Hell, why not. He suggested that we go to this old shed on the back nine. I knew where that was. No one went back there and no one would miss us for a while either.
It was incredibly strong stuff and I immediately was very stoned. I don’t want to blame it on the pot but what happened next was really a blur. We were smoking and talking and I just came out and started to ask him what he thought of an older woman and if a young guy would be attracted to one. Of course that was a veiled comment. He said exactly what I wanted to hear. That he would, especially if it were me.
The next thing I remember we were deeply kissing. He was very aggressive but I answered right back. I have to say that he was quicker than I gave him credit. He had my top and bra off before I knew it and his hands all over my boobs. I loved it though. I knew he liked them too because I would always catch him starring at them. I was getting so horny myself and went right for his cock. I’m pretty quick as well. He had no shirt on and had only jean shorts on and I had it out in no time. I was not disappointed. It was huge and hard as a rock. I stroked and played with it for a while and then decided to go down on him. I am no novice at blow jobs and I knew I could impress him with my skills. I gave him a cock sucking I don’t think he ever experienced before based on how he was reacting. Just when I thought he was ready to cum he says he wanted to fuck me. He pulled me up to my feet, turned me facing away and I propped myself against my cart. He was planning to fuck me from behind. It was easy for him to enter me. By then I was so wet and he slid his huge hard on right in and in a couple of thrusts was all the way in my pussy. I didn’t even care there wasn’t a condom. I just wanted him to fuck me. He didn’t disappoint me either. He must have fucked me for over 15 minutes relentlessly, grabbing my hips, feeling me all over especially my boobs. I loved it. I came twice during the fucking and I made it well known that I was enjoying my orgasm. He finally came himself deep inside me making four hard final thrusts pumping his load deep inside me. I don’t think he was disappointed either.
I was exhausted when he finished. I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. As he pulled out and I just had to remain in that positron for a moment. I could see though looking back over my shoulder that he was taking pictures of me. At first I was shocked but then thought what the hell and I didn’t object. I finally turned and stood back up around and faced him. When I did my skirt and thong, which had been pulled to my knees, had fallen all the way to my ankles. I was effetely standing totally nude in front of him. He just stared at me and took it all in. Then he pulled out his cell phone camera again. My instinct was to cover myself but instead I did something that even surprised me. I stood taller, smiled and put my hands behind my head and posed. That’s when I knew I was hooked.
So from that day on it was different. We would meet at that spot every day. We would smoke a little but it would immediately turn into some kind of sex, a blow job or fuck session.
I also learned that he liked me nude. I would always have to completely strip except for my shoes and socks. He would always fuck me bare back as well and he always came in me or I had to swallow. He started a tradition of taking a nude picture of me after each session as well. He said he liked to have a record of it. At the time I didn’t think anything of it. My husband liked taking pictures of me too. I didn’t find out until later what he was really doing with my pictures. I was so intoxicated with what was happening. It was the smoking and the sex that was addicting and skewing my judgment.
Our “relationship” like all relationships, eventually evolved as time went on. In this case on an accelerated basis in only a few weeks. He began asking for more and different things and I was finding myself agreeing to almost anything.
Then another element presented itself. I found out he had a girlfriend. I even met her when she came to pick him up one day. She was his age of course, young, pretty and very sexy. I asked why he never mentioned her and he simply replied I never asked. He also reminded me that I was married and he didn’t think it would matter to me. He was right. Here I was fucking and sucking this young guy I just meet on a daily basis and then go home every day like nothing was different.
I was embarrassed at myself but I was actually jealous. I know it was irrational but I couldn’t help myself. It put in my mind that I needed to compete with his younger pretty girlfriend. And so what I could offer was sex that only an older experienced woman could, and was willing, to do.
I started to see that for only 20 he had a pretty advanced and perverted mind. Maybe there was too big a generation gap and I didn’t understand what the new standards were. After all we didn’t have Girls Gone Wild when I was in school. Maybe all the k**s these days took sex for granted. It almost seemed he was trying out all his deviant fantasies and see how far I’d go.
I know I should have drawn the line but he would always melt me when he would say the things he did. The compliments and flattery and of course the sex, I was becoming addicted. He was taking full advantage of that fact. I didn’t realize this until later but he was a masterful manipulator.
Chap 6
After that initial “ice breaking session” the summer became very interesting. From that day on we would meet every day the same way. We’d get high a little but then we would be fucking of sucking or both. The straight fucking was great. I especially liked the idea that she was married and I was pumping her full of my cum almost every day. But she was one fantastic cock sucker too. With the body, the skills, and the attitude she was the perfect woman. At least for the time being.
This was almost too good to be true. I started thinking of all the things I’d seen or fantasized about in porn videos or the internet. I decided to see how far I could push her. After all she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was and she acted like she would do anything. I intended to see.
