Ima freak in the nicest way....the GULF got skills to make punanny spray...the big man put in main mission please a woman 1st....make her squirt...gettin nastier than joe dirt.....super negro vision can see what's under your skirt..gemini flirt...stickin em wid that dagger as if my name was dirk...nervitski....hands an mouth never idle they always stay busy...fluent in clitorish....labia minora an majora...rub ya skin with my beard to see if your tickleish s not about me its all about you...losein control from the knowledge I bring other levels..gonna be a lot of 1st times with me from what he s doin to you not just your body but also ya mind...picasso ya back with beard strokes up an down ya spine..ya hips ..ya thighs ... Nibble the inside of ya arm as I look into your eyes...feel the pleasure...what you think is trash ....the GULF converts it to pleasure...wen with u all I see is treasures...don't give a dam if you got cellulite a belly a boob bigger than the other boob...if your into me...a good person...then I can get into you..anal tongue darts..invade you....makin youu say ooooooo...skillz..I can an will make you wet an slick...fingers spreadin ya puss...each stroke of my tongue makein the down the crack of ya ass...take my ring slip it in ya ass...a lil past the 2nd ...digit lubed the finger befor I put it in so I knew you was wid it...middle finger to the g spot...pointer to the clit...independant fingering while tonguein ya clits...hood.........ya wet from reading this..imagine time with me...yes I'm that good...a woman has to have have hand an mouth cordination to knock down this wood....don't care if you wise with age or had ya share of men..whatever you thought was great...the GULF comes with his own version an redition..never speak on what can't do so pay attention....ill crack ya safe ill crack ya ll have to saythats the best I eva had he didn't leave no stone unturned...every square inch of you doucumented...vitamin G the young fella got the mouth paints the mural....get my fingers involved..legs go numb like said it was impossible but I believe in miracles...see it s not all about the dick...foreplay is my forte....the dick just puts the stamp on it...and don't tell ya girls what I did cuz they won't be able to help but to holla at the k**....D.C. that's dick control...over qualified?? I'm sorry that I know what I know...gspot applications..captain ahab..THAR SHE BLOWS...I'm my my mouth... Even took some up my nose...imagine if I was scarface..instead of a pile of d be piles of pussy goin up my nose ..befor I let the cannon unload...if you got nice feet ill. Lick on ya toes...if I love you ill still sex you while your visiting aunty flow..freaky deaky..u got the wet wet I can get it leakin...have ya voice unreconizeable wen ya tongues..ancient languages....adios mijo wen he spittin that known across the globe. my deep voice will raise the hairs inside ya ear lobes....I ve ruined more matresses ...unabated to make you let go with unabashedness..don't hold you twisted up like blunt wraps...not pattin my own back or sayin I'm all that...but I was on things way befor the google an come sit on my face I'm givin you a free ride on my moustach..other dudes need materials an penis pills but the GULF he s in his own class...wen approachin a woman don't make it about the ass or the titties even if she s really pretty cuz lames come with the same game and women hear enough for it all to sound the ya self that's how you get in ...there won't be no hesitations while your spreadin her skins:) ima freak
80% (3/1)
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1 year ago
Love it. You are a freak and we would have a great time together. I want some of that...