This seemed especially true after she met my girlfriend. I didn’t really plan it but Kathy met her when she came to pick me up after work one day. It was a very interesting meeting. My fiancé’ of course didn’t have a clue what was going on. I could see in Kathy’s eyes that she was impressed with Vickie. The next morning Kathy asked why I never mentioned her. I said that she never asked and reminded her that she was married. She calmed down after that but I saw that she had this jealous reaction. She must have felt insecure seeing what the competition was like. But that actually ended up working to my advantage. After that meeting it was like she was trying to compete. Maybe even keep me drained but she forgot I was 20 and I could still keep fucking my girlfriend and use her for more fun things too.
One of the things I liked doing was I would make her strip before we fucked. I loved seeing her nude and that incredible body. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it and even liked it. It was especially hot having her outside and nude too.
I always fucked her bare back too and always made sure I’d cum inside her. She never once objected. I also was getting off on the idea of her being married and would taunt her as we fucked that I was deep inside her married pussy. Another turn on was I would have her tell me personal information about herself such as if she had any other affairs? Does she masturbate? All about her home sex life? Real personal sexy stuff. It made me even hornier to hear about her like that. Made her seem even hotter.
One of the hottest things I found out about her was her husband likes taking nude pictures of her too. I don’t blame him. She has the body for it. That was the second thing we had in common besides fucking her. I already had a pretty nice collection of her myself that I used to masturbate with when I wanted. She would let me take pictures on my phone of her whenever I liked. I also made her bring me some from her husband’s collection. I wanted to see what they were like and she did. That was so hot having her personal pictures her husband took of her. Some went back a few years and man if it’s possible she was even hotter!
I also learned that they did some other kinky shit like swinging. It was some friends of theirs where they lived before and they did it before they moved. She admitted that she had always wanted to fuck the other husband anyway. She gave me all the details and told me even things she didn’t admit to her husband.
Another interesting piece of information was she had a couple of affairs. One of them the guy was into bondage and she used to let him tie her up and fuck her. That gave me some interesting ideas!
She didn’t know it at the time but I recorded all her “confessions” on my phone. That was for some insurance in case she started to change her mind about out little relationship. It was turning into a very hot summer.
Chap 7
I guess I was too obsessed to realize what I was really doing. Every day we were meeting and fucking. I had other foolish notions. I should have realized that my impression of his maturity was shallow. He used the niceties of compliments and flattery as leverage to get what all men really want from women. He was just the same as all the lecherous old golfers except in his case it was in a prettier package. There was no real feelings or romance just sex, and perverted at that.
He was pushing it a little more every time. But I didn’t stop it or object. He had me where he wanted me. And he was become more perverse by the day but I was into it too. I actually was enjoying what he was doing to me.
I know this was a mistake but I had “confessed” a lot of personal information that I know in hindsight I shouldn’t have. He loved hearing about it. He said it turned him on even more. So I told him how often I fucked at home, what positions we used, that my husband had a nude picture collection of me, and that we had played a little with another couple once. I even told him about my affairs that I had since I was married and how one of them was with a DOM that would tie me up. Little did I realize at the time that it was a big mistake telling him all that.
Chap 8
I decided that once a day wasn’t enough so I suggested we meet after work too. She went for the idea without hesitation. Having her ass twice a day was even better. I got to “experiment” with some of my other ideas that way
What we started doing was we would meet when we both got off work. She would park her Mercedes at a local shopping center parking lot. I would pick her up in my truck and we would drive to this local park.
It was a pretty big park. I was familiar with it from my high school days. My friends and I would go hang out there to drink beer, smoke, and fuck our girlfriends. I knew this area in the park that was completely isolated. We would drive down an old maintenance road about a mile and then park and walk to an open area. We’d bring a blanket and I’d fuck her brains out on the ground. So I was getting it from Kathy twice a day. It was especially hot too because she would have to go home freshly filled. I’m not sure how she handled it but it didn’t seem to matter.
One day I got an idea. She had told me during one of her “confession” to me she’d tried some bondage play. I had seen it in a lot of porn videos and I always wanted to see what that was about. The idea of dominating someone was very appealing to me. I sort of mentioned causally what she thought of me trying that on her. I don’t think she took me seriously and blew me off at first. I decided to make it a surprise so I dropped it for the time and made a plan. I couldn’t wait to try some ideas out I had.
We met after work as we had been. We drove down the old road that we used and parked as usual. This time I made her strip at the car completely nude. I bought a nice pair of hand cuffs I had purchased and cuffed her wrists behind her. With her hands behind her it made her big tits stick out and appear even bigger. I took a nice wide piece of duct tape and covered her mouth. It added to her helplessness and stopped any last minute change of heart.
The next step made her eyes widen at first. I invested in one other accessory for the day. I went to an adult store and bought a nice thick bondage collar. It was worth it. When I put it on her it made her appear even more submissive than she already looked. To accompany it I also had a leash with about 6 feet of slack. I used it to lead her like the helpless prey that was the mile into the woods to our spot. It was a much different walk then in the past. When she wasn’t keeping pace Id just give the leash a tug and shed catch up right away. I know it was probably humiliating to her but that was the idea. All I know was I was as hard as a rock and couldn’t wait for the next part.
I have to admit this was not an original idea. I got the idea from a porno video I had seen. It was such a rush leading this hot nude helpless woman to her fate. When we got to the clearing I retied her spread eagled standing between two trees that I had picked out with some cord that I brought. Before I did, I removed he socks and shoes. I wanted to make her totally nude. She looked so beautiful and sexy standing helpless there spread between the trees. I walked around and examined my victim taking in every inch of her body. I couldn’t resist giving her a good feeling up from head to toe pausing of course at certain points of interest like her big tits and bald pussy. For the next hour I fucked her from the front and the back as she was f***ed to stand in that position. She withered and moaned through her tape gag making the sexiest noises. I knew she was enjoying it as I noticed her orgasms. I knew I had a real live one here.
Chap 9
I shouldn’t have been surprised by what happened next. I knew I had crossed a new threshold one afternoon. We met like we had been after work and we drove to the park. I assumed it was going to be the usual outdoor fucking session that we were now doing daily. It was no longer enough that he fuck me in the morning. He now demanded and afternoon encore.
This time he commanded I strip when we parked at the car. This was something new. I didn’t usually undress until after we walked the rest of the way to our spot but it was isolated where we were so I complied. Then he introduced me to his new pair of handcuffs!
He had hinted at it before but I didn’t think he was serious. I could tell he was excited. He said he liked the idea that I apparently gave him. I thought what the hell and didn’t resist.
He quickly secured my wrists behind my back with the hard metal cuffs. I was familiar with wearing the pair having been arrested once before on a DUI. This was a much different and strange sensation. The feeling of helplessness was like another d**g. I know that it sounds strange but I was stimulated by what he was doing. After he admired his handy work he pulled out this roll of duct tape. He obviously had been watching too many porn videos. He ripped off a piece and proceeded to cover my mouth completely before I could protest. All I could muster was some weak whimpers after that. The big surprise was yet to come.
What he presented next at first shocked me. It was actually an authentic bondage collar. He told me later he picked it up at an adult shop. He must have spent some money on it too. It was about two inches wide with spiked studs (apparently for decoration purposes) and a number of strategically placed D rings all the way around. It went around my neck and was secured with a large chrome buckle. He tightened it just enough so it hung comfortably around my neck.
I had worn some ankle and wrist straps before when I was screwing around with that other guy but I had never worn anything like this. It wasn’t so much the collar itself but what it represented, another symbol of control over me both physically and mentally. He also had a leash and attached it to one of the D rings and led me through the woods. I knew I was really in for a different time that afternoon.
As I followed on the end of the leash like some pet he would pull me to go faster if I wasn’t keeping pace. It was so degrading to be led like that, naked and helpless. After what seemed to take forever we arrived at our spot for yet more humiliation.
He apparently had thought this out well. With some rope he had, he un-cuffed my wrists and re-tied me spread eagled standing between two trees. This left me wide and available from both sides. For obviously additional effect, he even removed my socks and shoes so I was completely naked. All I was wearing at that point were my wedding rings.
After a long head to toe m*****ation he fucked me from both sides in that helpless position. I have to admit after awhile I really got into it. I could tell he loved his dominance over me. His fucking was hard and rough which included pulling my hair and squeezing my boobs. All I could do was make small sounds from under the tape. They were actually screams so I was grateful it was there.
I felt a strange mixture of shame and excitement while he had his way with my married body. But I must have orgasamed at least twice during the ordeal as hard as I had ever cum. I was becoming as corrupt as he.
As I waited for him to untie me he did something entirely unexpected. He turned and walked away through the woods! As I waited in fear as he disappeared my thoughts immediacy went to panic. What was he doing? Was he planning to leave me here alone like this? Naked and tied spread between two trees? I struggled with my bonds but they were very secure. I was still gagged too so I couldn’t even protest or get his attention. Oh my god no, please I thought. This is too much.
Chap 10
That was the hottest thing I had ever done sexually I thought. I was still buzzing from the rush of it all as a crazy idea came in my head. She looked so wonderful ad sexy just hanging there naked and helpless. I wonder how she would react if I let her think I was leaving her there. So I just turned and walked away into the woods.
I didn’t venture that far. As a matter of fact I went just out of sight and watched as she struggled with her bonds when she realized I was gone. I could even hear her screams through her tapped mouth. I know it was sadistic but it was at the same time so cool. This was the ultimate mind fuck. I would have given anything to know what was going through hers right then.
To be continued.

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Thanks. Glad you liked it. the next part and conclusion is coming soon. Any other comments are welcome.
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Very very well done!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
3 years ago
Wow, you have to post the next please ! I really love your stories
3 years ago
totally gripping, can't wait for next installment!